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How To Strip Color From Hair: The Definitive Salon Guide

woman having hair color stripped in salon
No matter what kind of salon-goer you are, hair color should always be a creative outlet. The invention of ever-more-vivid hair dyes and better care formulas means it’s easier than ever to take your mane for a spin on the rainbow color wheel. Even if you only ever edge one or two shades past your natural base color, consider yourself a tried-and-true hair color veteran.

If you love hair color, there’s one truth you must accept: Every hair color gets stripped away eventually. Whether you’re swapping rose gold for ash blonde or trading in your virgin dark brown hair for something altogether more splashy, it’s worth knowing how to strip hair color the salon-approved way.

Lena La Monaco, Matrix artistic educator, schooled us on everything you need to know about stripping color from dark brown hair, blue hair, and every shade in-between. Keep reading to learn the right way to get rid of hair color.

Can hair color be removed?

Thank heavens, yes, hair color can be removed! Whether you got a little experimental with box dye after consuming a dangerous cocktail of white wine and YouTube tutorials or just want to change up your look, know that it’s very possible to remove hair color (both natural and dyed). We recommend letting a salon professional do this to protect the structure of your mane and ensure you leave with healthy hair—not glasslike, damaged strands in danger of snapping off any second.

“Some of the reasons someone might want to strip the hair are if anyone who has natural or artificial color wants to go lighter with their hair color and if someone has multiple layers of built-up color, the only way to remove that would be to strip it,” La Monaco explains.

If the time has come for change, embrace it! Call your stylist and make an appointment to have your hair color removed.

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