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Dusty Rose Hair: How To Rock The Look Plus Our Favorite Dyes

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For the last several years, pink hair color has captivated us. From a faded hint of pastel to vibrant magenta, we’re obsessed with all things pink. In 2018, however, we see a more purple-influenced take on the shade. Stylists everywhere have nicknamed it dusty rose hair for its shadowy play on pastel pink and lavender shades.

If you’ve already spotted this trending color popping up on social media accounts, you’re ahead of the curve. Whether you’re working with a dark brown hair color or ash blonde naturally, dusty rose hair is a muted, lovely take on pastels that won’t overwhelm your face. As an added bonus, your hair color will only look more beautiful the more it fades between appointments.

Read on to see how you can make this grape-influenced shade work on your mane.


What is dusty rose hair color?

Fantasy hair shades may consist of just a few general color families, but it’s the undertones that make all the difference. Dusty rose hair color has a gray base, which makes it feel considerably moodier than its candy-influenced equivalents. If you’ve already tried silver or gray hair, dusty rose is a natural next step. It’ll add just a touch of vibrancy to your shadowed pastel locks. As an added bonus, it will suit most complexions. We even like it paired with a shadowed root or applied as a balayage. While many people with naturally dark hair find that pastel hair color is a difficult sell, dusty rose is a little darker and blends beautifully into medium or dark brown hair—making it a great fit for all skin tones. If you’re not sold on giving up your roots (no pun intended), the purple-pink hue is an excellent idea.


What’s the best way to ask for dusty rose hair?

There’s only one way to be entirely sure your colorist delivers the hue you’ve imagined: photos. Save a handful of images to your phone and review them together during your consultation. While anyone can ask for dusty rose hair, you’ll want to ensure the two of you have the same idea of “dusty rose” in mind. Only a photograph can prevent last-minute miscommunication—not a word we like to associate with hair color.

Expect that your colorist will bleach your hair to lift the color before beginning work on your pink shade. While bleach will always cause some damage to your strands, a skilled stylist will work with you to minimize the look and feel of the damage.

Fantasy hair colors aren’t easy to achieve, so plan for your new shade to require up to three salon appointments before you leave looking like a fairy goddess. Although the scheduling might be time-consuming, you’ll be grateful that your colorist took his or her time when you leave with your hair health intact.


How should you care for dusty rose hair?

We always recommend pastel hair colors for ladies who have previous experience with platinum. Fantasy shades fade quickly and tend to require regular touch-ups. The time and expense is an investment, but not one most hair color newbies are prepared to take on.

After hours in the chair, you’ll want to be sure your hair care routine protects your color. With a shade this cool, you’ll also want to stave off any brassy hues that start to appear. From the L’Oréal portfolio of brands, we recommend Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

With these helpful tips, you’ll be showing off your dusty rose hair color in no time at all.

Need some inspiration to take to your hair stylist? Keep scrolling for a few of our favorite ways to wear dusty rose hair.


Reflective Dusty Rose Hair

We’ve seen every kind of opalescent hair have its time on the trend circuit, but a reflective dusty rose is one of our favorites. This pink-purple shade looks positively ethereal when applied as a watercolor wash. Plus, you may deal with less fading since there’s less dramatic pigment in your mane to begin with. 

As with all pale colors, expect to achieve your color in multiple appointments rather than just one. Your stylist will use bleach to lift the base color from your strands, creating a blank base upon which to paint your dusty rose. Keep in mind that bleach will always damage hair, but a talented professional will work to ensure your hair looks and feels healthy at the end of the color service.


Dusty Rose Tint

In the past, women who wanted to try a new color often embraced it by veering boldly into pink, blue, or purple territory. These days, we think subtle when it comes to new shades. Rather than trying a neon hair color, ask your stylist for the lightest possible shade of dusty rose all over your head.

If you’re worried about getting or maintaining salon color, try an at-home shade first with a temporary color depositing formula. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be able to determine whether or not to commit to a more permanent shade.


Dusty Rose Accents

If you’re noticing one common theme here, it’s subtlety. The modern woman can wear her hair color to the bar, the office, and anywhere in between, but it shouldn’t overwhelm her face or personal style. That’s why we love techniques like colorful peekaboo streaks of color. With your hair worn down, you’d never know there was an unusual color buried in your mane. Hair styled in an updo or a top knot, you’ll be able to show off those dusty rose pieces to the world.

As an added bonus, peekaboo color is a smart choice if you’re not so hot on having a rigorous salon touch-up schedule. Because they sit below the top layer of your mane, no one will notice when your roots start growing out!


Dusty Rose Bob

It may be most of what you see on Instagram, but long hair is far from the only way to wear colorful hair. If dusty rose is calling you, pair the fantastic shade with a blunt lob or bob for a striking finished product. You’ll not only end up with a flattering cut, but also be rid of any scraggly ends. A gorgeous color looks best on healthy hair with tons of movement. 

If you’re looking for the shiniest, healthiest-looking product possible, pair your fresh cut and color with a weekly leave-in conditioner or mask. Your stylist is an excellent source of product recommendations if you’re unsure which to use. We love L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium instant resurfacing mask.


Dusty Rose Blend

Here’s the thing about limitations: We don’t like them, especially when it comes to our hair. Why keep your hair just one color when there’s an opportunity to try many at once? For a slight variation on the standard dusty rose hair, try a look that includes many different kinds of purple. While your salon appointment may take a bit more time, the added commitment is worthwhile for once-in-a-lifetime hair color.

Of course, you’ll want to take extra good care of that mane once you’ve invested time and money in achieving the ideal hue. Swap your regular hair care routine for a salon-quality system like Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner.

Now, you’re armed with the all the information you need to achieve the perfect dusty rose hair color. From inspiration and color ideas to care, booking an appointment, and maintaining your shade, consider this your ultimate dusty rose guide. Bookmark the page and don’t be afraid to bring it to your stylist when you work up your courage to try this phenomenal hair color.

Interested in giving dusty rose hair color a try? For a personalized take on the shade, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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