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25 Non-Binary, Androgynous Haircuts and Styles That Defy Labels

Androgynous haircuts

For so many of us, our hair plays a defining role in our identity. Whether it’s a signature style we never shake up, a constant rotation of in-your-face shades, or a promise to never—ever—trim more an inch, our hair allows us to tell the world who we are without ever saying a word.

When you use your hair to express who you are, it becomes even more important to find a style that screams you. Which is why hair can often be the first thing someone looks to change when they identify as non-binary.

Forget the notion of “his” and “her” haircuts, here we’re sharing gender fluid styles that defy labels. From short cuts to modern shags in a rainbow of hues, here are the 25 androgynous haircuts and styles we can’t get enough of.

The Best Androgynous Haircuts And Styles To Try Now

Good hair day by @guyannescissorhands.


One of our favorite androgynous looks is the Mohawk. A style that evoked images of punk rockers, leather jackets, and oh-so-many spikes, the Mohawk has gotten a glow up worthy of a new decade. A perfect non-bindary style that for anyone with a bit of an edge, a Mohawk allows you to wear a look that reaches new heights, or slick the lengths down to one side for a more subdued style.

Good hair day by @edgypynkgirl.

Buzz Cut

If you thought buzz cuts were just for men, think again. They’re the quintessential gender-fluid cut that’s perfect for everyone. The no-frills hairstyle is one of many that magically manages to be just as masculine as it is feminine. While shaving off almost all of your hair isn’t for everyone, those willing to take the plunge will be rewarded with a low (like…very low) maintenance style that certainly turns heads.

Good hair day by @AndyJamespaints.

Pompadour with Shaved Sides

Not ready for a full-on buzz cut but very ready to lose some length? Test the waters with a pompadour. Style by teasing the top for serious lift, or wear it all down for a bowl cut vibe.

Good hair day by @al_chabot.

Pixie With Undercut

Shaving the side of your head is a big (and sometimes terrifying) commitment, so if you’re looking for the edge without the panic, opt for an undercut instead. Undercuts give you so many styling options that are perfect when you identify as gender fluid.

Good hair day by @guidopalau.

Shaggy Pixie With Fringe

If you love an undone and easy look, then this laidback cut is perfect. The fringe in the front leaves you with enough hair to style and show off your killer texture, while the pixie cut ensures your low maintenance cut is a breeze to care for—all while looking stylish. Wear it all down, slicked back, or even up in a micro bun.

Good hair day by @cristianchiffi.

Longer Locks With Micro Bangs

Most people tend to associate short hair as the go-to gender fluid style—but why? In all seriousness, whatever hairstyle you love will be your own. One of our favorites? Long locks paired with seriously edgy, short micro bangs. While it’s not a cut for the faint of heart, you’ll easily have the most interesting (and awesome) hair everywhere you go.

Good hair day by @caitlintyczka.

High-Top Pixie

Short styles are great for anyone looking for trendy, low maintenance cuts, but sometimes getting rid of all of that hair can make styling your mane a tad, well, boring. To avoid falling into a dreaded styling rut, opt for a high-top pixie instead. The length on top will allow you to create looks from ponytails and buns to beachy waves and braids.

Good hair day by @guyannescissorhands.

Multi-Colored Mohawk

Not a fan of all eyes on you? Keep it moving. Love being the center of the crowd, this is the show-stopping, jaw-dropping hairstyle for you. Style your hair up, down, spiked, or even with a colorful undercut—any way you wear it is bound to turn heads.

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Blunt Bob

A great cut for straight, fine hair—a blunt bob with straight, smooth edges is fresh, chic and clean. To balance out the bluntness, you might want to ask your stylist for full bangs, and then to cut the rest of your hair to chin length all around. Just remember to schedule your trip every six to eight weeks to maintain the shape!

Good hair day by @fabbhairdresser.

Braids, Buns and Bangs

A blunt bang is the cherry on top of this awesome style, which requires a simple, straight cut of medium length hair. With twists and braids at the crown and two space-style buns on top, this futuristic look is funky and fun.

Good hair day by @akellopatricia.

Close Cut

Keeping your locks closely cut to your scalp with a carefully created shape is one of our favorite looks for natural hair. It’s easy to maintain, and really brings attention to your face and eye shape—letting the beauty of you shine through without being hidden behind a lot of hair.

Good hair day by @daviddamours.

Buzz With a Flip

Buzz cuts are a great option for anyone who wants a simple, no fuss haircut. But when you add a flip, it makes it a bit more fresh and stylish. It’s easy to maintain, too— with just a bit of gel and combing upwards of the front, you’ll be good to go.

Good hair day by @celenedupuis and @mlmstyling.


A fun update to a pixie, shave the sides and back closer to your scalp for a tapered or layered look. Keeping your hair longer on the top gives you more day-to-day styling options, while the tapered edges instantly make your face appear slimmer with a touch of edgy, too.

Good hair day by @bleachedandblown.

Spiked Crop

Looking for a ton of texture? Opt for a crop with some spikes on top. Just be sure to head to the barber before your tresses grow longer than three inches. This will ensure that gravity doesn’t get the best of your cut, and you can still have spikes in all their glory. (Bonus points if you spring for fun, sherbet hues!)

Good hair day by @kycutwilson.

Short and Slicked Back

Looking for an edgy yet classic style? Embrace your inner greaser and grab your favorite product and comb —because slicked-back locks are here to stay. Using a hard-toothed comb will help to create the sleek ridges that help to add texture and volume.

Good hair day by @anhcotran.

Long-ish Bowl Cut

Opting for a bowl cut doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all the length. If you love the look of a chic and simple bowl cut but want to keep your hair a bit on the longer side, simply ask your stylist for a long, even bowl cut instead.

Good hair day by @nimaford.

Short Natural Curls

Tight curls kept short to the scalp are a chic, classic way to rock your natural hair. To elevate the style a bit, consider opting for a bold color, or even a bleachy blonde to add some edge.

Good hair day by @gonghivesalon24.

Side Swept

If you’re used to slicking your cropped ‘do straight back, consider switching things up with a softer style. Select your good side and sweep your tresses that way, opting for a deep part that will create added volume and much-needed movement.

Good hair day by @mel_thehairworx.

Short Wispy Layers

Wispy layers atop an asymmetrical undercut are a great style for anyone looking for a bit of movement, without a lot of upkeep.

Good hair day by @marleyxavier.

Tight Waves with Buzz on Bottom

If you have an affinity for color, or naturally wavy hair—this might be the cut for you. Longest on top with a buzz on the bottom, this super short style will turn heads, with or without fantasy color.


Long? Short? Why not have the best of both worlds? A chic, asymmetrical cut lets you experience length and shortness while, as an added bonus, having a slimming effect for rounder faces.

Good hair day by @thecurlcollectivephx.


If you love the look of a TWA, you won’t be able to get enough of this afro. All it takes is a little patience and extra TLC and your TWA will flourish into a full-blown afro in no time. If you’re looking to kick it up a notch, go for a bold color for extra “pop”.

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Longer Pixie

If you already subscribe to the traditional pixie style, let it grow a bit to achieve these playful layers and texture. If you’re opting for a chop, just ask the stylist for a “long” pixie. Remember, you can always decide to go shorter, but you can’t uncut!

Good hair day by @mikeyyyyyyy_.

Tapered Undercut with Bangs

If you love the look of an undercut but the thought of completely shaving off one section of your hair sends chills down your spine, consider a tapered undercut. Asking your barber to taper your undercut allows you to embrace the shaven look without putting your scalp on display.

Short Afro

Once seen as a cut for the transition to natural hair, short afros (or TWA, short for teeny weeny afro) are now a chic and sought-after style. A TWA is perfect for anyone who loves a bit of volume without too much length.

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