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Interested in changing up your look? Try jet black hair. Here, we’ll show you 25 ways to rock the inky color.

A Pro on Why Jet Black Hair Is a Fall 2024 Favorite (Plus, 25 Inspo Photos!)

Interested in changing up your look? Try jet black hair. Here, we’ll show you 25 ways to rock the inky color.
A Pro on Why Jet Black Hair Is a Fall 2024 Favorite (Plus, 25 Inspo Photos!)

When it comes to fall hair colors, you might assume that nutty browns, burnt oranges, and deep caramels that match the falling foliage are your only seasonal options. But that’s decidedly not the case—we have two words for you: jet black.

Jet black hair color is trending this season, and we're here for it. Black is not only a classic, but it’s so versatile. Depending on your haircut, your hair texture, and how you style it, jet black hair can take on a life of its own. And while the inky shade has a notorious reputation for washing out your complexion, we’re here to tell you that doesn’t have to be the case. Don’t just take our word for it though; we tapped Matrix stylist Rachel Bodt, based out of Homecoming Hair Salon in NYC, to give us her pro perspective on going to the dark side (pun intended). We’ve also rounded up 25 photos of the jet black hair color trend to get you inspired for your next salon appointment, whether you're looking for a subtle change or a dramatic transformation.

What color is jet black hair?

This might seem like an obvious question: jet black hair is, well, black, right? But there can be many variations in black hair color. From ashy black to blue black, there's a lot to choose from. Jet black hair is simply the deepest form of black. Like, the lights are off in the middle of the night, sort of black.

Is there a true black hair color?

There's debate over whether black hair is just a dark brown. But black hair is naturally possible and more common than you might think. While historically, going black doesn't seem as common—Bodt notes the intensity of its pigment can often frighten off color newbies—we think it's underrated. And according to social media, jet black hair is definitely an “it” shade to sport right now.

What skin tone suits jet black hair?

Everyone can pull off dark hair—if they find the right shade—but not everyone is suited to jet black. Bodt recommends trying a jet black wig to see whether the hue complements your skin tone before committing, as the decision to dye your hair black can be difficult to reverse.

Is black hair dye hard to get out?

In short, yes. Even demi and semi-permanent dyes tend to last longer than you think. Since black is such a pigmented color, we recommend ensuring you're confident in your color choice before undergoing such a drastic color transformation.

How do you maintain jet black hair color?

Your hair routine will need to change once you take the plunge. Bodt says the further your natural hair color is from black, the more regular touch-ups you’ll need. As a general rule, black dye fades faster than other colors, so we recommend checking in with your colorist regularly and touching up roots with an instant root fix like L'Oréal Professionnel Hair Touch Up Root Concealer. (However, as mentioned above, this doesn’t take away from the fact that black dye is still incredibly difficult to completely remove.)

How do you care for jet black hair color?

It’s also worth noting that black hair tends to get dry if not looked after properly. So, you’ll need to make sure you replenish your mane’s moisture with regular hair masks, moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioners, and shine spray. Jet black also looks healthiest when it’s extra-shiny, so try adding an at-home hair gloss like Pureology Color Fanatic top Coat + Sheer in Clear to your routine for a glass hair effect.

The Best Jet Black Hair Color Ideas to Try for 2024

Good hair day by @ahappyjustin

Jet Black

Let's start with the classic jet black. This is the color you're probably thinking of when you imagine black hair. It's classic, it's bold, and it's undoubtedly drastic.

Good hair day by @ellendevinehair

Charcoal Black

Charcoal black hair is edgy and chic, making it a great choice for those who want to stand out. This color looks its best with tons of shine. That's why we recommend using a shine-boosting product like Kérastase Elixir Ultime L'Huile Original Hair Oil.

Good hair day by @oneloveyourhair

Halloween Black

Going black just for spooky season? Take this advice from Bodt under consideration before you do: “Black dye, regardless if it’s permanent or semi-permanent, is very tough to get out of the hair. While semi- and demi-permanent dyes are easier, they still take a lot of time.”

Try a temporary spray or wax that easily washes out after shampooing your hair if you don’t want your black hair color lingering after Halloween. But if you want to go full-on goth for longer, this is the look for you.

Copper Black

Add fiery copper accents to your black hair for a bold, attention-grabbing style that looks like autumn foliage. We recommend enhancing that copper glow with a conditioner formulated for vibrancy. Try Redken Color Extends Magnetics Conditioner to see your strands shine.

Good hair day by @uggoff

Glossy Blue Black

If you want to make a statement, look no further than blue black hair. We’re particularly fond of this color as the temps cool down since it’s reminiscent of a moody night sky. However, Bodt says blue black is very drastic and may not be right for everyone. This color is not for the faint-hearted, so make sure you really want this deep, glossy vibe before diving in.

Purple Black

A purple-ish black hair color gives off a totally witchy vibe, but it can work well after spooky season too. Just sport with confidence—trust us, people will admire your boldness.

When playing with rich colors like purple black, over-toning—applying too much toner or leaving it in too long when coloring your hair—can be a problem. The result? An undesirable color. To avoid this and get a flawless finish, ask your salon about Matrix Tonal Control Pre-Bonded. This acidic gel-cream toner has visible real-time oxidation, so your colorist will know exactly when to rinse your hair.

Good hair day by @sam__dupuis.

Ash Black

What is ash black, you ask? Well, think of it as ash blonde's darker, naughtier partner in crime. It's got that same flair but with a cooler, moodier tone. To get the look, tell your colorist you want a smoky, muted black hue with ash undertones.

Good hair day by @xcellenthairsquare

Dark Gray Ash

If you've always had naturally dark hair but you're starting to notice a few pesky grays, this jet black variation can be perfect for transitioning your color. It allows you to embrace your hair's natural gray journey but offers up the same chicness as ash black hair.

The muted, ashy hue becomes gradually more silver, directing eyes toward the ends of your hair rather than the roots. So, instead of hiding grays, you’re wearing them with confidence! After dyeing, use Matrix So Silver Purple Shampoo to help keep the color from becoming brassy.

Good hair day by @tanya.hairstylist

Black With Blue Jewel Ombre

If you love blue black hair but are unsure whether the deepness suits you, try opting for a little more color and a little less black. This gorgeous crystal-like blend is stunning. If you want to brighten up this look, consider adding some turquoise highlights.

Good hair day by @lifewithjoeamo

Cool Black

Cool black is undoubtedly slick and sexy but requires a little extra TLC to keep it, well, cool. Black hair color has a higher pigment concentration, meaning it fades faster than other hues. Therefore, to help keep your black vibrant for as long as possible, we recommend treating your hair with products specifically designed for lasting color. We love Biolage Color Last Deep Treatment Hair Mask, which works wonders to maintain and restore color-treated hair.

Good hair day by @mrsgazabrown

Deep Red Black

Infuse deep plum undertones into your black hair to achieve a luscious and dramatic look that complements the opulent colors associated with fall. To maintain this rich red and black color, we recommend swapping your regular shampoo and conditioner for one formulated for high-maintenance colors, such as Matrix Keep Me Vivid Shampoo.

Good hair day by

Black Caramel Balayage

Incorporate warm caramel tones into your black hair with this cute balayage look. The color, which is reminiscent of caramel apples and pumpkin spice lattes, creates a sweet, cozy vibe you’re sure to love.

Good hair day by @benhassett

Raven Black

As dark as the feathers of a raven, this shade radiates depth and allure, making it a timeless option. And while we love this slick feathered look, black tends to absorb a lot of shine. Fortunately, our color goddess Bodt swears by lamination spray to add that extra sparkle to black hair. Add Matrix Keep Me Vivid Lamination Spray to your wash day routine and watch your locks glisten post-shower.

Black Cherry

This color blends black with burgundy and magenta tones to create a decadent black cherry hue. To keep your color-treated hair healthy, we recommend adding a weekly hair mask to your routine. Try one like Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate 5-Min Liquid Mask, which is formulated with its signature Conditioning Care Complex for 72 hours of ultra-hydration.

Good hair day by @steel.magnolias.deland, @colorbychristina and @lorendoeshair

Skunk-inspired Black

Now, the name of this color might sound less appealing, but trust us, it can look really cool if you see a trusted colorist. The skunk-inspired look contrasts a jet black mane with face-framing platinum blonde pieces. This hair color trend may be pretty out there for some, but ‘tis the season to experiment.

Good hair day by @ciaracasey_jchair

Chocolate Black

If black seems too heavy for your complexion, opt for a deliciously dark chocolate hue that adds warmth and depth to your hair without being too overwhelming. This is also a great transition color for natural brunettes or redheads, giving darkness a go. It provides the boldness of jet black hair while keeping the softness of your naturally lighter hair.

Black Hair With Cherry Highlights

Another way to vary your jet black hair color is to combine it with that lush cherry color we mentioned before by adding highlights. The dramatic contrast between the two bold colors will make a statement.

Black Tinsel

For something a little different, you can add sparkle to your jet black look with disco-ready hair tinsel. It adds interest without requiring additional coloring, which could potentially increase hair damage.

For longer-lasting glitz, we recommend investing in silk-based sparkle threads. Top with a shine spray like Redken Shine Flash Spray for extra razzle-dazzle with a light hold.

Good hair day by @pati.rodrigz

Flame Ombre

When picturing fall motifs, roaring open fires, pumpkins, and crispy leaves come to mind. Now, picture these colors blended into your hair. Enter: flame ombre. This iconic style blends the deepness of jet black hair with all things fall, and we can't get enough of it.

Magenta Balayage

Try this magenta balayage for a daring look that captures the crimson colors of fall. To maintain your colored locks, Bodt recommends using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. One of our favorite duos is L'Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color Shampoo and Conditioner.

Good hair day by @thegoodhairwitch

Black With Maple Highlights

Make maple leaves a part of your autumnal aesthetic by heading to the salon for a black hair color that boasts subtle crimson undertones. Black-colored hair can tend to get a little dry, so be sure to keep it silky soft. Speaking of “soft”...

We asked Bodt what her favorite product is. Her answer? Food For Soft. The Matrix Food For Soft range is packed with avocado oil and hyaluronic acid to help hydrate hair and replenish dry locks. (Be sure to check out our editor review on the moisture-packed system!)

Good hair day by @meaghanmastersonhair

Whimsical Fairy

For the girls out there seeking a fantastical fairycore style that will add some magic to their fall aesthetic, try adding pastel tips to your black mane. The best part is, it's entirely up to you how whimsical you go. Whether a few strands of lilac are incorporated into your black locks or a whole glittery pastel rainbow, the choice is yours.

Good hair day by @i.mattxander

Onyx Espresso Black

This shade is actually a deep, deep shade of brown that is so rich it looks black. What we love about it is that, in some lights, your hair can appear more like a coffee brown color. If this shade is far from your natural color, Bodt notes that as long as you’re prepared for more maintenance and root touch-ups, it’s well worth it.

Good hair day by @jessicascotthair

Mocha Black

Channel your favorite hot beverage at the salon by mixing mocha into a black base. Ask your colorist about using the hair ribboning technique to incorporate the mocha hue into your look for a creamy, delectable finish. Bodt also recommends “adding a darker, more inky base drip to brunettes to add depth at the roots.”

Good hair day by @TheCheveurier

Chestnut With Black Roots

Embrace the earthy warmth of chestnut hair by asking your colorist to blend this fall color with black roots. This one works best with naturally dark hair, as you can let your roots grow and get fewer touch-ups. It's the perfect low-maintenance, high-impact look.

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