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matrix total results length goals and bellami hair extensions

Bellami Hair Extensions: Where To Buy And How To Care For Them

Learn about Bellami hair extensions, if they're real hair, and where to buy them.

When it comes to hair extensions, we don’t mess around. Sure, we might have dabbled with those big box store synthetic clip-ins once or twice in college, but we’ve learned since then! These days, the internet is abuzz with only one name in drool-worthy human hair: Bellami hair extensions.

To get the answers to all our burning questions, we tapped two of our favorite pros: George Papanikolas and Alfredo Lewis, both Matrix brand ambassadors. Keep reading to get their best tips on caring for your Bellami hair extensions!

Are Bellami hair extensions human hair?

If you’ve been reading up on synthetic vs. human hair extensions, you’ll know how important it is to be sure what kind of hair you’re purchasing. Bellami hair extensions are made with 100 percent Remy human hair and double drawn for an extremely high quality look and feel.

Woman with short hair prepping for hair extensions

How do you care for Bellami hair extensions?

Extensions operate in something of an uncanny valley. They look and feel like your natural hair, so it may seem like they should be cared for the same way as the strands that grow out of your scalp, but that’s not the case! Because these beauties aren’t actually attached at the follicle, they miss out on the natural oils that come from your skin and naturally moisturize your strands to keep them soft and silky.

Clip-ins and semi permanent extensions can become dry to the touch and frizzy, which is why Matrix developed its Total Results Length Goals collection in collaboration with Bellami to help you maintain gorgeous hair.

“Maintenance isn't just what they do in the salon,” Lewis says. “It's also what you do at home. Our sulfate-free shampoo, it's going to be super gentle on the air, but also I think more importantly, it doesn't compromise the integrity of the adhesive. So that way your extensions last longer and they're going to feel better for a longer time.”

The system works like this: Before your extensions are installed, your Bellami pro will use a pro-only Length Goals clarifying shampoo to make sure your hair is primed and ready for extension adhesive or clip-ins. The line also comes with an at-home shampoo and conditioner to help keep everything looking beautiful on a daily basis!

Finally, when you start to notice that aforementioned dryness or need heat protection while styling, call in Length Goals Extensions Perfector Multi-Benefit Styling Spray. Besides smelling like a fancy candle in the best way possible, this miracle worker detangles, revives, and aids with easy blow-drying.

“Your biggest issue [with hair extensions] is usually the tangles, so this is our detangler,” Papanikolas says. “It also protects the hair up to 450 degrees. And the other thing that's super exciting is it cuts your drying time by 50 percent. Anyone who's had extensions before, those are the two biggest issues: tangles and just how long it takes to dry them.”

Can you color Bellami hair extensions?

If you’re a salon maven who’d also like to double or triple the amount of hair on her head, you’re probably already strategizing ways to dye your extensions to match your hard-won ash blonde. You can color Bellami hair extensions, but our stylists actually recommend getting your color and cut before your extension appointment. This way, your hair is a clean slate.

“Get a color, make sure it's toned the way you want to tone it because when you come in for your appointment, you want them to color match it exactly,” Papanikolas says. “The way you want it to look is that no one can tell and that means it should be matched perfectly with color and the cut should be really blended in with your hair. So if you're already cut, that makes it much easier for the stylist in the salon and Bellami.”

Once your color is in place, it’s time for Bellami’s trained pros to take over. They’ll color match your new extensions to your hair and make sure it’s a seamless color blend with one or two of the brand’s 50-plus shades. While custom color is an option, most customers don’t ever need it.

Woman with short hair with new hair extensions

Where can you buy Bellami hair extensions?

If you’re fully convinced that you need Bellami hair in your life, we’re totally with you! All that remains is to snag a set. Bellami hair extensions are available for worldwide purchase online at and in person at a Bellami Beauty Bar or select salons.

Ready to get a hair ‘DO happening? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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