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16 Wild And Fun Peacock Hair Colors To Try

peacock hair colors

For those of us who love colorful hair, peacock hair colors should definitely be your mane's next venture. Peacock hair is inspired by the blue, green, and often purple hues found on the feathers of a peacock—go figure. A hair stylist can replicate the beautiful jewel tones seen on the bird in varied ways all while staying true to its majesty.

Whether you're seeking to stand out of the crowd with some statement blues or want a more subtle approach, these peacock-inspired hues are trending and perfect for any time of year. Keep reading for some inspo on how to achieve peacock hair colors perfect for you.


Itching to spice up your look, but intimidated by the vibrant colors? Lucky for you, it’s certainly possible to take a more subtle approach to peacock hair. We love this variation of the look. By keeping your natural hair color at the base and adding the slight strokes of color, your stylist enables you to indulge in this trend without all the maintenance. 

Short Hair

A short haircut doesn't mean you get cut out of any of the fun. You don't need to have incredible lengths to capture the bursts of colors with this look. A cropped cut is already a fierce choice, but we especially love when there's some vibrancy added to give the hair more dimension and individuality.


Mermaid meets peacock in this perfect combination of deep sea blues with hints of green and purple. Ask a professional stylist to help you reach this gorgeous blend of color that seamlessly combines the right shades of blue, purple, and green.


When you think about peacocks, you may imagine exclusively to blue and green tones on their feathers.

Here at, we like to be trailblazers. That's why we're obsessed with letting purple be the star of the show. Adding highlights or even an ombre of those cooler shades is the perfect way to be a trendsetter.


Try blue if you're looking to captivate anyone who walks by. If you have naturally dark hair, expect to have your hair pre-lightened by your stylist to create a blank canvas before arriving at your dream shade. Although bleach will always cause damage your stylist will work to leave you with the best, brightest, and healthiest-looking results.


Sometimes, wanting to color your entire head is not the feasible option—which is why we're in favor of this peekaboo technique. This underlayer of peacock hair is the equivalent to the mullet's "business in the front, party in the back" motto. By keeping the top of your mane its natural shade, you can reap the joys of color without committing to a complete transformation.


If you're into the peacock trend, you can stick with a stunning approach that focuses primarily on green hues. Ask your stylist to achieve this gorgeous look by incorporating a vertical melt that still showcases the less noticeable tints of color in your sea of green. 


Want to take your look up a notch? Do you love a little drama? Be sure to take a picture of this ombre look to your stylist for your next appointment. This style is not for the faint of heart since you're transitioning from bold dark colors to light. However, we're all about making a bold stance with our everyday look. 


Maybe neon colors aren't your thing—and if that's the case, that's totally okay. You can still execute this look by keeping the base of your hair black to offset the vividness that comes from the typical peacock hues. By asking your stylist to add a subtle touch of color, you're able to rock this look without it being too overwhelming.


Adding a berry shade to this look makes it that much sweeter. This reverse raspberry ombre is an innovative take on the peacock trend that reminds us of dipping our fries into our milkshake—it shouldn't work but it does. By adding a pink shade to the colder blue tones, you execute a color combination that is flattering in all the right ways.

Oil Slick

You can rest assured that oil slick hair is not synonymous for oily hair, no matter how it sounds. Oil slick hair is a technique targeted for brunettes who are looking to take part in the fun without all the pre-lightening, resulting in minimal damage. This trend allows stylists to use your dark color base as a blank canvas and achieve an iridescent finish.


If you already have naturally blonde hair, you have the upper hand in attaining the most vivid and vibrant peacock hair. This balayage utilizes jewel-toned colors for such a breathtaking spin on a trendy color. All you have to do is ask your stylist to use pastel peacock shades to achieve this look.


This silver hair with pastel peacock strands is the epitome of modern meets whimsical. No one gets left behind or forgotten with this alternative to peacock hair colors. These lengthy waves in tandem with the blue, green, and purple highlights are so skillfully done you can't even tell where one color ends and the other begins.


Add your own spin to traditional blue hues by trying out some teal tones. It's the perfect way to add more depth and variation to your gorgeous colorful locks.


This style is certainly out of this world. This version of peacock hair is all about galactic vibes thanks to its black base that mimics space. Blending the vibrant colors with such a dark base makes the resulting look seem way more electric.


Festival season is always a crowd pleaser, and luckily, we have the perfect look that will make you stand out from any crowd. This signature look dips your locks in bright purples hues and royal blues creating the most vivid fantastical dream. 

Hoping for a customized peacock hair color look? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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