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This Celebrity Secret Is The Key To An Undetectable Wig

HD Lace Wigs

Wigs are one of the most popular protective hairstyles around and for a good reason: They come in a variety of lengths, colors, and textures, are easy to care for, and look great on everyone. As much as we’ve embraced wigs over the last few years, there’s always one thing that’s bothered us—why don’t our wigs ever look as good as the one our favorite celebs wear?

Celebrities change their hairstyles so often it can be hard to tell when they’ve chopped off their own locks or just thrown on a dark brown blunt bob wig. No matter how far we zoom in on Instagram photos, we never seem to get confirmation. Are celebrities wearing wigs we don’t even have access to yet? It turns out, they are!

HD lace wigs have been Hollywood’s best-kept secret for years now and we’re ready to bring that secret to life. We sat down with Stephanie Nolan, the CEO and owner of XOXO Virgin Hair, to find out everything you need to know about HD lace wigs.

What are HD lace wigs?

HD lace is a very thin fabric that is typically used to create wigs for TV and film because it is much less noticeable on camera. While the lace wigs that are currently available to consumers in stores and online are typically made from a durable French or German lace, HD lace is made from a very delicate Swiss lace, Nolan says.

There is a unit of measurement for lace called a denier, where percentages are used to determine the fiber thickness of lace for wigs. The higher the denier, the sturdier the lace. The lower the denier, the more sheer and undetectable lace is. HD Lace is considered to be low denier, about 10 to 15 percent.

You may have never heard of HD lace wigs before, but they aren’t new. Nolan says HD lace has been around for decades but it was mainly used in professional beauty and entertainment industries because of how delicate the fabric is. Now, brands like XOXO Virgin Hair are making HD lace available to everyday consumers.

“The benefit of HD lace is to create an undetectable wig install, which is hard to see on HD cameras when filming,” Nolan explains. “Now that HD Lace has entered the consumer world, it serves the same purpose: to create an undetectable look, but in person. It's far less visible than other lace types used.”

How do you care for HD lace wigs?

If you’re looking to add an HD lace wig to your collection, you’re probably wondering if you’re signing up for endless hours of upkeep. Lucky for you, caring for your new HD lace wig will be a breeze if you’ve successfully cared for lace wigs before. Much like their regular lace counterparts, HD lace wigs need to be washed, conditioned, and combed regularly (check out our guide to caring for lace wigs if you need a little extra help). The major difference in how you care for the HD lace wig is how you handle the wig.

“HD Lace is a very delicate Swiss lace, so I advise gentle handling of your lace—from cleaning the glue residue off the lace, washing, combing, and brushing of the unit—to prevent unwanted tearing,” Nolan says.

Because of how delicate the lace is, HD lace wigs don’t usually last as long as regular lace wigs. With proper care, Nolan says it can last up to 12 months.

How do you install an HD lace wig?

Now that HD lace is available to the consumer you can get celebrity-worthy hair without the help of a professional, right? Not so fast.

“An HD Lace wig is not for a beginner. I advise an experienced professional to install an HD lace frontal wig,” Nolan explains.

Once a professional shows you how to install the HD lace wig properly, don’t stray from their instructions. Some popular wig installation methods can wreak havoc on HD lace wigs.

“The best way to install an HD lace wig is by using a lace adhesive to get the most realistic look,” Nolan says. “Other methods of application such as an elastic band can rip the lace due to the tension from it being sewed on the HD lace.”

What is the cost of HD lace wigs versus the cost of regular lace?

With better quality comes a high price tag, but your red carpet-worthy wig shouldn’t break the bank.

“The cost of HD lace is slightly higher due to the cost of the lace itself, and the feature of extra undetectability compared to the current lace most weave and wig wearers use,” Nolan explains. “You can expect to pay a minimum of $160 for a 10-inch HD lace frontal, and as high as $260 for a 20-inch.”

Where are regular lace wigs are available for as low as $50.

Where can you purchase HD lace wigs?

Now that you know everything there is to know about HD lace wigs, you’re probably ready to run to the store and purchase a new wig ASAP. XOXO Virgin Hair, Nolan’s company, will begin selling HD lace wigs on June 2. No matter where you purchase your HD lace wig, Nolan has a few tips to ensure the lace is authentic.

“One surefire way to know you are receiving an authentic HD Lace frontal piece is by looking at the edges of the lace before the excess is trimmed away...If it appears frayed, then the HD lace is authentic; if the edges of the lace look evenly trimmed, it is not HD lace,” Nolan says.

Now the only person who has to know you’re wearing a wig is you!

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