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Hair Dryer Diffusers: How To Use Them And 12 Best Of 2024

Wondering how to use a hair diffuser? We’re breaking down everything you need to know plus 12 of our top hair diffuser picks.

If you have naturally curly hair, you know that it can take hours for your ringlets to dry. Wash days can be an all-day affair, but what if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way? Hair diffusers are here to make your life easier than ever—and they really do work!

Never heard of a hair dryer diffuser before? You’ve come to the right place. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about hair dryer diffusers, including how to diffuse hair using one. We’re also featuring 12 of the best hair diffusers out there.

What is a hair diffuser?

A hair dryer diffuser is a tool that’s attached to your blow dryer that helps evenly disperse air over a larger area of your hair. It’s round and covered with “spikes” that help keep your curls separated while creating more lift at the root.

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What does a hair diffuser do to your hair?

When you use a blow dryer with a regular attachment, you get a strong, steady stream of air. A diffuser attachment eliminates that concentrated stream of air and instead disperses it, which in turn prevents disturbing the natural curl pattern. The result: You can dry your waves and ringlets with lightning speed and enjoy seeing less frizz, more definition, and improved volume.

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Who should use a hair diffuser?

Hair diffusers can technically be used by anyone, but they’re particularly beneficial for those with curly hair or even wavy hair. Their ability to eliminate frizz and boost body makes hair dryer diffusers a must-have in hairstyling routines. 

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How do you use a hair diffuser?

As far as how to diffuse curly hair or wavy hair, there are a few different methods you can try when using a hair diffuser attachment tool.

One of the most common techniques is to place your mid-shaft to ends on the diffuser and use it to scrunch your hair up as the blow dryer dries. This helps your curls maintain their natural shape and disturbs them less while drying. If you're looking for a style with a little extra volume, flip your head over and diffuse your locks upside down to help create volume right at your roots.

If you’re worried about concentrating that much heat, hold the diffuser six inches away from your mane and slowly pass the blow dryer down the length of your curls. It’s a similar technique to traditional blow drying, but the air is dispersed more evenly so it’s less severe. Continue this process until your hair is completely dry. Since this can take a while, you could let your hair air dry a bit, then go in with the blow dryer.

The Best Hair Diffusers To Try Now

Eager to try one of these must-have blow dryer attachments? We’ve rounded up 12 of the best diffusers for curly hair out there.

Drybar The Bouncer Diffuser

Drybar The Bouncer Diffuser

If you love your Drybar blow dryer, you need this diffuser attachment to make your curls flourish. Don’t have a Drybar blow dryer but just can’t get enough of the sunny yellow color? You’re in luck. The diffuser can attach to just about any blow dryer! The universal diffuser broadens and helps reduce the speed of the airflow from your blow dryer to help gently dry, define curls, add shine, and reduce frizz in naturally curly hair.

Drybar The Bouncer Diffuser, $34.00 MSRP

Conair Volumizing Diffuser

Conair Volumizing Diffuser

If you’re looking for an affordable diffuser that will give you perfect curls every time, look no further than the Volumizing Diffuser by Conair. The diffuser fits most hair dryers and lifts hair while diffused air gently dries hair, helping to create sculpted or molded styles for permed, naturally wavy, or curly hair.

Conair Volumizing Diffuser, $11.99 MSRP

T3 Soft Touch 2 Diffuser

T3 Soft Touch 2 Diffuser

This tourmaline-infused diffuser volumizes, defines curls and eliminates frizz for curly, fine or hard to manage hair. Its ionic finger extensions distribute heat gently and evenly to speed up drying while promoting hair health and enhancing shine. T3 harnesses the tourmaline gemstone, known to impart ionic, infrared energy, promoting exceptional hair health by sealing in moisture and reducing frizz.

T3 Soft Touch 2 Diffuser, $30.00 MSRP

Elchim 2001 Milano Cocoon Bi-Diffuser

Elchim Cocoon 3900 Diffuser

This professional diffuser is perfect for all hair types. yields impressive volume and a quick blow dry that shows off your natural curls. It's compatible with the brand's 3900 Titanium, 3900 Healthy Ionic, 8th Sense, Light. 

Elchim Cocoon 3900 Diffuser, $25.00 MSRP

DevaCurl DevaFuser Diffuser

DevaCurl DevaFuser Diffuser

This unique, universal diffuser is the best helping hand your curls could ever ask for. Its 360-degree airflow completely surrounds curls from the roots to the ends for speedier drying time than traditional diffusers. The new ceramic inner core helps preserve moisture keeping curls frizz-free and shiny. The patented DevaCurl DevaFuser gives natural curls gorgeous shape and definition while creating touchable volume. Great for wavy, curly, and super curly hair!

DevaCurl DevaFuser Diffuser, $50.00 MSRP

Bed Head Curls in Check 1875 Watt Diffuser Hair Dryer

Bed Head Curls In Check 1875 Watt Diffuser Hair Dryer

If you’re ready to ditch the diffuser attachments and go all in, the Bed Head 1875 Watt Diffuser Hair Dryer is perfect for you. Its unique design enhances and defines natural curls and waves for silky, touchable texture and massive shine. The fingers work around the curves to define and enhance, while Tourmaline ionic technology helps to fight frizz while enhancing shine for curl formation and frizz-free volume. Its unique design makes it easy to style larger areas at once.

Bed Head Curls in Check 1875 Watt Diffuser Hair Dryer, $34.99 MSRP

Frcolor Foldable Silicone Hair Dryer Diffuser

Frcolor Foldable Silicone Hair Dryer Diffuser

Think you don’t have space in your carry-on for a hair diffuser? Think again! You don’t have to make your curls suffer on vacation thanks to this handy diffuser. It’s a foldable silicone design that fits perfectly in your suitcase to ensure you have flawless ringlets every day.

Frcolor Foldable Silicone Hair Dryer Diffuser, $9.99 MSRP

Dyson Supersonic Diffuser

Dyson Supersonic Diffuser

If you have a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, you need to add this attachment to your collection. The state-of-the-art attachment promises even diffusion for defined curls and waves. 

Dyson Supersonic Diffuser, $39.99 MSRP

Hot Tools Finger Diffuser

A brand beloved by hair pros, Hot Tools’ Finger Diffuser is a compact attachment that fits most dryers with nozzle sizes up to two inches. The carefully placed fingers/spikes lift and separate hair to bring out your hair's natural texture.

Hot Tools Finger Diffuser, $6.99 MSRP

best hair diffusers

Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 Diffuser

You’ll love the deep-set concave feature on this hair dryer diffuser, which allows you to easily rest more hair in the compartment for a speedier dry time. The result is touchably soft hair with beautiful volume and enhanced natural texture.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 Diffuser, $49.00 MSRP

best hair diffusers

Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser

This lightweight diffuser from Bio Ionic fits all the brand's blow dryers, as well as most other blow dryers. The design features 12 air outlets to speed up your dry time, and it's made from a natural volcanic mineral to help infuse micro hydration into your ringlets.

Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser, $24.00 MSRP

Dyson Supersonic Gentle Air Attachment 

Yep, we’re including two products from Dyson because the brand’s just that good. The Supersonic Gentle Air Attachment is a unique tool made from iron that's specifically engineered for fine hair and sensitive scalps. It creates a gentler, cooler airflow that makes it perfect for curly and wavy-haired people who want to have defined, frizz-free hair. 

Dyson Supersonic Gentle Air Attachment, $39.99 MSRP

Products To Use When Diffusing Your Hair

Whether you opt for a spray formula like Biolage Thermal Active Heat Protectant Spray, or a cream formula like Shu Uemura Art Of Hair’s Netsu Design Blow Dry Cream, pick a heat protectant product you will enjoy using every time you heat style your hair.

You can pair your heat protectant with a curl-defining cream, such as Mizani True Textures Curl Enhancing Lotion which helps create soft and touchable curls instead of stiff or sticky ringlets.

After you’ve finished diffusing your hair, we recommend going in with some styling products to perfect your mane. For example, Mizani Thermasmooth Smoothguard Serum helps further eliminate frizz for a beautiful, sleek finish. At the same time, its cationic polymers help lock in shine and keep humidity out while ceramides penetrate the shaft to reinforce strength. You can further smooth flyaways with a product such as Mizani Edge Trimming Hair Gel, which helps keep the most defiant strands in place.

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