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Our Best Natural Hair Texture Tips For Every Hair Type

Our Best Natural Hair Texture Tips For Every Hair Type

Work With What You’ve Got: How To Embrace Your Natural Texture

Own your texture whether you’ve got straight hair, waves, curls, or coils. 

After a year spent indoors, so many women put down their curling irons and straighteners and rediscovered their natural hair texture. Wearing your mane in its natural state is effortless, carefree, and best of all, won’t cause your strands any damage. Wondering how to embrace your natural texture—and more importantly—love the way it looks? Keep scrolling. 

First things first: In order to embrace your hair texture, you’ll need to know exactly what you’re working with. A hair texture chart will be able to help you identify your hair pattern and what products you’ll need to build the best hair care and styling routine. 

If you want to determine the true texture of your hair, be sure to look at it when it’s free of product completely. Wash and condition your hair and allow it to air dry. As it dries, you will begin to see your natural texture. Does it curl up? Stay straight? Do you have loose waves or tighter coils? Once your hair is fully dry, refer to the hair texture types chart to figure out your true hair pattern. 

Want to learn more about how to embrace your natural texture? Whether you have natural wavy hair, curly hair, or pin straight strands, keep scrolling for our top natural hair texture tips and some of the best products to try for every hair type.

Try The Trend: Straight Hair

The key to flawless straight hair is to find products that help your strands look sleek and smooth, without looking flat and lifeless. Our combination of smoothing and volumizing products will help your straight hair the life of the party.

Try The Trend: Wavy Hair

Styling wavy hair is all about enhancing your natural texture. Our selection of salon-quality texturizing sprays, primers, and hair sprays will help your wavy hair look better than ever.

Try The Trend: Curly Hair

Sometimes it can feel like your curly hair has a mind of its own. One day your curls look amazing and the next—not so much. Make sure your curls look their best every wash day with a line-up of pro-backed products.

Try The Trend: Coily Hair

When it comes to coily hair, moisture is the name of the game. Ensure your ringlets look their best by investing in products that will impart tons of moisture into your strands.

What The Pros Say

Everything you need to know about the best shampoos and conditioners for your hair texture

What The Pros Say:

  • 1. Start with the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair texture
  • 2. Apply leave-in conditioner to moisturize any hair type
  • 3. Add smoothness, shine, and volume to straight hair
  • 4. Shape your waves with texturizing formulas
  • 5. Use hair gels and creams to sculpt your curls and coils
  • 6. Keep curly and coily hair hydrated with nourishing hair masks and treatments

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