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The mob wife aesthetic is trending right now, which means new hairstyle inspo abounds. Discover three glam ways to embrace mob wife hair here.

3 Ways To Embrace a ‘Mob Wife Winter’ Mane

The mob wife aesthetic is trending right now, which means new hairstyle inspo abounds. Discover three glam ways to embrace mob wife hair here.

Minimalism? Don’t know her. The latest TikTok trend, the mob wife aesthetic, celebrates big, bold, unabashed fashion and beauty choices inspired by mob boss misses and mistresses. You won’t find a slicked-back ballet bun or a neutral hue anywhere here—unless you consider leopard print a neutral, that is.

It’s no surprise that mob wife-style videos are racking up millions of views on social media with no signs of stopping; this trend is hard to resist. With its long fur coats, extravagant jewelry, and teased-to-the-heavens hair, the mob wife aesthetic radiates pure glam from head to toe. If you’ve grown bored of understated hairstyles and hiding your strands underneath bulky beanies, this winter season is the perfect time to embrace your inner mob wife. A glamorous hairstyle might seem complicated, but we promise it’s much easier than you think.

Ahead, you’ll learn how to create three mob wife-inspired hairstyles that are perfect for an everyday look, no criminal record required.

What Is the Mob Wife Aesthetic?

Fur coats, red lipstick, oversized sunglasses, French-tipped nails on fingers dripping in diamonds, and teased-up hair are all central to the mob wife look. Think about those notorious movie and TV show fashion icons who were quite literally married to the mob—it’s all about opulence. But while many social media fashionistas have embraced the ultra-glam trend, it’s also been met with controversy and criticism. Some say it’s glamorizing and romanticizing organized crime. Others believe it’s a form of cultural appropriation, whether taking from East Coast Italian-Americans who the trend originates from or women of color who have been sporting a similar look for years.

However, the maximalist characteristics of the mob wife aesthetic go back to the 1950s and 1960s when dressing up for everyday affairs was the norm. And if you really think about it, you’ll find the look has resurfaced time and time again throughout pop culture, even when not related to the mob. (Many iconic ‘90s supermodels were especially mob wife-coded.) It just so happened that this time around, someone decided to label the grandiose aesthetic under a particularly catchy crime-adjacent hashtag.

Good hair day by @redken.

What Is the Mob Wife Aesthetic For Hair?

Like the fashion, mob wife hair is elaborate. While famous mob wives in pop culture sport hairstyles ranging from fluffy blowouts and banged bobs to big, bouncy, ‘80s-style curls, the best way to incorporate the trend into your look is to embrace a “more is more” sensibility. Forgo your sleek middle parts and low ponytails for voluminous curls, big bouffants, and so much teasing and backcombing you start to question reality.

Look-at-me hair color is also central to this aesthetic, the most popular being a rich black hue. If you weren’t born with a raven mane, book an appointment at a salon near you that carries L’Oréal Professionnel's iNOA Ammonia-Free Permanent Hair Color in its Black Abyss range. The line includes 10 sultry near-black shades with various undertones packaged in a revolutionary formula that hydrates and conditions as it colors. Following your salon visit, we suggest using a haircare system like Redken Acidic Color Gloss collection to help keep your color vibrant for up to 32 washes.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need an inky shade to embody mob wife glamour. Platinum, expensive brunette, and even unapologetically bold hair colors play well in this space, too (so long as locks are kept shiny, radiant, and healthy-looking to give off that luxe appearance).

3 Mob Wife-Inspired Looks To Try Now

Here are three mob wife-inspired hairstyles you can try for any occasion, whether for a dinner date or running errands—because heading to the grocery store shouldn’t ever stop you from having fun with full-out glam. After all, this aesthetic is all about making the everyday moments just a wee bit extra.

Good hair day by @wildassbihh.

Look 1: Baby Beehive

This modern take on a classic beehive will make you feel like (what else?) a queen bee. And while it looks complicated, the teased look is easier to achieve than you might think. Prep the hair by spraying Redken Root Tease Spray to the roots and backcombing the hair to add a bit of body. Then, gather your hair into a ponytail, twist it into a loose updo, and secure it with a claw clip.

Volume is the key to nailing this ultra-glam look. So once your updo is locked down, tug ever so slightly at the pieces at the crown of your head to create the illusion of fullness. If needed, secure any stray strands with bobby pins.

Remember, though, that you’ll want this to be a messy, tousled look rather than a polished beehive—so there’s no need to aim for perfection. Once you’re satisfied with your work, finish with an extra-firm, fast-drying hairspray like Matrix Triple Freeze Hairspray to instantly lock in all that volume, texture, and lift you’ve just created.

Good hair day by @marielodiandreakos.

Look 2: Half-Up Bouffant

This retro-romantic style is all about the tease, tease, tease. Begin by spritzing a texturizer like Shu Uemura Art of Hair Wata Wave Texturizing Spray throughout to give your hair a bit of volume and grip. Then, section your hair just above your ears, leaving out the bottom half of your mane (and bangs, if you have them). Hit your roots with a texturizing powder (we suggest L'Oreal Professionnel Techni.Art Super Dust Volume and Texture Powder) and use a rattail comb to tease the top half of your hair at the root and bring in sky-high volume.

Next, lightly brush the top section of hair into a voluminous half-up pouf, securing it at the crown of your head with bobby pins. Finally, use a medium-barrel curling iron to curl the bottom half of your hair and shape your curtain bangs. Finish with a strong-hold hairspray like Biolage Professional Complete Control Hairspray to lock in your mob wife look.

Good hair day by @tammytreatte.

Look 3: Half-Up High Pony

This playfully high ponytail brings a touch of sweet sass to the mob wife aesthetic. Start by applying Pureology Style + Protect On The Rise Root Lifting Mousse to the roots, lightly blow-drying to create volume. Section hair into a half-ponytail, securing it high near the crown of your head. Use a one-inch section of hair from the strands beneath to wrap your hair tie, tucking the ends into the elastic for a seamless look. Then, use a medium or large curling iron to create big, bouncy curls, and finish the look with Redken Shine Flash Spray or brilliant, non-greasy shine.

The Mob Wife Aesthetic: The Bottom Line

Whether you wear a leopard print bodycon dress with a teased ponytail or a floor-length coat topped with a baby bouffant, the most crucial thing about channeling your inner mob wife is to be your most confident self. The mob wife aesthetic is about letting your hair and style reflect who you really are: a daring, unapologetic, true boss. After all—where the mob is concerned, we all know who's actually in charge.

Header photo credit: Desiree Frederickson

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