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Our Favorite Green Hair Colors for St. Patrick's Day

Green hair ideas

Of all the hair colors we’ve wanted to try but haven’t taken the plunge just yet, green is probably our favorite. The striking hue comes in a wide variety of shades that can complement just about every skin tone and hairstyle out there—what’s not to love? From neon to deep emerald, green hair color is perhaps never more appropriate than during St. Patrick’s Day season. If you’re looking for extra festive fun, embracing an emerald hue will leave others green with envy (see what we did there?) and will have you channeling some of your favorite celebrity style icons.

If you’re thinking about leaping into the realm of green hair color, read on to learn about the trend, how to maintain your new hue, and some of our favorite looks to try.

What is green hair color, and how can you achieve it?

Green hair color is exactly what it sounds like—glittering emerald strands. As with any hue, green hair color covers a wide array of shades from deep forest to pastel mint. So, your idea of green hair may be completely different than the lush color your best friend is obsessed with. No matter which green hue you’re lusting after, your colorist will have to lift your hair to a light base color first for a vibrant final result. However, the darker the green, the less bleach your stylist will need to use.

Although bleach will always damage your hair, your stylist will work with you to leave your hair looking and feeling healthy after the main coloring event.

How do you care for green hair color?

To help minimize premature fading of your new gorgeous green strands, your best bet is to use a shampoo and conditioner system for color-treated hair like Kérastase’s Reflection Bain Chromatique Shampoo and Fondant Chromatique Conditioner.

For extra vibrant shades like neon or lime, try Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner, specially formulated for high maintenance colors.

On the other hand, if you aim to protect your hair’s tone while also addressing dryness, Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner will preserve your color while also moisturizing dry, damaged strands.

After working with your stylist to counteract the potentially damaging effects of bleaching your hair, help keep your hair sleek and shiny by adding a hair mask and leave-in conditioner to your routine. L’Oréal Professionnel’s Absolut Repair Gold Masque is a lightweight formula with gold quinoa and protein that can help maintain your hair’s healthy gleam. Pair it with the L’Oréal Professionnel’s Absolut Repair 10-In-1 Perfecting Multipurpose Spray for the reparative duo of your dreams.

If you’re in search of a hair care routine tailored to your specific hair type and needs, look to your stylist for guidance.

Lastly, plan on returning to the salon every few weeks for touch-ups—you won’t want faded hair color or visible roots, right?

Who should try green hair color?

With such a wide array of green-themed hues to choose from, this hair color is perfect for a range of skin tones. Hues with a white blonde base (such as mint or seafoam green) work best with lighter skin tones, while colors with darker undertones (like emerald green) flatter medium and dark skin.

Considering all of the choices, it may be tough to pin down one catch-all answer for which hue works the best for all skin tones, hair lengths, and cuts. Here’s some style inspiration to help you ring in the luck of the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day season.

Best Green Hair Color Ideas To Try Now

Good hair day by @caitlintyczka.

Green Pixie

Short-haired girls can flaunt their green hair too! A lengthy pixie cut can be a great way to keep hair care as simple as possible while still sporting a jewel-toned look.

Good hair day by @mslameylynn.

Emerald Balayage

A vibrant balayage is a low-maintenance option for lengthier hair that still offers a unique twist to your long waves. Bonus points if you mix in a second color, like this beautiful blue!

Good hair day by @samihairmagic.

Glow In The Dark

Looking for something a bit out of this world? This color will quite literally glow in the dark when you put it under a blacklight. Making it the perfect option if you’re planning on heading to the club soon.

Dreamy Braids

Show off your eye-catching color with your favorite braiding style! Let silvery undertones shine in an artistic, mother nature-inspired braid.

Good hair day by @hairbymandypavia.

Neon Green

As flexible as green hair color is, neon has proven to be its most versatile shade. Suitable for all skin tones, neon green is a statement all by itself, keeping your hair up to date with the latest color trend of 2020.

Beachy Lob Green Hair

Beachy Lob

Take the classic summer style to the next level with a seafoam green tint!

Green Ombre Hair

Green Ombre

Not ready to commit to all-over green? Opt for a green ombre instead. Paired with dark roots, it will require less maintenance and will allow you to maintain some of your natural color too.

Good hair day by @jjulietbeauty.

Green Dream

If a head full of green hair isn’t original enough for you, how about adding beautiful accents like these sweet gold stars?

Good hair day by @briannahhair.

Multi-Colored Green

Can't pick just one shade? Opt for this head-turning, swirly wonderland of ombre that grows darker with length and is sure to pop.

Good hair day by @carocoloriste.

Lime Love

All the green vibes with zero frills, this all-over lime color is beautiful in its stunning simplicity, while still being incredibly bold. This color is the stuff leprechaun dreams are made of.

Good hair day by @le_poise_parrucchieri.

Hidden Seaglass Green

Now you see it—now you don’t. On the surface, this hidden combination of three green shades looks like a simple blonde hue, but when it’s lifted, it reveals a dreamy green color sequence. Surprise

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