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11 Iconic 1990s Men's Hairstyles To Try In 2024

photo of man with high top 1990's mens hairstyle

Most decades are defined by women. It’s the ladies who wear the dramatic hairstyles, the shocking makeup, and the sometimes-confusing clothing choices. During the 1990s, however, it was the men who set the trends. The frosted spikes and high top fades live on in our cultural memory as nostalgic markers of a time gone by.

But is the time for grunge hair really past? We’re happy to report that several iconic 1990s men’s hairstyles are making their way back into popularity. Adventurous men (or those who always wished they’d been part of a boy band): This is your time to give a ’90s style a try.

Frosted Tips

Once upon a time, men loved blonde highlights. These icy accents made their way into the manes of every A-lister and teen heartthrob, adding a beachy California vibe to their looks. If you’re interested in brightening up your look, talk to your stylists about natural-looking balayage.

Center Part

Center parts can be a tricky thing. They open up your face and highlight any facial features you might love, but they also put blemishes on display. If you’re feeling confident in your hairline and jawline, take the leap and try this ‘90s heartthrob staple.


The undercut has made a grand return to popularity. In the hands of a skilled barber, the cropped style can be customized to flatter any head shape. It’s a particularly good fit for spring or summer, when short hair will enable you to feel just a bit more breeze.


The greaser hairdo is, admittedly, a style that originally belonged to the 1950s. In the ‘90s, a wave of midcentury nostalgia revived it. This voluminous slicked-back style is a bad boy look that’s appropriate for late nights out and first (or third) dates.

Punk Length

It’s impossible to discuss the ‘90s without including the punk scene. These rockstars redefined youthful masculinity by sharing their emotions and growing their hair long—all while encouraging their fans to do the same.


The pompadour might seem intimidating, but anyone with a comb and a salon quality pomade is capable of creating one. If you’re really not sure where to start, ask your barber for a ‘90s-inspired tutorial during your next appointment.

Taper Fade

The fade is another men’s style that’s never left mainstream culture. The flattering cut enables your barber to truly customize your hair to best fit your head shape and facial features. When it comes to a one-of-a-kind fade, there’s no going wrong.

High Top

Subtlety isn’t for everyone, as proven by the graphic shape of the high top. If you’re looking to grow out your natural texture and make a style statement, give the high top a shot. Just make sure your barber gives you an in-depth styling tutorial before tackling it on your own.

Dreamy Volume

The ‘90s were full of classic romantic comedies, which meant an excess of dreamy male stars. No haircut is more iconic than the leading man mane, which was all about hair swept straight back from the face with a hint of natural-looking volume.

Long and Lank

If au naturel feels more you, aim for length over height. Just be sure you’re regularly applying a frizz-fighting product to ensure your extra inches stay shiny.

Slicked Back

When in doubt, take a note from the men of the ‘90s and slick your hair back. The classic style is ideal for formal events. The next time you have a wedding, aim for the added drama.

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