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Purple Hair Colors We're Obsessing Over This Fall

woman with purple hair

Here’s the thing many of us forget about beauty: It’s fun. Your hair, fashionable or not, is a magical accessory that grows from your scalp. We like red carpet looks as much as the next girl does, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to wear your mane.

If you’re craving something that’s a little more lighthearted, turn to the rainbow for inspiration. Purple hair is flattering on every skin tone and age group. Whether you choose a beachy, faded lavender or change your color into a moody, barely-purple burgundy, your hair professional can help you find a shade that highlights your complexion and texture.

Just in case you need inspiration, however, we’ve rounded up the shades of purple we just can’t get over this summer.

Grape Hair

When we were kids, shades like grape and bubblegum totally dominated our toys and clothing. Why let that inner kid go? Ask your colorist of a bright, cool purple that will provide a focal point for your look—not to mention setting you apart as an individual.

Of course, neon shades only appear on hair that’s had color lifted from it. That’s why it’s so important that you choose an experienced colorist for this summer hairdo.

Cobalt And Purple Hair

Mermaid hair has had its day in the proverbial sun already, but we love the pared down look of cobalt and true purple blended evenly throughout the hair. Again, you’ll have to lift your base color to achieve the maximum results, but it’ll be worthwhile. We envision this color combo looking striking in elegant braids and punchy space buns until the weather turns chilly.

Silver Hair With Lavender Lowlights

There’s no rule that says going purple means exclusively going purple. If you’re interested in just a pop of lavender, we’d recommend asking your colorist for bright silver hair with chilly lavender lowlights throughout the mid-lengths and ends.

Here’s the best part about this ‘do: When you’re no longer in the mood for notes of raspberry or lilac, just have your stylist snip it off. You’ll be back to full silver without a hint of pastel in sight.

Holographic Pastel Purple Hair

We’re fully crushing on holographic hair. Metallic, opalescent, whatever you choose to call it, this mega-trend has been ruling beauty Instagram for months. Start with a bright blond base, calling on a colorist who’s fully versed in holographic purple hair to add lavender notes to your ‘do..

Will this shade mean regular upkeep? Of course. Will it be worthwhile? Absolutely, you futuristic babe in a heat wave.

Magenta Hair

Feeling like making a statement with your hair? Magenta is the right way to go about it. This pinky purple color is too loud to be ignored, which means it works well on pixie cuts or curly ‘dos. To make sure your magenta stays vibrant, invest in a salon quality shampoo and conditioner designed specifically to protect your color investment. If you’re in doubt about which to buy, your colorist will have trustworthy recommendations.

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