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What Is Athleisure Hair? 7 Ways To Take Your Hair From The Gym To The Office

photo of women at the gym with athleisure hair

There is nothing more comfortable or flattering in this world than the right pair of athletic leggings. Although the revealing, stretchy pants may not be for everyone, the continued rise off all things athleisure proves that the line between the studio and the office is thinner than ever. That brings us to athleisure hair, a trend that’s bound to help you hang on to that New Year’s resolution to finally get fit.

What is athleisure hair?

In the past, we’ve found ourselves hunched over the locker room counter, frantically attempting blow outs with the feeble heat of a gym blow dryer. Those days are now over. Athleisure hair is all about choosing a style and a texture that’s laid back enough to last through your workout but polished enough for your 10 a.m. meeting.

Instead of perfect curling iron ringlets or trendy textured waves, think about inventive braids or loose updos. If it can be accomplished with just one or two elastics and no hairspray, there’s a good chance it’s athleisure hair.

Just the way your favorite pair of black leggings can go with any sneaker and feel appropriate for almost all errands, these hairstyles convey a relaxed vibe but still require a little effort. They support your overall look instead of becoming the focal point.

Why try athleisure hair?

In today’s world, we’re increasingly in a constant state of running somewhere. We’ve already seen sneakers, no-makeup makeup, and leggings take over, enabling women to play multiple roles without changing into uncomfortable heels or glueing on lashes. It’s only natural that the athleisure trend would overtake our hair routines. No one has the time or energy to carry a flat iron around in their purse all day—nor should they have to.

If you find that your hair is collecting oil at the roots or sweat is ruining your ‘do, stash a bottle of scented dry shampoo or texturizing spray in your gym backpack. Take your braids out when class is over, give your hair an allover blast of product, and go about your day—the more stray curls or undone texture, the better. The point is to look like a youthful girl on the go, not a completely flawless model.

Still not sure how to put athleisure hair to work for you? Read on for our 7 favorite gym-ready styles.

Milkmaid Braids

Using a comb, create a crisp center part from your hairline to your nape. Dividing your hair into two, set about creating a standard braid on each side. Tie off the pair of plaits with clear elastics, pancaking each to make them as voluminous as possible. For maximum texture and hold, try this style on second day hair that has a bit of grit to it.

Modern Chignon

Unlike the complex buns we often see in wedding photos, this modern version is so simple it will take you under a minute to complete. Comb all of your hair away from your face, gathering it just above your nape in a ponytail tied off with an elastic. Twist the remaining hair into a tight knot.

Pineapple Updo

Curly girls, don’t slave away over the diffuser. Finger comb your ringlets to the top of your head and pull them into a loose pineapple shape. Fluff your updo for added volume, pulling curls free around your face for an “I woke up like this” vibe.

Pull-Through Ponytail Braid

This tricky style is not really a braid, although it looks like one. Starting with a ponytail at the back of your hair, split your ponytail into top and bottom sections. Tie an elastic on the top tail several inches below the first one. Split the section in two, then pull the bottom ponytail through it. Repeat the technique until you’re out of hair and pancake the finished product.

Double Dutch Pigtails

It’s impossible to go wrong with the grown-up version of pigtails. Instead of the traditional French braid, choose an inside out technique—all the better to put your hair knowledge on display.

Knotted Half Updo

If doing hair falls on the list of things you dread every day, you’ll want to note this knotted half updo. Pulling sections of hair from above each ear, knotting them, and pinning them in place will leave you with a romantic style. It doesn’t get any easier than this, friends.

Braided Ponytail

When it doubt, braid it out. Start with a ponytail of any height, then braid away until you reach the end of the tail. For a high fashion take on athleisure, work with damp hair. When the braid is dry, set your mane free for a set of killer no-heat waves.