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This Teenager Is Changing The Way We Think About Men’s Curly Hair Needs

Photo of TikTok Curl Guru Khalil

Since joining TikTok in 2019, Khalil has influenced millions of viewers to break beauty barriers and reimagine how men care for their hair

The 17-year-old influencer for curly hair men—better known to his 973K followers as @Khalilgotthejuice—has garnered over one million views thanks to his hair care videos on Tik Tok. In conjunction with his ongoing mission to see more hair-care products for men, he has successfully catapulted himself to top-tier status on the popular gen-z social media platform.

We had the opportunity to exclusively chat with Khalil, who recently launched his own hair-care brand King Curls, to learn more about his natural hair journey, along with his inspiration to normalize self-care for young men. He even offers a few tips on how to style curly hair for men!

17 year old TikTok Curl Guru Khalil How did you become famous on TikTok?

Khalil: When I first started posting on the app in July of 2019, I was getting around 1,000 views. Three days after joining the app, I posted a video twisting my hair, and it got a million views in 24 hours. I was one of the only male creators on the app posting hair content religiously, so I became known as the “CEO” of hair.

HDC: How exciting! What were your thoughts when you hit one million views?

Khalil: Hitting one million views left me in disbelief! I dreamed of becoming popular on a social platform, so I was in a constant state of shock for the first couple of times. The fact that my hair videos were consistently  getting one million views at the time also confirmed in my mind that this is what I am supposed to be doing.

HDC: Why do you think people relate to your hair videos?

Khalil: I believe that it is even bigger than people finding my videos relative. I think they are empowered. I feel as though my videos break the gender barriers in hair care. Boys are rarely promoted in the beauty industry, so to see one consistently pounding the pavement is very inspiring. 

17 year old TikTok Curl Guru Khalil

HDC: Yes, you have definitely paved the way for curly hair men. Why did you decide to grow your hair?

Khalil: After watching YouTube videos and educating myself, I decided to gain the confidence to grow my hair out.  My mom said, “To be the face of a hair-care brand, you have to fit the description of what your brand means.” 

HDC: Speaking of your hair-care brand, why inspired the name “King Curls,” and what do you want men to experience when using your products?

Khalil: I got the name KingCurls after reflecting on my childhood. My parents always referred to me and my brother as Kings. I want every boy to feel empowered and confident to rock their natural crown like a King would wear his crown, especially after using a product that is specifically for them. I want their experience to be powerful.

HDC: We can totally vibe with that. So, what makes your products different from those already available on the shelves for women? And when did you realize there was a void for Black men in the beauty industry?

Khalil:  I realized that men were left out of the market when I could only use products that my mom had. I never had a hair product that I could call my own until I developed my own brand. The products that are currently on the shelves are vastly marketed to women. I have yet to come across an advertisement that was garnered to men. My product is one of the first products introduced into the beauty industry that is specifically tailored to men with natural hair. 

17 year old TikTok Curl Guru Khalil

HDC: Give us three hair care tips for men.

Khalil: If you would like to grow your hair to a desirable length, it is important to retain hair by focusing on the ends of your hair. Because they are your oldest strands, it is crucial that you are careful when working with them.

In order to keep your hair from drying out, it is imperative that you don’t over shampoo.  Shampooing your hair once a week is reasonable for maintaining natural oils. 

One of the most important steps to maintaining healthy hair is sleeping with a protective cap. The cap or pillow should be lined with satin or silk to protect your strands of hair. 

HDC: What can men expect from KingCurls in the future?

Khalil: In the future, I plan to collaborate with big influencers. I also want to tap into the athlete market. 

Interested in learning more about men’s hairstyles for curly hair or how to style curly hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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