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17 Layered Bob Hairstyles You'll Want To Try Now

short blonde layered hair

The bob is back, baby—or, perhaps it's more accurate to say that the hairstyle never left. Your mother wore it, your grandmother took it for a spin, and now it's your turn.

The fact of the matter is that long hair feels romantic and feminine—like you're the lead in your own bodice-ripper of a novel—but it's not always the most practical. Looking polished and corporate takes more effort, certainly, but ironically so does looking edgy. That's where the bob comes in. This unicorn of a haircut is simple to style, always on trend, and surprisingly modern feeling.

To ensure that your bob adapts to your face shape and age range, we recommend trying out a layered bob haircut. Layers will help your stylist tailor the cut. Like custom jeans or a bandage dress that fits just right, you won't understand how you lived without it.

Neck Length

Neck length layered bobs probably the trendiest of the bunch. Indeed, look closely and you'll see this style stomping down the runways in platinum blonde or posing on the cover of a magazine. Copy the cut, and you'll be in good company.

Jaw Length

It's a tough world out there for those of us who didn't get blessed with jawlines seemingly carved by the gods. But, just the way you'd apply mascara to blonde lashes or conceal purple circles under your eyes, the layered bob can be a quick fix.

Ear Length

Now here's a cut for the (semi) bold and the (always) beautiful. Ear length layered bobs stray dangerously close to the pixie cut, but a walk on the wild side will be good for you. This cut is best for ladies who are hoping to show off their chiseled bone structure, not disguise a round face.


The inverted bob is probably closest to the one you remember from the early millennium (especially paired with tiger-stripe blonde highlights). Expect a horseshoe-shaped cut that's designed to frame your face.


The stacked bob lives up to its name, concentrating your layers at the back of the head to build volume. Your stylist will blend these sections forward, giving you a ’do with as many layers as the average woman has. On curly girls, this cut is a power move.


Love a good coincidence? Try this one. The name of this layered bob aligns with the person most likely to wear it: Type A. Jokes aside, a certain amount of work goes into this cut. Maintaining that razor sharp line takes dedication and a commitment to calling your hair stylist to schedule an appointment before the style grows out of control.


Don't tell anyone, but the “graduated” in this style doesn't exactly mean you're on the next level of the bob lifestyle. In fact, we'd go so far as to recommend the flattering, simple look for bob beginners.


For the ladies who've been known to schedule extra appointments just to spend time with their hair stylists, few haircuts are a better decision than the subtly layered blunt bob. Keeping this line sharp will require regular “dustings” to keep the split ends at bay.


If the lob was the winning style of the last two years or so, then the shag is the absolute incoming champion. This ’70s cut boost volume at the crown while tapering away to feathered ends. In short (see what we did there?), it's the ideal summer style.


To channel your inner drama queen, try this take on the layered bob. Your stylist will cut a graduated bob with a deep side part, leaving a face framing portion that visually lengthens your face and neck. Why bother with a vegan diet to slim down when you could just get a haircut?


Like the idea of a shag but aren't crazy about all that volume? Ask your stylist for slight feathering throughout your ends. The result will still seem easy-breezy, but you won't be tempted to wear fringed shawls or go on tour with a rock band.

Razor Cut

For ends that are extra piece-y and edgy, the razor is key. Your stylist will shear away at your blunt length, creating a timeless and textured look that can add a hint of punk rock to any layered bob. Name aside, your mother would never dare try this style.


If there's one single texture the layered bob was invented to put on display, it's curly hair. Weightless layers mean your ringlets will be springing up with less effort. Plus, you'll spend fewer pre-work minutes in the bathroom with a curling wand trying to get those stray ends to behave.


Not quite on the curly spectrum, but hoping to encourage movement nonetheless? Wavy girls, the layered lob is the solution you've been missing. Less length means more texture, volume, and wave without time intensive styling or gobs of product. Plus, your second-day texture will be out-of-this-world good.


We cannot say it enough: Bangs are the biggest trend for the next year. A cropped, blunt fringe is an edgy take on your mom’s classic, eyebrow-length bangs. They may require regular trims, but the resulting style statement is totally worth the extra work. As an added bonus, short bangs can’t fall over your eyes like the kind you may have worn as a teenager.


Been blessed with truly excellent bone structure? Don’t let it go to waste. A sharply angled bob with layers will highlight your face and make a statement. This is the haircut equivalent of wearing modern art. And, when the style begins to grow out, you’ll have the opportunity to wear a stylish, modern lob.


Like all disconnected hairstyles, this layered bob is designed to closely taper to your head for a more flattering cut. Your stylist will trim the hair at the nape of your neck short, blending it into the longer pieces at your crown and around your face. If you’re just trying out a bob on the way to getting a pixie cut, the disconnected layered bob is an excellent transition look.

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