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A layered bob is a low-maintenance haircut that doesn’t skimp on style. Find inspiration for your next cut and learn how to style your short layered bob here.

40 Layered Bob Haircuts That Prove Sometimes Less is More

A layered bob is a low-maintenance haircut that doesn’t skimp on style. Find inspiration for your next cut and learn how to style your short layered bob here.
40 Layered Bob Haircuts That Prove Sometimes Less is More

There’s much to love about a layered bob haircut. It’s versatile, chic, and confident—not to mention low maintenance. Unlike a classic bob, which features a straight-across cut, layered bobs have, well, layers. These face-framing pieces add movement and texture, so you can go short without sacrificing any of the volume you’ve grown accustomed to with longer strands. Best of all, short layered bobs can be customized to flatter just about everyone. Ahead, we’ll give you a quick run-down on what constitutes a layered bob and arm you with 40 inspiration pics to stash away until your next salon visit.

What is a layered bob haircut?

A bob refers to a haircut that sits right around the ears. It’s longer than a traditional pixie but shorter than a “lob” (in other words, a long bob). And a layered bob is, unsurprisingly, a bob haircut with layers, which are generally added to give the style body, texture, and volume.

As we mentioned above, layered bobs are versatile: you can wear them shorter or longer, pair them with bangs, or even experiment with asymmetry with a cut that’s longer on one side than the other. And though you might think shorter hair means there’s less room to play with styling, the cut actually lends itself well to a ton of different styling methods. So whether you like your mane sleek and straight or prefer a more messy, lived-in vibe, a layered bob delivers.

40 Layered Bob Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Texture

If you’re ready to trade your lengthy locks for a shorter cut, we’re here to help you find the right cut for you. Below, we’ve rounded up 40 of our favorite layered bob haircuts, from short, choppy cuts to longer, sleeker options.

Good hair day by @nikcabral

Long Bob with Layers

A long, layered bob that grazes your collarbones is the perfect way to ease yourself into a shorter cut. Ask for piecey layers throughout to add shape, texture, and lots of undone volume.

Good hair day by @brimsandbalayage

Inverted Bob

Layered bobs are often a bit shorter in the front than they are in the back. But you can flip the style on its head by opting for an inverted bob, in which the layers in front hang slightly longer than those at the back of your head.

Good hair day by @thebangsbabe

Stacked Bob

Unlike traditional layers, which are typically cut into soft tiers, stacked layers are cut at an angle for a sharper, graduated effect. This layering technique is particularly useful for adding volume to thinner, finer strands.

Good hair day by @craphairclub

French-Girl Bob

The classic French girl bob is a study in contrasts. At once both demure and confident, this chic, chin-grazing style exudes effortless elegance—especially when paired with soft, face-framing curls.

Good hair day by @carachele

‘90s Bob

Practically every ‘90s movie heroine had a short, choppy, layered lob at some point, and it’s easy to see why. This cropped style exudes confidence and sass—especially when spiked out at the ends, as pictured above.

Good hair day by @kirstyannehair

Voluminous Bob

Play up your hair’s natural texture with a layered bob that hits just about at chin length. If your locks are looking limp, add body with Redken’s Texture Paste, which boosts volume and provides moldable, all-day hold.

Good hair day by @jesstheebesttcolor

Shaggy Lob

Channel your inner rock star with a shaggy, shoulder-grazing lob. Don’t worry about making your layers too neat or uniform: the goal is to look effortlessly undone, not polished.

Good hair day by @hairbyroyaa_

Bottleneck Bob

Bottleneck bangs can, technically, be paired with any hairstyle, but we love the way the high-low bangs frame the face when paired with a longer lob.

Good hair day by @thebangsbabe

Chin-Length Bob

A chin-length cut may sound intimidating if you’ve never gone that short, but this chic style is surprisingly flattering—especially for those with more angular facial features.

Good hair day by @elita_stylist

Wavy Lob

Have your stylist cut your hair just above your shoulders and add long, flowing layers for a sleeker take on the classic shaggy lob. For added glam, rake a shine-enhancing serum throughout your mane before styling (we love Biolage Professional Smooth Proof Serum).

Good hair day by @nikcabral

Sharply Angled Bob

Your hair doesn’t have to be textured to make a serious impact. Level up your straight strands by having your stylist cut your hair into a sharply angled bob that’s longer at the front and shorter at the back. Add barely-there layers to the very ends of your mane for a touch of volume.

Good hair day by @biolage

Long Layered Pixie

If you’re growing out a pixie, consider having your stylist add lots of choppy layers on the top and sides of your head. The added texture from the layers will create a chic tousled effect and help as you transition from a close-cropped cut to a longer one.

Good hair day by @studiolioness

Short Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut was one of this year’s biggest hair trends—and we don’t see the face-framing style falling out of favor anytime soon. Pair yours with a voluminous layered lob for a chic twist on the trendy style.

Good hair day by @hairdreambytiffany

Short Bob with Bangs

Channel your fave vintage movie star by pairing a chin-length lob with a full fringe that falls in soft layers around your face. Opt for a natural color, like chestnut brown, for a classic look, or play with fantasy color for a bolder look (we love the chartreuse pictured above).

Good hair day by @mizani

Spiky Bob

Give your layered bob extra volume by working a long-hold styling gel throughout, then blow-drying your hair upward to create a spiky, windswept effect. We recommend Matrix Controller Gel, which provides long-lasting hold without a stiff or crunchy feel.

Good hair day by @matrix

Short Shag

Shags are typically worn a bit longer—think, shoulder length or beyond—but you can rock a shorter variation, too. Have your stylist create the shaggy effect by adding short, choppy layers from the mid-lengths to ends.

Good hair day by @__k_vu__

Short Mullet

Don’t sleep on the mullet: This ‘80s-inspired style is back and better than ever. Channel the style’s signature “business in the front, party in the back” vibes by opting for short bangs in front and a textured, layered bob in the back.

Good hair day by @thebangsbabe

Lob With Curtain Bangs

If you’re growing out shorter fringe, consider having your stylist shape your strands into face-framing curtain bangs that gradually fall into a longer layered lob.

Good hair day by @thebangsbabe

Graduated Bob

Graduated layers are similar to stacked layers but tend to be slightly less angular. This results in a voluminous look that still has a soft, natural feel.

Good hair day by @nextsalon1992

‘60s Mod Bob

The 1960s had no shortage of iconic hairstyles (looking at you, beehive), but the classic mod bob is one of our all-time favorites. This subtly layered style features ends that round in toward the face for a demure, almost doll-like effect with lots of retro flair.

Good hair day by @megmdoeshairs

Curly Bob

The weight of long hair can pull curls down, making them appear flat and limp. Help your ringlets stay bouncy with a long, layered bob that just touches your shoulders.

Good hair day by @matrix

Mini Bob

If you’re after a look that screams confidence, a mini bob definitely delivers. This unique cut is cropped just below the cheekbones and features layered fringe for a blunt effect.

Good hair day by @constancerobbins

In-Between Lob

Bridging the (short) gap between a classic bob and a lob is what we’ve dubbed the in-between lob. This softly layered style falls between your chin and your shoulders, offering a touch more length than your classic short bob.

Ear-Grazing Bob

An ear-grazing bob falls (as you can probably guess), just around the ears. The shorter length is particularly flattering on those with narrow faces, as the added volume around the face helps create the illusion of higher, more prominent cheekbones.

Good hair day by @redken

Razor Cut Lob

Shorter haircuts can be tricky to pull off if you have thicker hair: all that volume can end up looking fluffy. Opting for a razor cut mitigates this risk, giving your mane an airiness without sacrificing body or texture.

Good hair day by @messy_tresses

Curly Layered Bob with Bangs

Add even more texture to your curly bob with some face-framing fringe. Keep in mind that if you’re naturally curly, you’ll want to visit a stylist well-versed in curly cuts for the best results.

Good hair day by @matrix

U-Cut Bob

The U-cut utilizes well-placed layers at the back of the head to give a subtly rounded shape to your bob.

Good hair day by @mirandalaunahair

Layered Lob with Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs (also known as Korean air bangs) stand out when paired with a tousled, undone lob. Add layers throughout your mane for extra movement and texture.

Good hair day by @craphairclub

Short Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a sort of hybrid of the mullet and the shag, featuring choppy, messy layers, face-framing fringe, and tons of texture. Have your stylist end your longest layers just above your shoulders for a shorter take on the trendy style.

Good hair day by @matrix

Asymmetric Lob

Haircuts don’t have to be symmetrical to look great. We’re huge fans of the way an asymmetrical bob—that is, a bob that’s noticeably longer on one side than the other—adds an unexpected twist to a classic cut.

Good hair day by @anais.nzasi

Afro Bob

4C hair lends itself beautifully to a brushed-out afro bob. Help ensure your curls and coils retain their shape and shine with a curl-defining treatment, like Mizani True Textures Perfect Coil Oil Curl Gel.

Good hair day by @l.c_hair

Choppy Pageboy

Though the pageboy haircut takes its name from the style sported by Medieval servants, this cut is anything but dated. Traditionally, it’s a blunter cut, but the addition of face-framing bangs and choppy layers throughout give this vintage style a decidedly modern vibe.

Good hair day by @matrix

Piecey Bob

We like to think of a piecey bob as a slightly wispier version of the shag. It’s still undone and textured, but the layers themselves are finely cut. You can add body with a volumizing mousse or hairspray or smooth your hair back for a sleeker finish.

Good hair day by @hairbychloehutchinson

Blunt Lob

A blunt-cut lob delivers on the drama, but if you have thicker hair, the straight-across cut can be a bit fluffy at the ends. Have your stylist thin out the ends with barely-there layers for a blunt look, sans bulk.

Good hair day by @georgepapanikolas

Beachy Layers

Face-framing layers add a touch of beachy texture to a classic straight lob. For a subtle volume boost, mist your hair generously with a sea salt spray before air-drying.

Good hair day by @thebangsbabe

‘70s Lob with Fringe

The ‘70s had it all: killer music, incredible fashion, and (best of all) fantastic hair. Channel your inner disco goddess with a heavily layered lob framed by long, lash-grazing fringe.

Good hair day by @thebangsbabe

Layered Bob with Side Bangs

If classic straight-across bangs aren’t your vibe, consider updating your bob with soft side-swept bangs that hit just below your cheekbone.

Good hair day by @arielmunz

Barely-There Layers

Layers don’t have to be obvious to make an impact. A few subtle, well-placed layers around your face and at the ends of your bob create a voluminous effect without veering into shag territory.

Good hair day by @curlingmeecrazy

Curls with Face-Framing Layers

Show off your curls and frame your features with a curly cut that incorporates fringe and tiered layers around your cheekbones and chin.

Good hair day by @matrix

Layered Bixie

The bixie cut is a hybrid of a short pixie and a classic bob, featuring longer, choppier layers in front and a shorter crop in the back. It’s bold—especially when paired with a vibrant fantasy color, as seen above.

Must-Have Products for Layered Bob Haircuts

The biggest benefit of bob haircuts: Less hair means less time needed to devote to styling. Here are a few must-haves to streamline your daily styling routine, depending on the look you’re after:

For Texture

Add effortless texture to your layered bob by finger-combing a texture paste, such as Matrix Over Achiever 3-in-1, through your mane. The creamy paste provides texture, grip, and lasting hold for undone styles without leaving your strands feeling heavy or sticky.

For Shine

Maximize your hair’s shine with Redken Shine Flash Spray. The lightweight formula helps tame frizz and flyaways while adding glossy shine for a sleek finish.

For Volume

Help fine, flat strands reach new heights (pun intended) by spritzing Pureology Style + Protect Instant Levitation Mist throughout your roots before blow-drying for all-day volume.

For Curls

Help ensure your curls stay bouncy and defined with Mizani True Textures Curl Define Pudding. The coconut oil-infused cream helps define curls and coils while nourishing your hair for soft, touchable texture.

For Between Washes

Keep your roots fresh between washes with an oil-absorbing dry shampoo, like Matrix Refresher Dry Shampoo, which helps extend your style for up to four days.

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