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18 Pixie Hairstyles That'll Make You Want To Cut Your Hair Today

Pixie Haircuts and Styles

Pixie haircuts are making a comeback this year and for good reason—the short and sassy style looks great on just about anyone, whether you have dark brown hair or ash blonde locks. Not only are pixie cuts stylish as ever, but also they're super low maintenance. Your new ‘do will give a whole new meaning to the phrase “I woke up like this.”

Are pixie haircuts easy to maintain?

The day to day maintenance of a pixie haircut is often easier than longer haircuts. Because you have less hair, you can usually spend less time styling your hair in the morning.

While the day-to-day maintenance of a pixie cut may be easier, don’t be surprised if you spend more time in the salon. If you want to maintain the perfect pixie length at all times, expect to head back to the salon every two to four weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

If you're still not sure a pixie cut is right for you, we've rounded up 18 killer styles that are bound to convince you.

The Best Pixie Haircuts And Hairstyles


Side Swept Bangs

If you’re not ready to chop off all of your locks, consider asking for a pixie cut with long side swept bangs. The bangs will add a feminine touch to your ‘do and leave you with a few more styling options.



If your pixie is longer on the top or beginning to grow out, a pompadour is the perfect style for you. Tease the hair at the top of your crown, backcombing until you’ve reached your desired amount of volume. Comb the teased hair back until the top is smooth. Set your look with a strong hold hair spray.


Platinum Blonde

The perfect time to try out a new color is when your hair is cut super short. Take advantage of your super short locks by trying out a killer new color.


Slicked Back

If your pixie has begun to grow out but your prefer your hair styled very close to your scalp, consider slicking it back. This sleek and simple look is insanely easy to pull off and looks incredibly chic on just about everyone.

For this look, begin with wet hair or dampen your dry hair using a spray bottle filled with water. Once your hair is damp, work a medium hold styling gel through your strands and comb your hair straight back from your face . Now that your gorgeous face is front and center, swipe a killer highlight on your cheekbones to complete your look.


Curled Top

This romantic ‘do is perfect for anyone who likes to keep their pixie on the longer side. Using a ¾-inch curling iron, curl all of your hair in one-inch sections. Once you’ve coiled your entire head, run your fingers through your hair to slightly loosen the curls for a tousled final look.


S Wave

This flapper-inspired style is perfect for your next ‘20s themed soiree. Begin by parting your hair to the left or the right and applying a liberal amount of medium hold gel to the larger section of hair. Comb the gel through your hair until it is completely saturated and evenly distributed.

Starting in the middle of your head, brush a one-inch section toward your forehead. Then, using your comb and a little help from your fingers, create a S-shaped wave. Continue to the next section, creating another S-shaped wave until you’ve completed the entire side. Tuck any extra pieces behind your ear. Repeat on the opposite side, allowing the gel to completely dry.


Teeny Weeny Afro

Big chops are not just for people who are transitioning anymore. Take the plunge and let your beautiful face take center stage with this daring cut. Ask your stylist to cut your hair close to your scalp, leaving just about a half an inch of length.


Faux Mullet Pixie

The mullet is back and better than ever! This modern version of everyone’s favorite “business in the front, party in the back” style will help you channel your inner ‘70s goddess without having to step into a time machine.

Simply ask your stylist to leave the back of your pixie a bit longer than usual, allowing your ends just barely to touch your shoulders. Style the rest of your pixie forward and side-swept across your face. Your final look will leave you wondering why we ever stopped wearing mullets in the first place.


Shaved Side Pixie

If you’re brave enough to slay a pixie haircut, the chances are good that you’ve at least wondered whether or you not could pull off a completely shaved look. If you’re not ready to take the plunge and opt for a full buzz cut, consider asking your stylist for a shaved side instead. A shaved side allows you to try out some of the aspects of a buzz cut without any of the commitment.


Lemon Pixie

Take your platinum pixie to the next level by upgrading it with a lemon-inspired hue. This citrus shade is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.


Pixie With Brushed Out Curls

This curling technique will give you perfect waves every time. Work a styling product like Mizani’s Styling Foam Wrap through your freshly washed, damp pixie. Beginning at the back of your head, wrap a half-inch section of hair around an 11-millimeter perm rod. Continue placing perm rods in your hair until you’ve completed your entire head.

Allow your hair to dry completely before removing the perm rods. Feel free to sit underneath a hooded dryer to speed the process along. Once your hair is completely dry, remove all of the perm rods. Use a brush to gently separate your curls so that they begin to resemble waves. Finish your look with a lightweight formula like Mizani’s 25 Miracle Nourishing Hair Oil.


Spiked Pixie

Bangs are a hallmark of pixie haircuts, but that doesn’t mean you want your bangs in your face every day. Get your bangs out of your eyes and show off your beautiful face with this spiky style. Simply use a texturizing paste like Pureology’s Mess It Up Texture Paste and style your hair upwards until you achieve your desired look.


Pixie Twist Out

If you have a textured pixie and want to slay super defined and voluminous curls, try a twist out. Create this look, begin at the back of your head and work with half-inch sections of damp hair. Split the section in half and twirl both pieces of hair together, creating a two-strand twist. Continue twisting sections of hair until you’ve completed your entire head. Allow your hair to dry completely before removing the twists.


Modern Bowl Pixie

This updated blast from the past looks a million times better than the kitchen haircut your mom used to give you before your first day of school. Ask your stylist to cut full bangs and taper the hair at the nape of your neck. If you really want your modern bowl cut to stand out, ask your colorist to give your bangs a multicolored dye job.


Rainbow Pixie

Just because you don’t have a lot of hair doesn’t mean you can’t slay a larger than life hair color. Ask your stylist to expertly blend hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet for a rainbow style that would make a leprechaun jealous.


Mermaid Pixie

Just because you don’t have mermaid-length hair doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of one of 2019’s hottest hair trends. Your colorist will expertly blend hues of green, blue, and purple for a style that will look like you came right out of the ocean.


Curly Pixie

We’re so used to seeing pixie cuts styled straight, that it can be easy to forget how absolutely flawless pixie cuts look on curly girls. Find a pixie cut that perfectly frames your face and let your natural curls flourish for the best hair of your life.


Sky-High Pixie

This style proves that you don’t need a lot of length to achieve mega volume. If your pixie is a bit longer than usual, ask your stylist to style your hair in voluminous curls that defy gravity.

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