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How To Get French-Girl Hair Without Hopping On A Flight To Paris

photo of women with french girl hair
Over the past few years, many women around the world have said sayonara to high-maintenance hair trends in favor of neutral hues and easy-to-style haircuts. If there’s anyone we look to for low-maintenance mane-spiration, it’s French girls. Between dark brown hair, textured bobs, and easy-breezy updos, no one quite does effortless beauty like French women.

If you’re wondering how to get French-girl hair the right way, you’ve come to the right place. We spoke with Alexa Joly, L'Oréal Professionnel artist, to learn all about Parisians’ best-kept secrets for truly flawless hair. Keep scrolling, and you’ll be on your way to laissez-faire hair in no time.


What is French-girl hair?

What exactly is it about French-girl hair that’s so alluring? Joly breaks it down.

French-inspired hair has an effortless and high-style appeal without trying too hard...It is fresh, light, and organic, with a naturally cool vibe...I love French-inspired looks because the French woman is strong, yet soft. The confidence in her radiates from the inside out, highlighting her unique beauty.

Interested in a French-inspired look of our own? Whether you’re interested in color, cut, or styling, here’s everything you need to know.


How To Get French-Girl Hair

French-Girl Hair Color

If you’ve ever imagined the “no-makeup makeup” look applied to hair, Parisian girls have the neutral color trend down to a T. To truly channel your inner French women, say yes to neutral shades of blonde and brunette, and no to vibrant, wild hair colors.

“A classic guideline to follow is to always keep the color two levels lighter or two levels darker than your natural hue,” Joly says.

Though French women tend to gravitate toward natural colors, that doesn’t mean they don’t play with their hue from time to time. According to Joly, it’s all about strategically placing subtle pops of color throughout the hair.

“Don't underestimate the power of five perfectly placed balayage pieces to make the strands around your hairline pop and provide a frame for your face,” Joly says.

Joly swears by the L'Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-OX Shampoo and Conditioner system to help maintain your color.

French-Girl Haircuts

When you think of a French-inspired cut, a razor-sharp blunt bob might come to mind. However, the iconic blunt cut is far from the only trendy French-girl chop. Between curtain bangs, choppy lobs, and long layered cuts, there’s plenty of French-girl inspiration for every hair length.

Wondering how to tie in your color with your cut perfectly? Joly shares a word of advice.

“If you have a stronger haircut shape, keep the color more natural or monochromatic,”Joly explains. “If your shape is softer, you can amp up the color.”


French-Girl Hairstyles

If you’re accustomed to spending hours curling or straightening your mane to perfection, French women of the world have a secret to share: They rarely ever reach for hot tools.

“French-inspired hair is all about effortless elegance...you want a combination of products that work to maintain your look, so you don't have to,” Joly says.

To create effortless French-girl texture, we recommend picking up the L'Oréal Professionnel Next Day Hairspray. The micro-propelled dry finishing spray transforms hair into next day disheveled looks with a discrete and natural touch.


The Best French-Girl Hair Looks


french girl hair choppy bob

Choppy French Bob

The secret to effortless French-girl texture? Layers, layers, and more layers! Ask your stylist for a chin-length bob with choppy layers throughout the cut. Consider incorporating piece-y bangs to tie the entire look together.

french girl hair blunt bob with bangs

Blunt Bob With Bangs

Blunt bobs are sharp and straight to the point—which is why we love them so much. If you’re searching for a chic chop that truly embodies the French-girl aesthetic, opt for a blunt bob with bangs.

french girl hair half updo

Simple Half Updo

French-girl hairstyles are all about simplicity, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. If you’re working with long hair, craft a loosely twisted half-up hairstyle for a French-girl look that’s effortlessly beautiful.

french girl hair with highlights

Natural Highlights

Looking to add some dimension to your chocolate brown hair? Ask your colorist for subtle caramel highlights to amp up your hue and softly frame your face.


photo of woman with french girl hair texture

Effortless Texture

Apply a few spritzes of texturizing spray, allow your mane to air-dry, and French-girl texture can be yours in minutes!

Interested in French-girl hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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