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The Mushroom Hairstyle Is The Unlikely Success Story Of 2024

woman with mushroom hairstyle
Any fashion or beauty guru will tell you that trends are cyclical—nothing ever truly goes out of style, including hairstyles. From banana clips to mullets, the hair accessories, styles, and cuts you’ve known and loved from the past are slowly but surely making their way into 2019. As much as we love to pull inspiration from years gone by (feathered bangs, anyone?), the latest blast-from-the-past hair trend surprised even us. The mushroom hairstyle is officially happening.

You may not have heard of a mushroom hairstyle before, but you’ve definitely seen it. More commonly referred to as a bowl cut, the androgynous haircut is a bulbous style you’ll find in just about every elementary school yearbook. Before you write it off as a blast from the past gone wrong, we’re here to let you know that the mushroom styles of 2019 are nothing like the dreaded haircuts your mom used to give you in the kitchen.

Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up six modern mushroom hairstyles that are bound to change your mind.


What is a mushroom hairstyle?

A mushroom hairstyle is a rounded hairstyle that resembles a mushroom cap. Traditional mushroom haircuts are the same length all the way around, but modern iterations focus on the rounded fringe and allow for more styling options in the back.

Modern Mushroom

The mushroom hairstyles of yesteryear often look like your mom just plopped a bowl on your head and cut around the edges. We love the beautiful taper of the hair in this modern mushroom hairstyle.

Textured Mushroom

A textured mushroom hairstyle is a perfect way to add some much-needed movement to a style that can sometimes look stiff.

Mushroom Bob

If you’re looking to a mushroom hairstyle with lots of style, consider a mushroom bob. The style melds the essence of a classic mushroom cut with everyone’s favorite bob.

Curly Mushroom

You don’t need to have straight hair to slay a mushroom hairstyle—it looks just as beautiful on curly hair!

Long Mushroom

The best thing about updating styles from the past is that you can put your own spin on an older look. Traditional mushroom hairstyles are the same short length all the way around, but if you’re looking to keep some length opt for a long mushroom. A long mushroom cut maintains the signature rounded fringe, while allowing you to keep your length in the back. Keeping your locks longer in the back gives you tons of styling options from a casual ponytail to glamorous waves.

Face-Framing Mushroom

Mushroom hairstyles are meant to be androgynous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little femininity to your ‘do. These long face-framing strands help to give your look a delicate feminine flair without messing with the integrity of the mushroom cut.

Looking for a professional mushroom hairstyle of your own? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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