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If you want to embrace a shorter cut but don’t want to miss out on movement, the Italian bob might be right up your alley.

Try the Trend: Why the Italian Bob Is This Season’s Chicest Chop

If you want to embrace a shorter cut but don’t want to miss out on movement, the Italian bob might be right up your alley.
Try the Trend: Why the Italian Bob Is This Season’s Chicest Chop

There’s something about the springtime that makes us feel compelled to shake things up—and as far as we’re concerned, embracing a new hairstyle is a great way to do just that. While long hair is always in style, bobs are the cut of the moment. We’re particularly fond of the Italian bob haircut, which features subtle layers for a chic, intentionally tousled finish. And we’re not the only ones hopping on this bandwagon: Search “Italian bob” on TikTok, and you’ll be met with thousands of videos showcasing the effortless cut.

Below, we’re sharing everything you need to know about the Italian bob, how to get it, and the 411 on maintaining this short (but surprisingly low-maintenance) haircut. Your fresh new look awaits.

What Is the Italian Bob?

There are a few iterations of the Italian bob, but most commonly, it's a shoulder-grazing cut that features soft, fluid layers placed throughout. What differentiates this from similar styles—like a blunt bob—is that it’s intended to be a little bit messy. Often, the ends are lightly feathered and the style is typically worn with soft waves for a beachy, lived-in vibe. Volume, too, is a key element of the Italian bob: This isn’t a cut to wear with sleek or perfectly styled strands.

Is the Italian Bob Haircut Suitable For All Hair Types?

The Italian bob can be flattering on all hair types, but maintenance will vary depending on your hair’s natural texture. Since the style is typically worn straight or with a soft wave, it’s an ideal wash-and-go cut for those with straighter strands (think: 1A to 2B). If you have more textured hair—typically, 2C and above—you may need to spend more time on styling. That being said, the layered bob haircut is still relatively low-maintenance, even for curlier hair. If you’re considering making the chop, we recommend visiting an experienced stylist who can tailor their approach to meet your needs.

How Should You Ask Your Stylist For an Italian Bob?

For a classic Italian bob, you’ll want to ask your stylist for a shoulder-skimming cut with subtle layers throughout the mid-lengths and ends. If you don’t want your layers to be visible, you can ask for “ghost layers,” which add body while allowing your strands to appear all one length. It’s also a good idea to ask your stylist to lightly dust or feather your ends to give the style its signature lived-in look. We recommend bringing a few pictures to the salon, as well, to give your stylist a visual idea of the look you’re after.

Is the Italian Bob High-Maintenance?

As the Italian bob is intended to look a little imperfect, it’s generally a fairly low-maintenance cut—you can let it grow out a little and it’ll still look great. If you want to maintain the cut’s length, you can expect to visit the salon roughly every six to eight weeks for a trim.

As for styling, maintenance depends on your hair type. If you have straighter strands, you can usually wash and go without much hassle. Those with more textured strands may want to blow dry or straighten their hair to achieve that straight-ish, windswept finish (though the cut can be worn curly, too). If you do opt to straighten your hair, be sure to protect your strands with a heat protectant. We love Pureology Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray, which moisturizes, smooths, and helps protect hair from temperatures up to 450oF.

14 Ways to Wear the Italian Bob

Short hair is far more versatile than you might think. Here, we’re showcasing 14 of our favorite takes on the trendy Italian bob haircut.

Good hair day by @thebeautybroadva

Classic Italian Bob

The traditional Italian bob hairstyle falls just below the chin and features subtle layering for a subtly windswept finish. Wear it straight or embrace a lived-in wavy look by wrapping one-inch sections of hair around a flat iron.

Good hair day by @arielmunz

Short Italian Bob

Opting for a cut that falls just an inch or so beneath your chin gives the classic Italian bob an ultra-chic vibe. Wear it a bit tousled, as seen above, for a model-off-duty look.

Good hair day by @hairbysarmad

Italian Lob

If you want to try the Italian bob but aren’t quite ready to part ways with your lengths, consider the Italian lob. This longer take on the trendy style allows you to dip your toes in without committing to an ultra-short cut.

Good hair day by @lid_rids

Wavy Italian Bob

A medium layered bob that hits right around the shoulders is ideal for those with wavier hair. The layering helps remove bulk without sacrificing length, allowing your waves and curls to shine.

Good hair day by @tanarosehair

Choppy Italian Bob

If you favor an edgier aesthetic, ask your stylist for choppy (rather than blended) layers. We love how this punky look pairs with an equally rock-and-roll platinum blonde hue.

Good hair day by @kirstyannehair

Italian Bob with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are the ultimate complement to the chic yet effortless Italian bob haircut. We recommend having the shortest part of the bangs hit right around the tops of your cheekbones—this placement will help frame your face and make your features stand out.

Good hair day by @emmawillismakeup

Side-Parted Italian Lob

We love how a cropped Italian bob looks when paired with a deep, dramatic side part. If you normally rock a middle part, spritz damp hair with Redken Root Lifter Volumizing Hair Spray then blow-dry to help hold your side part in place.

Good hair day by @megmdoeshairs

Curly Italian Bob

While the Italian bob is typically worn straighter, that doesn’t mean the look is inaccessible for those with curls. We suggest asking your stylist for more prominent layers around the face to help keep the cut sleek and prevent unwanted fluffiness at the ends.

Good hair day by @hairbychloegrace_

Italian Bixie

The Italian bixie cut falls somewhere between a pixie and a bob. This length is great for those who want to experiment with a short cut, but still want enough length to tuck behind their ears.

Good hair day by @audreyrivet

Italian Bob with Wispy Bangs

Blunt, wispy bangs give the classic Italian lob a distinctly retro vibe. Aim to have your fringe fall at or just below your brows for a lived-in feel.

Good hair day by @studiolioness

Sunkissed Italian Bob

Face-framing layers painted in varying hues of honey, gold, and amber recall a summertime spent under the Italian sun. Keep your highlights fresh by swapping a brass-fighting shampoo, such as Pureology Strength Cure Blonde Shampoo, into your routine once every week or two.

Good hair day by @joiewallacehair

Balayage Italian Bob

Balayage is a highlighting technique that creates a barely-there gradient of color, and the lived-in look is the perfect complement to the equally effortless Italian lob. Best of all, unlike traditional highlights, balayage requires minimal maintenance—making it the perfect way to update your cut.

Good hair day by @thebangsbabe

Asymmetric Italian Bob

Give your Italian bob a trendy twist by asking your stylist to cut your hair slightly shorter in the back. The subtle asymmetry lends the classic look a hint of edge while still remaining approachable.

Good hair day by @marissacydya

Italian Bob with Blunt Bangs

Channel your inner ‘50s Italian starlet by pairing your Italian bob with thick, straight-across fringe. Keep in mind that blunt bangs may require a little bit more upkeep than a looser style, like curtain bangs or side-swept bangs—aim for a trim every three to four weeks or so.

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