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This Low-Maintenance Braid Can Survive Even Black Friday Sales

photo of black friday hairstyle
Black Friday is undoubtedly every shopaholic’s favorite day of the year. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already planned out which amazing beauty deals you’d love to get your hands on. With all the rushing around, however, you probably haven’t given your Black Friday look a second thought.

We get it—Black Friday isn’t typically an occasion to get done up for, but we’ll take every chance we can get to show off a stunning hairstyle. Spencer Henry, Redken artist and brand ambassador, shares how to create an easy bohemian hairstyle that’s perfect to wear for Black Friday shopping.

What you’ll need to get this Black Friday hairstyle.

Since you’re probably dying to hit the mall ASAP, you won’t want to spend a lot of time styling your hair. With the right tools and products, however, you’ll be out the door in no time! Gather some hair clips, bobby pins, a 1-inch curling iron, and a few Redken styling products before you begin.


Prep the hair.

For this look, it’s best to start with clean, dry hair. If you’re starting with second-day Thanksgiving hair, however, you may want to spritz on a bit of dry shampoo before you get to styling. We love the Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo. The product instantly refreshes hair and absorbs oil to extend the life of your blow dry by two days.

Since you’re going to use a curling iron to create this look, it’s essential to protect your strands from the damaging effects of heat. Apply a heat protectant like the Redken Iron Shape 11 Thermal Holding Spray throughout your hair. This lightweight, thermal heat protection hairspray is perfect for use with flat irons and curling irons up to 450 degrees to protect your hair, add shine and reduce frizz.


black friday hair

Curl, curl, curl, away.

Gather a section of hair at your crown into a clip and secure it at the top of your head. Start by curling the bottom section. Before you wrap your strand around the barrel of your 1-inch curling iron, be sure to have the curling iron pointed downward. Grab your curling iron and wrap a 1-inch section of hair around the barrel.

Clamp the hair, wait a few seconds, and gently release it from the iron. Once you’ve curled the entire bottom section, release the hair at your crown and repeat the same steps with that section.


black friday hair

Add texture.

Since we’re looking to achieve undone texture for this look, loosen up your curls a bit by gently brushing through them with a comb. Then, run a dime sized amount of the Redken Dry Shampoo Paste 05 through your hair. This dry shampoo and styling paste hybrid is a dry texturizing product that provides reworkable hold with the freshness of a dry shampoo.


black friday hair

Create a side braid.

Grab a small segment of hair from the right side of your hair near your hairline. Divide the segment into three even pieces—right, middle, and left. Create a traditional three-strand braid by passing the left strand over the middle strand. Then, cross the right section over the middle section. Repeat these steps until you reach your ends. Secure the end of the braid with a hair tie. Pancake the braid by gently tugging on each side with your thumb and pointer finger to create a voluminous final look.


Add finishing touches.

Your look is nearly complete, which means you’re just one step away from Black Friday shopping! Use a few bobby pins to secure your braid at the side of your head. Once your braid is set in place, lock everything in with a high-hold hairspray like the Redken Control Addict 28. This extra strong hold anti-humidity hairspray holds hair in place for 24 hours without residue or flaking.
With your hairstyle set and your shopping list ready, you’re Black Friday will surely be a breeze!

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