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How To Take Your Hair Care Routine On The Road

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No feeling quite beats the excitement and anticipation of planning a vacation. Between fitting all your favorite outfits in your luggage, finalizing your trip itinerary, and deciding the best time to leave for the airport, there’s so much to get done before you finally hit the road for your next adventure. If you’re beauty obsessed, you’re also trying to figure out how to squeeze all of your beloved products into your bag.

Whether your hair is ash blonde or dark brown, it deserves the same amount of care when you’re on the go as it gets at home. Wondering how to take your hair routine on the road? We’re sharing our top tips, tricks, and product picks from the L'Oréal portfolio to help simplify your travels.


How do I take care of my hair when traveling?

Don’t leave your leave-in conditioner behind.

Every girl has a few products in their hair care routine that they simply cannot go a day without. If there’s one product you need for any getaway, it’s leave-in conditioner.

Because your vacation destination will likely come with a change in climate, your strands may look and feel a bit drier than usual. Searching for a leave-in conditioner to bring along on your next trip? We recommend the Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment. Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment has 20 beautifying benefits for your hair including: boosts shine, smoothes the cuticle, prevents breakage and heat damage, and more.

Make dry shampoo your BFF.

When you’re on vacation, shampooing should be the last thing on your mind, which is why dry shampoo is one of our go-tos for giving us a little extra time between washes. We love the editor-approved Shu Uemura Color Lustre Dry Cleaner Dry Shampoo.

If you’re a brunette on-the-go, opt for the Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo For Brown Hair. The product is specially formulated for brunettes to avoid white residue and blend seamlessly into dark hair.

Protect your strands from the sun.

Packing sunscreen for skin protection is a no-brainer, but did you know that sun rays can affect your hair just as much? Whether you’re hitting the beach on your next getaway or planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, protecting your strands from sun damage is essential.

Searching for products that help protect your strands from sun damage? All of Pureology’s products include the brand’s AntiFade Complex which contains antioxidants and full-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to protect color vibrancy unlike anything else. We recommend the brand’s Colour Fanatic Multi-Benefit Leave-In Treatment. The lightweight mist primes, protects, and perfects while providing 21 essential benefits for color-treated hair.


How do you travel with curly hair?

Keep your ringlets nourished.

Rule number one of curly hair care: Always keep your mane moisturized. This is particularly true when you’re traveling since warmer climates and humidity can do a number on curly hair. 

To keep your curls from becoming dry and frizzy, keep a hair oil like the Mizani 25 Nourishing Miracle Hair Oil in your travel bag. The lightweight hair treatment leaves hair manageable, shiny, and beautifully moisturized.

Dry your mane with caution.

Rubbing your damp hair with a rough hotel towel can cause serious damage to your ringlets. Instead, wrap your strands in a soft cotton t-shirt to remove any excess water.

Don’t forget your diffuser.

If you have curly hair, you likely have a diffuser in your beauty arsenal. The hair dryer attachment evenly spreads air over a large section of hair. It saves you time drying, minimizes frizz, and helps to maintain the natural shape of curls. If you plan to blowdry your mane on vacation, this tool is a must-have!


How do I keep my hair tangle-free?

Invest in a quality detangler.

Whether you’re working with super long hair or short strands, you inevitably deal with knots and snarls from time to time. After a long day at the beach or swimming in a pool, you might need some extra help detangling your mane. Opt for a detangler like the Biolage Hydrasource Detangling Solution. It instantly renews moisture as it detangles and controls static.

Pack a travel-size hair mask.

Since dry hair is more prone to tangles, it’s important to keep up with your weekly hair mask while traveling. Opt for a travel-friendly hair treatment for dry hair like the Biolage Hydrasource Deep Treatment Pack.

How can I look good while traveling?

Simplify your styling.

Styling your hair is likely the last thing on your mind when traveling. Lucky for you, there’s no need to dedicate time to primping your mane. Some of the best looks can be achieved in five minutes or less. If you’re looking for quick and easy vacation-worthy hairstyles, we’ve got you covered. We narrowed down seven of our favorite travel-friendly hairstyles that are sure to give you a good hair day.

No Heat Waves

If you’re looking to achieve a quick hairstyle without the damaging effects or effort of heat styling, heatless beach waves are our absolute favorite. All you need to do is apply a dime size amount of Matrix Style Link Wild Boho Texturizing Air-Dry Cream to damp hair to create full-bodied volume and root lift with lasting hold.

Messy Bun

Use your fingers instead of a brush or comb to gather all of your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic. Wrap the loose hair from the ponytail around the base of the hair elastic to create a bun. Use bobby pins and a few spritzes of hairspray to hold the bun in place.

Low Ponytail

Styling the perfect low ponytail is as simple as any hairstyle can get. All you’ll need is a boar bristle brush, a hair elastic, and a hairspray like Kérastase’s Laque Couture to lock your look in place. If you want to spruce up your low ponytail, swap out your regular hair tie with a cute scrunchie.

Accessorize With A Hat

There are so many reasons to add a hat to your accessory arsenal. Hats are some of the most stylish accessories around and they can quickly cover up oily roots or a frizzy hair day.

Knotted Hair Scarf

Opt for a knotted headband to keep your ringlets in check while also adding a stunning accessory to your ‘do.


Crown Braid

If you searching for a picture-perfect look to slay your vacation Instagram feed, we recommend an intricate plaited hairstyle like a crown braid.

Accent Side Braid

Working with very short hair? Craft a simple three-strand braid for a quick and easy way to amp up your bob haircut.

Looking for more expert hair tips? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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