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Pearl hair accessories

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For a classical Parisian style look, view the top 10 best pearl hair accessories to try today. From clips to bands, find the pearl hair accessory for you.

When it comes to hair trends, I'll admit that I prefer the mute and understated styles. With a penchant for Parisian-inspired, undone looks—what I dub laissez-faire hair—my preferred styles tend to be those that look effortless regardless of whether or not they are. But when it comes to the pearl hair accessories trend, an extension of pearl jewelry adorning the face and body, I find myself uncharacteristically smitten by the classic and refined gemstone. After all, pearls naturally come in different varieties that can speak to our individual aesthetics. The haphazard placement of hair pearls in loose, undone waves evokes a sense of bohemian beauty, while the strategic placement of a classic pearl bobby pin elevates your styled 'do with a touch of sophistication.

The precious gem is also the birthstone for those born in June, connected to the nurturing water sign of Cancer. But aside from being savvy with the emotional waves as well as the ocean’s, the pearl is also a precious gem with a strong connection to high society. So whether you style your pearl hair clip in a messy-pretty manner—for which you might prefer the baroque pearl, each of which is unique—or in a sophisticated and polished 'do—which the classic round pearl complements perfectly—there is a way to rock pearl hair accessories to suit every taste and hair type.

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How Do You Wear Pearl Hair Clips?

A Soft, Tousled Updo or Pony

While you can add a hair tie wrapped with pearls to the base of your pony or bun, you can also clip a pearl hair barrette, pearl hair comb, or individual pearl twists to embellish the look.

A Sleek, Simple Braid

Hair pins or individual twists are the best way to add pearlescent dimension to the different layers of a simple braid. Conversely, you can always throw on a knotted headband with pearls to give your braided style a different feel.

Loose Waves or Down 'Dos with Hair Pearls

If you have a singular barrette, pull the top layer of your hair back and away from the place and secure it in the center. Or, if you prefer the look of a center part, two symmetrical pearl bobby pins can keep loose waves out of your face.

The Best Pearl Hair Accessories to Wear Now rounds up 10 of our favorite pearl hair accessories

R+Co Pearl Hair Pins

The cult-favorite hair care line now offers hair accessories, including these two pearl hair clips—a traditional bobby pin, and a bendable pearl barrette. The beauty of each is that they can be used functionally, say, to secure fringe or loose strands, while simultaneously adding to your look.

R+CO Pearl Hair Pins, $50 MSRP rounds up 10 of our favorite pearl hair accessories

Lele Sadoughi Ivory Woven Pearl Headband

A trend-right knotted headband is the perfect topper to virtually any hairstyle—worn down, up, loose, or secured. The faux pearl embellishments on the luxe pick makes this our favorite way to rock a monochromatic look year-round.

Lele Sadoughi Ivory Woven Pearl Headband, $150 MSRP rounds up 10 of our favorite pearl hair accessories

Kitsch Pearl Bobby Pins

For a matching set of pearl bobby pins to adorn either side of your center part, look no further than these affordable picks by Kitsch. They will look gorg stacked on one side of a sleek, straightened down 'do, or affixed symmetrically on either side of textured waves.

Kitsch Pearl Bobby Pins, $12 MSRP rounds up 10 of our favorite pearl hair accessories

Lelet NY Poppy Petite Comb

Petite combs make it easy to enhance both up ‘dos and down 'dos in a myriad of ways. Whether placed together or separately, these gold-and-pearl poppies can uplevel a sleek low bun to couture territory, while making an everyday look stand out.

Lelet NY Poppy Petite Comb, $68 MSRP rounds up 10 of our favorite pearl hair accessories

Kristin Ess The Pearl Bow Slide

My favorite way to style a black velvet bow is atop a low pony or half-ponytail. The simple black bow exudes haute couture vibes—think: fashion week in Paris—but when decked out with pearls, it's made young and fresh.

Kristin Ess The Pearl Bow Slide, $14 MSRP rounds up 10 of our favorite pearl hair accessories

Child of Wild Pearl Hearts Bridal Head Tikka

The tikka is a traditional headpiece at Indian weddings, and this gorgeous bridal headdress has been imported from India. Traditionally known as the Jumar, the bride styles it with the ending resting on the forehead or side of the head, tucked into the hair.

Child of Wild Pearl Hearts Bridal Head Tikka, $38 MSRP rounds up 10 of our favorite pearl hair accessories

Lurrose Spiral Hair Pin Swirl Hair Twists

The seemingly haphazard placement of individual hair pearls with twisted backs to hook into the locks of hair is undeniably carefree and beautiful. It is a favorite for bridal hair, as well as boho waves, or even nestled into a neat braid. The creative possibilities are endless.

Lurrose Spiral Hair Pin Swirl Hair Twists, $10 MSRP rounds up 10 of our favorite pearl hair accessories

Jennifer Behr Henley Pony Wrap

High-end and to-the-point—the quality of this straightforward design made with Swarovski pearls speaks for itself. Minimalists can slide this atop a sleek pony or at the base of a simple bun, but it also looks stunning at the base of a low, side pony.

Jennifer Behr Henley Pony Wrap, $98 MSRP rounds up 10 of our favorite pearl hair accessories

BHLDN Silona Birdcage Veil

Forget the traditional bridal hair comb in favor of this birdcage veil, affixed in the back with two hair combs, featuring tastefully placed pearls up front for a swoon-worthy take on the trend.

BHLDN Silona Birdcage Veil, $148 MSRP rounds up 10 of our favorite pearl hair accessories

ASOS DesignB London Pearl Hair Claw

A simple hair claw makes it easy to pull your hair back and out of your face, and this style does it while disguised as a stack of pearls. Try styling it with your hair loosely pulled back, leaving two tendrils of hair to frame the face.

ASOS DesignB London Pearl Hair Claw, $10 MSRP

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