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This New Hair Color Literally Makes Your Hair Glow

women with loreal professionnel majirel glow color

All hair color formulas aren’t created equal. Once you’ve made the decision to switch up your shade, it’s tempting to take the easiest, quickest route possible—but that can leave you with underwhelming color that’s flat and one-dimensional. For hair color that glows whether it's dark brown or ash blonde, you need the best: L’Oréal Professionnel Majirel Glow, permanent dye that offers translucency and shine like no other...and it’s backed by some of the most in-demand stylists in the business.

Keep reading to learn what Majirel Glow is, see before-and-after hair transformations using Majirel Glow, and get the rundown on why our pros are obsessed.

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majirel glow model jade

Majirel Glow Before and After: Jade

Curls and color are a match made in hair heaven, which is why stylist Laura Gibson worked so hard to make Jade’s color vibrant. 

“[Majirel Glow] is going to neutralize some of the warmth she has...from the previous color, but also it’s going to add dimension that will play up her natural curls,” she says.

majirel glow model jonny

Before and After: Jonny

Everybody wants ashy hair color, but not everyone relies on the right techniques to get it. Stylist Abbie Addotta gave Jonny new dimension with Majirel Glow.

“She's someone who wants a change but something subtle,” she said. “They don't necessarily want highlights, but they want reflection, they want to enhance their natural color.”

Here’s the other perk of using permanent color: Because the pigment penetrates deeper into the hair shaft, those cool tones can last longer before turning brassy. 

marjiel glow model amelia

Before and After: Amelia

We’ve all been a color virgin like Amelia, once upon a time. In the trained hands of stylist Theresa Adams, however, her hair color took on new depth. The low-maintenance color was designed to highlight Amelia’s eyes and brighten her complexion.

“She's going to notice more shine, more conditioning,” Adams explains. “She's going to notice more reflects in her hair, right? If I'm just going in with like a demi permanent [dye], I can only deposit on the hairs—so that make the hair really shine but it's not going to give it the same reflects that this will give.”

Jot this one down: Majirel. Glow. Permanent dye just leveled up.

majirel glow model kati

Before and After: Kati

Kati’s cool, iridescent brown is right on-trend for fall and winter. Stylist Sebastian Langman-Kirtley created the look for anyone who wants to amp up their look without completely changing shades.

“It would be great for anyone that wanted to just dip their toe into color maybe for the first time,” he says. “This particular sectioning is ideal for anyone that needs to make their hair look a little bit thicker, because although it’s tone-on-tone, placing a deeper shade underneath the lighter shade actually give more structure to the hair here.”

Instant thickness? Sign. Us. Up.

majirel glow model alexa

Before and After: Alexa

Blondes, pay close attention! Alexa’s transparent blonde is your new goal for 2020. Stylist Kenny Reed, who created the color, calls it see-through but still dimensional.

“This is the first translucent permanent hair color. In this situation we have previously bleached hair that has enough variation in the hair that permanent color is going to make it feel more even while being luminous.”

Trade in your painted-on blonde for a shade that feels ethereal and light instead!

majirel glow model nikki

Before and After: Nikki

Like the average salon-goer, Nikki pushed the limits when it came to scheduling that touch-up appointment after having lightened her mane. Stylist Theresa Adams relies on Majirel Glow for moments like these. By breaking up the line of demarcation between her colored hair and natural base, Adams made it easier for Nikki’s hair to rest and not need color quite so often. 

majirel glow ruby

Before and After: Ruby

Stylist Min Kim created Ruby’s stunning color, aiming for a subtle change using Majirel Glow while neutralizing her already-oxidized hair. 

“She's basically your typical client that's going to come in for retouch every four weeks, so I call them my bread-and-butter clients,” Kim says. 

This transformation is for beginners! If you’re curious about color but afraid to look dramatically different, Kim says permanent hair color could be your perfect dye.

“It's a new taste of color because it's more tone than base, so you really have a lot more flexibility to create long lasting neutral results using the Majirel Glow,” she explains. “There's a wide palette of shades to really work with the undercoat that clients have.”

Ready to book a Majirel Glow transformation of your own? Use our salon locator to find a salon near you.

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