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3 Grunge-Inspired Hairstyles To Add An Edge To Your Summer Look

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For those who want to give their hair a little more attitude, Guido Palau, celebrity stylist, has some fashion week styling secrets to share. With these quick and easy professional techniques, you can create a cool “high-fashion look in very simple ways, with a hairstyle that any woman can do,” he says. Scroll through for his top three grunge hairstyles as shown on the runway!

Gritty Waves

For one fashion brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 debut, Palau combined tough and sexy in this punk look.

Crimp your mid-lengths and rough ‘em up for another on-trend texture.

Unkempt Bangs

For another brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 show, Palau constructed “a worn-in ponytail with bangs falling out.” Unlike the soft baby hair trend, aim for choppy, piece-y texture throughout the hair using Redken Wax Blast 10, particularly on your bangs.

“Have wispy pieces and short pieces around the ear. It should feel boyish, a bit cartoon...a tomboyish quality,” Palau describes. “Disheveled and nonchalant.”

Wet And Wiry Ponytail

As seen on the Spring/Summer 2018 runway, you can grunge up a wet look by wrapping your hair into a gladiator ponytail.

“We’ve shortened it and twisted back onto itself so that the ponytail isn’t as long,” Palau explains. He recommends using Redken’s Shine Flash 02 hairspray to texturize loose strands along the hairline while adding an ultra-glossy finish.

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