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Curly bangs are an easy way to elevate textured hair. Here are tips for trying the trending cut, along with 15 styles to serve as inspiration.

Take These 15 Styles as a Sign To Get Curly Bangs ASAP

Curly bangs are an easy way to elevate textured hair. Here are tips for trying the trending cut, along with 15 styles to serve as inspiration.
Take These 15 Styles as a Sign To Get Curly Bangs ASAP

There comes a point in many of our lives when we consider getting bangs—especially when we’re after a total transformation. However, bangs aren’t always the first option that comes to mind for those with curly hair. Curlies often avoid bangs for fear of shrinkage, frizz, or limited styling options. But in our experience, those issues only arise if you get the wrong cut for your hair type and texture. In fact, when properly cut and cared for, curly bangs are a great way to add visual interest to your mane. Whether you want to upgrade your everyday wash-and-go or crave something completely new, we’ve got the scoop on all things curly bangs. We’ve even rounded up 15 fun styles to inspire your next curly hair makeover.

Are Bangs Good For Curly Hair?

Bangs are a great way to switch up your curly hairstyle. When cut by a pro who’s well-versed in this hair type, curly bangs can help strategically frame your features, create the illusion of thicker hair, add movement to your mane, and more.

If you’re nervous about shrinkage, ask your stylist to cut your curly bangs while your hair is dry. Cutting bangs while they’re wet may give you a false sense of its final length. A dry cut, on the other hand, allows you to see exactly where your bangs will fall when you style your hair so that you can tailor your length accordingly.

Having the right styling products on hand can also ensure your curly bangs look their best. Curl elongating creams can help give your bangs maximum stretch, while pastes and pomades can help define your ringlets for a more piecey look. Speak with your stylist to determine the best at-home styling routine for your fringe.

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How Hard Are Curly Bangs To Maintain?

Like any other type of bang, curly bangs are a commitment. Their upkeep ultimately varies by length and style. Short, blunt bangs typically require a trim about every four weeks (depending on how fast your hair grows) to maintain their shape and length. Curtain bangs and other long, layered bangs give you the freedom of less frequent touch-ups—you can generally go up to six weeks without a salon visit. Their longer length also allows for a more seamless grow-out, making it easy to tuck them behind your ears or into other hairstyles when you’re ready for a change.

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How Do I Style My Curly Bangs?

If you’re ready to experiment with curly bangs but are unsure how to style your hair once you make the chop, keep reading. We have all the inspo you need for curly hairstyles with bangs ahead.

15 Ways To Cut and Style Curly Bangs

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Voluminous Curly Bangs

For your next big occasion, pair a voluminous curly updo with loose, face-framing ringlets. With tons of body and height, this glamorous style is perfect for a special night out and can work with both looser and tighter curls.

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Three-Strand Twist-Out Bangs

If you want your curly bangs to be super defined, this three-strand twist-out is just for you. While most twist-outs involve using two strands, the additional section of hair is a stylist’s secret to adding even more definition to your locks. Check out our article, 5 Simple Steps To Achieving A Flawless Twist Out Hairstyle, to learn how to execute this style.

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Curly Curtain Bangs

Blunt curly bangs have impact, but continually pushing them out of your eyes can be a major pain. Embracing the curly curtain bang trend can take some of the hassles out of the popular ‘do. These long, sideswept bangs will beautifully frame your face without obstructing your view (plus, as we mentioned earlier, they’re lower maintenance than shorter or blunter bangs).

Faux Curly Bangs

If you’re not quite ready for full-on bangs, consider asking your stylist for face-framing layers. They’ll blend perfectly with your curls when you wear your hair down but can be pulled loose when you’re sporting an updo for a loose, bang-like effect.

Good hair day by @mo__beautii and @rezosalon

Curly Bangs With Color Block

Breathe new life into your same-old curly fringe with a color block highlight. This trend involves dyeing a chunky panel of hair in a vivid or contrasting hue. We love how it looks with a pop of pink, but you can opt for any shade that speaks to you.

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Modern Mullet With Curly Bangs

Curly bangs aren’t typically considered low-maintenance, but pairing them with a retro mullet cut creates a shaggy effect that requires minimal styling effort. Just tousle them with a bit of texturizing spray, like Redken Beach Spray, and you’re good to go.

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Wispy Curly Bangs

In the past few years, wispy bangs have found popularity for their ability to add soft texture and volume to straighter hair. But this airy style can be equally flattering on curlier hair—we’re especially fond of how it emphasizes the inherent piecey nature of ringlets and curls. When styling, reach for a texturizing paste like Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s Ishi Sculpt Texturizing Hair Pomade to add definition and workable hold to your barely-there bangs.

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Ribbon Updo With Curly Bangs

When you have curly hair with bangs, basically any updo can give your look a flirty and delicate vibe. For an extra-feminine twist, lean into the coquette hair trend by using a silky ribbon to loosely tie your curls up at the top of your head. Allow your bangs to cascade down and frame your features for a soft, romantic finish.

Good hair day by @marissa_lanae

Half-Up With Curly Tendrils

One of the best things about half-up looks is how they work on any hair length or texture, including those who have short, curly hair with bangs. And, if you need more proof that ribbons and curls make the perfect pair, this style is it. Watch the quick tutorial above to see how you can recreate the look on your own short curls.

Good hair day by @messy_tresses

Full, Blunt Curly Bangs

Those with curly bangs on short hair can pull off a chic bob, too: It’s all about how you style it. To ensure your blunt curly bangs stay where they’re supposed to, we recommend having a curl-elongating cream on hand. We love Mizani’s True Textures Curl Define Pudding, which features a lightweight hold made to define and elongate extra curly to extremely tight texture types.

Brushed Out Curly Bangs

When you ask a curly girl how she wants her curls to look, the first word you’ll usually hear out of her mouth is “defined.” However, defined curls aren’t the only way to slay a curly hairstyle. Push your wash day back just one more day and wear fluffy, brushed-out curly bangs. The ultra-glam, ‘70s-inspired look is perfect for those who like to make a statement.

Good hair day by @bycarlamarcelle

Slicked and Side-Swept Curly Bangs

This fluffy bun with slicked-down bangs and edge styling is a cute yet functional way to keep your curly bangs out of your face. Form a bun at the top of your head and bring your curly ends to the front of your bun’s base so they fall in front of your forehead. Then, pull your curly bangs to one side to create a dramatic swoop, and slick it down into place with Matrix’s Controller Gel. Swirl and gel your edges, too, if desired.

Good hair day by @hairzillaa

Slicked Y2K Curly Bangs

A bang “headband” is like a modern take on the pin-straight-fringe-and-scrunched-hair combo we saw in the early 2000s—only, without the excessive flatiron damage. Above, watch how Laura Frazier creates the look by slicking back curly bangs using Redken’s Pliable Styling Paste and a blow dryer.

Good hair day by @pekelariley

Voluminous Curly Bangs

If you’re not sold on the super slick bang trend, wrap your bangs in velcro rollers and blow-dry them into a voluminous wave. You’ll still reap the benefits of having your curly bangs frame your face, but they’ll have a smoother, more controlled finish.

Good hair day by @darycetolliver

Curly Pineapple Bangs

Get a sense of what you look like with bangs by trying the pineapple updo. It’s a commitment-free way to test the waters of a new fringe without having any potential regrets.

To create this playful style, use a hair pick to comb your hair at the roots to create volume all over your head. Next, gather all of your curls at the crown of your head and secure them with an elastic. Pull your curls forward so they hang over your forehead and fluff for added volume.

Once you’ve achieved your desired volume, apply a generous amount of a medium-hold styling pomade all over your edges. Don’t forget the edges on the nape of your neck, as the back of your hair will be visible once your hair is up. Brush the pomade through your hair until your edges lie flat, and accessorize (or not) to your liking.

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