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How Keratin Gives You the Smooth and Shiny Hair of Your Dreams

Keratin, Demystified: How to Add It to Your At-Home Arsenal

Find out how including keratin products in your routine takes hair from frizzy to glossy.

In your quest to banish frizzy, unruly hair once and for all, you may have seen keratin treatments (sometimes referred to as Brazilian blowouts) on your salon's service menu. This treatment alters the bonds in each strand via a chemical solution, resulting in less frizz, more shine, and a looser curl pattern if you have one. While the results are impressive and safe in the hands of a skilled stylist, some people would rather avoid exposure to harsh chemicals—and to each his own! But keratin treatments aren’t the only way to reap the benefits of this powerhouse ingredient in your hair care routine. We're here to fill you in on how products formulated with keratin can work wonders for your hair.

A little background: Keratin is the fibrous protein that comprises each strand of our hair (and nails) and is responsible for maintaining the strength and integrity of our locks. Noticing stubborn breakage, frizz, and dryness that won’t go away? Your hair’s keratin may have been compromised by rituals like heat styling, UV exposure, or hair coloring, leaving the hair’s cuticle open and porous. Luckily, topical application of keratin can temporarily “fill in” these damaged areas of hair to restore shine, sheen, and elasticity.

Wondering how to incorporate keratin into your day-to-day styling regimen? Keep scrolling to discover’s best keratin-infused products and the tips pros swear by to get the most out of this vital strand-saving protein.

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Our Best Keratin Products What The Pros Say

What The Pros Say:

Thick, damaged, and frizzy hair will see the most benefits from keratin products. Keratin helps to strengthen strands and prevent breakage that can hinder your length goals. This important protein can make your hair sleek, shiny, and more manageable. In-salon keratin treatments will alter your hair for up to six months, while at-home keratin products are temporary. Keratin products are gentle enough to use daily but don’t overdo them. If hair starts to feel dry, switch to a moisturizing routine instead.

Skeptical of keratin’s frizz-fighting abilities? Watch the video below to see how Kérastase’s Morpho-Kératine™ Complex transforms hair.

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