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17 Gorgeous Photos Of Blue-Black Hair

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Have you ever camped or spent a night sleeping under the stars? At some point, while looking up into that great big abyss, it probably hit you: That starry sky would make an excellent hair color. I should bring a photo to my colorist.

Just kidding! We may not waste our precious camping moment planning salon visits, but that doesn’t make the truth of the matter any less real. Blue black hair color is stunning, full of depth and rarely recreated. In part, that’s because it takes serious commitment to maintain a shade as bold as this. We’re talking pigment-depositing shampoos and conditioners as well as regular root touchups.

Still, for those that brave the trial and errors of blue black hair, the results are extremely rewarding. On women of all skin tones, this shade is a true stunner.

Want to channel a little night sky in your own life? Read on, friends.

Blue Highlights

Whether you’re starting with natural or salon-created dark hair, a dark base can always benefit from sparkling blue highlights. Treat them like a peekaboo surprise, and note that placement is more important than quantity with this look.

Purple Highlights

If your ideal look involves a range of highlights over the top of black strands, then purple is a natural choice. This dreamy, skin-flattering shade is a smart choice alongside cobalt blue. Two colors are better than one, right?

Red Highlights

Repeat this mantra to yourself: Red is always a good idea. Blue and ruby might be opposites, but they’re fiery and delicious once blended together. As with all custom color, work with your colorist to explain exactly what look you like best before committing. When in doubt, bring inspiration photos in on your phone.

Denim Hair

For those with years of experience keeping dyed hair in pristine condition, there’s no downside to attempting a more ambitious color challenge. Blend blue black notes into your silver or white strands, effectively creating the illusion of vintage jeans that live on your head. You’ll be surprised at how good that can look.

Blue Peekaboo

Peekaboo highlights never seem to get any less popular, and that’s probably because they’re like a fun surprise birthday party that happens to live on your head. Every time you pull your hair into a bun or updo, voila! You’ll fall in love all over again.

Blue Ombre

If allover blue is more your style than subtle highlights are, opt for a stylish ombre. We’d recommend going with a bright cornflower shade that’s both on trend and flattering on medium skin tones. What’s more, your colorist won’t need to lift color from as much of your mane.

Blue Tips

For ladies who’ve been known to be fickle about hair color, blue tips are probably the best way to go. If (for some reason we can’t fathom) you get tired of that wild cobalt on your ends, just schedule a hair appointment and have your stylist shear it away.

Blue Dip Dye

Somewhere between fantastically colored tips and ombre lies dip dye, a technique that’s practically modern art. Instead of blending your accent color into your base, your colorist will maintain a stark line between the two. After your appointment is over, you’ll basically belong in an art museum.

Silver Ombre

Notably, you have the option to use blue black as a base coat and build on the color fantasy. Silver is the trendiest color on the hair market at the moment, so we’d suggest using it as an accent color throughout your mid lengths and ends.

Blue Gloss

Working with hair that’s naturally black? That doesn’t mean you’ll be excluded from the world of blue black strands. Schedule a consultation with your colorist about a blue-tinted gloss, a demi-permanent process that will deposit pigment on top of your strands without causing any damage.

Onyx with Hints of Blue

Not much of a highlights and lowlights gal? That’s okay. When your base color is banging, you don’t even need accent shades. We recommend giving onyx a shot, if that’s the case. This ebony shade is so black it’s a little confusing to our brains. To add blue into the mix, try any of the above techniques.

Midnight Blue

For those who’d rather focus on feeling blue, dying your hair an allover midnight hue is the way to go. The shade is such a deep blue that it almost appears ebony from a distance. As we always say: The hair color isn’t dark enough if it isn’t mistaken for black.


Indigo hair incorporates far more purple than you’d normally see in a blue black look—but we always appreciate a rebel. We like the shade best when it’s applied so that your dark roots are visible. Whimsical color always looks best when it’s a little unconventional.

Moonlight Blue

Not all shades of blue are created equal, so it’s important to do your research before committing to one. Moonlight blue is a near black shade that’s ideal for autumn or spring, making moody hair feel just a little bit more fun. Seriously, who hasn’t ever wanted to try strands this dark?

Blended with Burgundy

If you're open minded enough to try blue black hair, then there’s no reason to avoid incorporating burgundy into your personal style. Ask your colorist for well-blended burgundy highlights alongside the blue, or simply hide the shade in a peekaboo layer of hair. There’s really no going wrong.

Blue Black Lob

It may seem counterintuitive, but the best way to highlight a punchy hair color is by chopping it off. Long manes are sexy and feminine, but a blunt cut makes an unignorable statement. Tell your stylist that a single length style is the one for you—bonus points if you’ve opted for baby bangs, too.

Faded Blue Black

While we adore the intensity of blue-black hair, there’s something to be said about letting the color wash away. You’ll be left with a soft grayish hue that’s honestly adorable by itself. Lazy girl beauty is our favorite way to roll, and with good reason.

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