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It’s true, straightening hair without heat is possible you just need to nail the right technique. We’ve rounded up some tried and true methods, as seen on TikTok.

TikTok Is Obsessing Over How to Straighten Hair Without Heat

It’s true, straightening hair without heat is possible you just need to nail the right technique. We’ve rounded up some tried and true methods, as seen on TikTok.

With the rising summer heat and days spent at the pool or beach, we’re all about heatless hairstyles that get the job done without making us sweat or causing damage to our strands. And, while heatless curling techniques have gone viral on TikTok, there’s one summer hairstyle trend that has completely stolen the spotlight on our For You page. We’re talking about heatless straightening techniques that not only smooth out strands but actually create a soft, straightened look that works on wavy and curly strands alike.

If you’re wondering how to straighten hair without heat, prepare to be completely mesmerized by the no-heat hairstyles taking over TikTok. Up ahead, we share three of our favorite methods, plus step-by-step tutorials to achieve the look.

How can I make my hair straight without a straightener?

Unlike heatless curls and waves, making your hair straight without a straightener seems a bit impossible. However, there are ways to do it (and, no, they don’t involve pulling out a clothing iron). The methods for straightening hair without a straightener are in some ways similar to those for heatless curls as they involve placing hair ties, scrunchies, ribbons, and other hair accessories in strategic ways to get desired hair results. And, in some cases, they even involve wrapping the hair, too.

TikTok’s Favorite Ways to Straighten Hair Without Heat

As with most beauty tips and tricks, TikTok is one of the best places to learn ways to learn no-heat hairstyles, including how to straighten hair without heat. Most techniques involve tying the hair into a ponytail with a silk scrunchie and then wrapping it with either hair ties or ribbon to keep things nice and straight. There is also a way to straight strands with just bobby pins, too (and it’s just as magical as it sounds). Up ahead, we share our favorite heatless straightening techniques in step-by-step tutorials, so you can achieve the look at home.

The Best Heatless Straightening Techniques

When straightening hair without a straightener, you won’t get that super straight and slick look. Instead, the heatless hairstyle relaxes curls and creates the look of straight hair with some very soft waves. Curious to know how to straighten hair without heat? Here are three heatless straightening techniques from TikTok to try.

Ponytail Wrap With Hair Ties

The first heatless straightening technique is super easy and involves very little hair styling experience, so it’s an excellent option for beginners. See how TikTok creator @sarasaadia executes this method here, and then keep scrolling for our step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Start with clean, damp hair. If your hair is fully dry, you can use a spray bottle with some water to add a little bit of hydration back to your lenghts.

Step 2: Tie hair in a low ponytail using a silk scrunchie. When gathering strands, be sure to use a bristled brush to flatten hair against the head for a smooth and sleek look.

Step 3: Starting at the top by the scrunchie and working your way all the way down to the ends, wrap hair ties around the ponytail so that the entire pony is covered.

Step 4: Allow the ponytail to set overnight and, in the morning, carefully remove each hair tie along with the silk scrunchie. Run your fingers through your ends to brush out any surface kinks, and you’re ready to go!

Ponytail Wrap With Ribbon

This no-heat straightening technique is similar to the first one in that it involves a wrapped ponytail. But, instead of hair ties, it calls for a couple of silk ribbons to create the look. TikTok creator @nehachudaryy shows followers how its done here, but keep scrolling as we break down each step.

Step 1: Beginning with towel-dried hair, apply a touch of nourishing oil to your hair, starting at the crown and working your way down to the ends. We recommend Matrix Food For Soft Multi-Use Hair Oil Serum for this because it’s infused with avocado oil which helps to seal in hydration for a finished look that’s shiny and smooth without the greasy feel.

Step 1: Brush strands into a slick low ponytail, secured by a silk scrunchie that won’t cause creasing.

Step 3: Take two one-inch thick silk ribbons and gently tie them to the top of your ponytail. Then, wrap the ribbons around the ponytail so that your ends are completely covered. Tie the ends together to secure and allow the ponytail to set overnight.

Step 4: In the morning, gently untie and unwrap the ribbons. Then, remove the silk scrunchie and use your fingers to comb through your ends and reveal a soft, naturally straight look.

Hair Wrap With Bobby Pins

The hair wrap technique doesn’t use any hair ties and, instead, involves a wrapped updo look with bobby pins. It’s a little more tedious compared to the other techniques, but the results are amazing. Watch above as Mizani artist Ashley Brown shows how to perfect the hair wrap before bed, which can also be used a hair straightening technique if you start with damp strands as noted in our breakdown below.

Step 1: Brush out your curls or waves and dampen strands using a spray water bottle.

Step 2: Using a comb, section off the hair on your crown and twist it into a bun. Secure the bun with a clip.

Step 3: Starting at the front, section off a two-inch piece of hair and comb it over to the opposite side. Continue this with each front section until all of your hair is neatly combed onto one side.

Step 4: Secure your hair with bobby pins, starting above the ear and working your way around. Then, continue wrapping hair in a bee-hive-like motion and securing it around the head (sort of like a thick headband) until you reach your ends.

Step 5: Unravel the leftover hair in a bun and use a brush to wrap the strands around, just like you did for your front pieces.

Step 6: Wait for hair to dry before gently unpinning and unraveling strands to reveal straight hair. If you wish to sleep in the updo overnight, it’s best to wrap your hair with a silk scarf to help keep everything in place and prevent frizzing.

Looking for more TikTok hair hacks and expert tips? Head to for all the inspo you need, and for in-person advice and styling be sure to book an appointment through our salon locator.

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