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Why You Should Think About Getting A Hair Tattoo

photo of hair tattoo design

Getting tattooed is one of the boldest things a person can do. When that tattoo machine hits your skin, there’s no going back. Factor in the adrenaline rush that accompanies permanently altering your body, and you can see why so many tattoo junkies keep going back to the studio.

This year, we’re ushering in a trend that’s all the fun of getting inked with only a fraction of the commitment: hair tattoos. Building on the undercuts that we’ve seen gaining popularity for some time, your stylist will crop a section of your hair short before buzzing designs into it. If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can even apply color to the tattoo.

Long hair may be elegant, but nothing stands out quite like a hair tattoo. We fully support you giving it a shot in the new year.

Wondering where to start? Here are a few of our favorite takes on the trend.

One Line Fade

Unlike many hair color trends, hair tattoos are androgynous. Nothing projects confidence like a man who’s willing to sit down with his barber and take charge of his haircut. We love this single line look for its simplicity. If it was a real tattoo, it would be a thick black band around the forearm—understated and bold.

To take inspiration from this stylish man, ask for a hard part and a skin fade. Be prepared to lose quite a bit of hair in pursuit of this clean, modern hair tattoo.

Graphic And Understated

If you’re the kind of person who would spend months researching the trendiest tattoo artists before booking your appointment, a graphic hair tattoo is probably a good fit for you. This stylist makes use of an undercut to create a triple V-shape that’s chic as can be.

As an added bonus, a hair tattoo at the nape is easily hidden by long hair or displayed with the help of a top knot. If versatility is the name of your game, this minimalist “ink” is the way to go.

Sweet Curlicues

Not everyone is inspired by straight lines and austere designs. If you’re more inspired by green leaves and plants than you are by architecture, look for a hair tattoo with a bit more personality. We love this curlicue design, which helps incorporate whimsy into the look without becoming too cutesy.

We’d recommend talking to your colorist if you’re interested in adding pastel blue or pink or to your hair tattoo. Being prepared with the right product routine to keep up vibrant color is key.

Vivid Rainbow

Vibrant and passionate, the rainbow woman probably has sleeve tattoos and no regrets. Instead of inking it onto her skin, however, she can approach her stylist about creating a multicolored hair tattoo.

A word of advice: Keep your pattern as simple as possible. That way, you’ll show off your multicolored undercut without looking too busy. Take a “less is more” approach to your new style. You’ll be happy you did.

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