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25 Edgy Hairstyles To Embrace Your Inner Rockstar

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We’ve all had a crisis of identity. Usually, it happens in a changing room or mid-shopping trip. You stare at a dress and wonder, “What does this say about me?”

The same idea applies to your hairstyle and cut. Are you edgy, sweet, or trendy? Are your strands conveying the message that you’re smart, witty, and opinionated?

If you’re in the market for a cut or ’do that expresses your artistic, carefree personality, you’re in luck. We’ve hunted through the depths of the internet to bring you the most punk rock, avant-garde styles available. When pretty isn’t enough for you, turn to adjectives like cropped, blunt, and textured.

Ready to embrace your inner rock goddess? Read on.

Rocker Shag

We can’t say it enough: The shag haircut is back, and it’s taking over rapidly. Professional hair stylists are eagerly sharpening their scissors, waiting for a chance to snip those lengths away. This look suits a range of face shapes and hair textures because it’s so customizable. The goal is to build volume at the crown while feathering out your layered ends.

Blunt Bangs

Another trend that’s big for this year is the return of cropped fringe. Instead of the long, effortless strands we’ve seen for several seasons, the current iteration of the style is all about bluntness and a punk rock feel. To make sure you’re getting the most flattering version of the ‘90s style, make sure your stylist pulls hair from the peak of your forehead (where the hair naturally begins to fall forward) for your bangs.

Dramatic Bangs On Long Hair

While we’re on the subject of edgy bangs, we have to talk about the extra dramatic cousin of the blunt fringe. If you’re confident in your bone structure and don’t have anything to hide, ask your stylist for barely-there fringe cut in a straight line above your eyebrows.

Faux-Hawk Ponytail Updo

If you’re looking for a way to add edginess to your look but aren’t sold on chopping off any length, try an unconventional ponytail look. To create a faux-hawk updo, begin with hair that’s been sprayed with either dry shampoo or texturizing spray. Create and pin a small pompadour at your crown, then create multiple cornrows on either side of your head. Finish the style with a voluminous ponytail for extra punk rock flair.

Side Cornrows on Long Hair

Here’s another style for ladies with lengthy or textured hair, those who’d rather braid their lengths than cut them off. If you’re planning on wearing your hair down, these side cornrows will add visual interest to your look.

To begin, create a deep side part. Working from the side of the head with less hair, section off a rectangular square above one ear. Depending upon whether you’d like one braid or two, begin braiding back from the hairline—tautness is key. When you’ve reached the end of your section, you can either continue the braid until you reach the end of the strand or pin the hair in place.

Shaved Side

Think of side cornrows as training wheels on your hairstyle. They’re free of commitment—all you have to do is untie your braids at the end of the night. If you’ve tried this look and loved it, it’s time to fully commit to your aesthetic and buzz the side section away. The resulting look is versatile and chic. You can wear a middle part to your conservative office, but flip the strands after work to reveal your edgy shaved patch.

Buzz Cut

They say tattoos and piercings are addictive because of the adrenaline rush that happens after the needle touches the skin. We believe the same thing is true for very short hair. Once you’ve shaved off a single patch, doesn’t it seem appealing to just get rid of your length? The buzz cut is in the middle of a very big pop culture moment. Both celebrities and models have been seen with cropped locks. It’s a beautiful, simplistic look that screams “punk rock.”

Razor Cut Pixie

If you’re not quite ready for the no hair look, a choppy pixie cut is an excellent way to go short without losing any femininity. Instead of cutting your hair into a single length, your stylist will create sharp layers to break up your texture. With a touch of a waxy or clay-like styling pomade, you’ll be impressed at how much drama this short haircut can create. Before you leave your hair appointment, be sure to get your professional’s best styling tips


The quiff is a style that’s traditionally been reserved for men, but we’re all for hair equality. For this look, your stylist will leave your hair longest just above the hairline. He or she will taper the hair closest to the neckline. The result is a cropped, edgy ‘do that practically begs for a texturizing spray. If you’re interested in taking the style even further, we recommend trying out a dramatic color change. Ask your stylist for platinum, neon, or pastel strands to add punchiness to the look.

A-Line Lob

The A-line bob is a classic style, one that reigned over the ‘90s. These days, however, an updated version of the cut is enormously popular. The lob, a shoulder length cut that allows women to hold onto their length without sacrificing movement, can’t be tamed. Instead of cutting your lob evenly, your stylist will angle the cut sharply. Your longest pieces will be around the face, while the back remains short.

Dutch Braid Pompadour

Here’s a style that’s a little more complex. If you’re working with long strands or having a working grasp of clip-in extensions, the Dutch pompadour is an excellent pick for weddings and special events. Begin by sectioning off a pompadour section at your hairline, Dutch braiding before transitioning into a three-strand braid. Once you’ve reached the end of the strand, push the whole thing forward and pin it into a voluminous pompadour.

Effortless Bob

It’s always a little easier to look edgy with short hair, which often has sharp ends and dramatic volume. Elevate the classic bob style by pairing it with a stark, modern color like gray.

Sparkle Strands

You may not be talented enough to create a sparkling confetti extravaganza on top of your head every morning before work, but you absolutely can wear length with glitter. The sparkles (accomplished with a can of hairspray and some craft store glitter) add a punk vibe to even the youngest-looking faces.

Corset Braid

Lingerie doesn’t have to stay in the bedroom. If your version of edgy involves a bustier and heels, incorporate the same vibe into your updo.

Modern Pageboy

In some circles, the pageboy is an outdated haircut. If you think this cut is boring, you’re not thinking outside of the box. Paired with dramatic accent colors and neat texture, the modern pageboy cut manages to flatter and be edgy. We call that a win-win.

Triple Braid Ponytail

Why wear one braid when you can have three at the same time? This athletic style is fit for the gym or, if you’re feeling fancy, any bar on a Friday night.

Hair Tattoo

Obviously, most people don’t have the option to opulently bejewel their hair at home. Although you may not be able to take your hair to editorial levels on the daily, a shaved side with a graphic design is statement enough.

Rainbow Undercut

There’s more than one creative way to wear an undercut. We’re partial to this androgynous rainbow style, which pairs a high undercut with an artful design in muted colors. If you’re worried about maintenance, don’t even color it—it’ll still look just as gorgeous.

Prismatic Color

Rainbow hair is for good girls, but prismatic color is for the bad ones. These saturated, ‘90s-inspired shades are a far cry from the sweet shades we’ve been seeing on social media. If you’re not sure how long you’ll want to maintain this brilliant hair color, invest in a human hair wig.

Acid Hair Color

If you’re looking for a statement maker of a hair color, none can compete with the brilliance of acid hair color. These neon shades (this one was created with Matrix SoColor Cult) are practically art in and of themselves. However, they also require more maintenance than your average blonde or brunette. Before committing to one, make sure you’ve thoroughly discussed a care and touch-up routine with your stylist.

Futuristic Ponytail

We’re on a mission to prove that ponytails are anything but basic. This tightly bound, futuristic style uses metal accents and multiple “bubbles” to elevate the look. Just call this space-age punk rock.

Rockabilly Bangs

Rockabilly culture has a midcentury vibe to it, paying homage to the original rock stars. If your version of edgy involves pin-up pumps and cat eyeliner, these swoopy faux-bangs will probably be your new go-to style.

Hairpin Art

Before the millennium, punks used safety pins in their ears, clothing, and hair. That flash of metal denotes a lady who’s not willing to conform—with her outfit or her hair. Try the same style with spare metal bobby pins.

Textured Pixie

When we think “edgy,” volume and texture are always front of mind. Recreated this hair-raising pixie style with the aid of volumizing mousse and a hair dryer with a concentrator nozzle. Aim your air stream at the base of your strands, gently moving upward to boost volume.

Crimped Mermaid Hair

The only thing better than an aqua-inspired mermaid ‘do is one with texture. The added crimps help your color catch the light, ensuring no one misses the rainbow light show happening on your head.

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