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How To Wear Sunny Blonde Hair In The Winter

photo of short sun kissed blonde hair

If you prefer the look of sunny blonde hair no matter the season you’re in, we have some good news! Top trends show that sun-kissed hair is not just for summer! Nuria Duran, Spanish stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel brand ambassador, says it’s easy to rock beachy blonde during winter.

It’s important to stress the fact that sunny blonde hair should not be defined as just a single shade of blonde. It is a hair coloring effect that can be created through several techniques. The range of possibilities means more opportunities for customization. Your colorist can help you rock your own signature sun-kissed look.

What are the different ways to show off a sun-kissed effect in your hair? For starters, you can brighten your base color with traditional highlighting, or go for subtle, more natural-looking streaks using the babylights technique.

If you just want to highlight the ends, give your tips a distinct contrast through an ombre, or opt for the softer version with a sombre. And don’t forget the beloved balayage technique— freehand coloring on carefully-selected sections will give create movement within your hair color! A proper diagnostic session with your colorist will help you better determine which hair coloring technique would be right for you.

Interestingly, sunny hair isn’t just a look for blondes—you can also create the sun-kissed effect in brown and red hair. Duran says that the general rule when creating a sun-kissed effect in any hair color is to “apply a darker base color close to your natural hair color, then very softly blend in a lighter gradient.”

Choosing shades with your stylist will help you avoid mismatched cool and warm tones, while their access to a larger range of shades means more nuanced colors for further personalization. Additionally, their expert color precision translates into color blending like no other!

“For blondes, cool-toned dark blonde bases work with golden or honey ends. For brunettes, a warmer and lighter chocolate brown on the tips works best. For redheads, go for light buttery colors or golden toffee ends,” Duran advises.

To keep your sun-kissed hair looking its best through the winter, Durian recommends picking products that protect your color while keep your hair beautiful.

“Use a hair mask to keep the hair hydrated and nourished. Find one with color protection to maximize your hair color’s durability,” she advises.

Now you don’t have to be afraid to work sun-kissed hair during winter!

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