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Redken’s Root Tease Hairspray and Root Lifter Volumizing Spray Foam

These 2 Redken Volumizing Stylers Took My Hair From Flat to Fab

Find out if Redken’s Root Tease Hairspray and Root Lifter Volumizing Spray Foam gave one editor’s flat hair the oomph it needed to live her big hair dreams.

I’ve always had straight, flat hair, but as I’ve gotten older my hair has gotten thinner, and even flatter, plus a bit more wavy which results in a love/hate relationship with my hair. So, I’ve been continuously on the hunt for something to add a little “zhuzh” of volume, or to kick things up a notch, so to speak.

Until now, all I’ve come across are sticky mousses or stiff sprays, and I was feeling a bit discouraged. I also refuse to use a teasing comb out of fear of knots and breakage. So, when I heard that Redken relaunched their iconic teasing and lifting products and I had the opportunity to review them, I was super excited to try them out.


Root Lifter Volumizing Spray Foam

Volumizing hairspray for added bold fullness and added thickness.

How do you use Redken volume spray foam?

For those who have been wondering what happened to Redken Guts 10, Redken Root Lifter Volumizing Spray Foam Mousse is a rebrand of the iconic product that provides a flexible, medium hold while adding volume throughout your hair. Essentially, it lifts the hair from the roots giving it fullness and thickness, plus frizz and flyaway control.

It’s best applied when your hair is wet, before blow drying, and can be used any time you give yourself a blowout. Just shake it well, apply a small amount to your roots, and massage in before blow drying using a round brush.


Root Tease Backcombing Spray

A long-lasting finishing hairspray perfect for creating texture and volume.

One size only for Root Tease Backcombing Spray
6.3 fl oz

How do you use Redken Root Tease Backcombing Spray?

Those of us who want to add more volume to our hair have undoubtedly tried teasing—using a small comb to backcomb hair at the root for more height and volume. Now, thanks to Redken Root Tease Backcombing Spray (a reimagining of Redken’s Quick Tease 15) you can create lift at the root, control unwanted hair frizz and add texture, all with one product. That’s 3 benefits in 1 bottle—volume, control, and texture.

Best if used on dry hair after styling, the horizontal mist adds an instant refresh to any style, with lasting hold. Just shake, spray on roots, and backcomb or tease your hair to achieve your desired look.

My Redken Root Lifter Volumizing Spray Foam Review

If I’m being honest, I don’t blow dry my hair all that often. I’m a big fan of air drying or doing overnight heatless curls to save time and avoid heat damage—but there’s also truly nothing better than a fresh, bouncy blowout. So, trying out this mousse that needs to be applied to damp strands was a great excuse to break out the blow dryer and give it a try. I’m so glad I did!

At first squirt, I liked that the mousse was light and not sticky. I massaged it throughout my scalp focusing on my roots and flipped my hair upside down to be sure to get the undersides, too. I blew it out as I normally would, first rough to get rid of the moisture, then upside down for a minute, and then went through sectioned areas using my round brush. Fully dry, I noticed that my hair looked and felt thicker and fuller. I was really happy.

My Redken Root Tease Backcombing Spray Review

I had heard from other beauty editor friends that this was the best root volumizing spray and when I read the instructions I felt fairly confident I could use it successfully on dry hair. With this product, I quickly learned less is more, and I only needed a few quick spritzes around my crown and part to get the job done. I rubbed it in with my fingers gently, as I didn’t want too much height, and I was thrilled that it didn’t feel too gritty or thick against my fine-ish hair. I really liked that it gave me instant results and lifted by blowout, so I will be keeping this handy for any time my hair needs a boost.

For my second and third-day hair, I tried doing a bit of dry shampoo first, then styling with this, and I was seriously impressed.

Redken Root Tease Backcombing Spray and Root Lifter Volumizing Spray Editor Review

Caption: The final look using a curling iron with both products!

How Redken’s Root Tease + Root Lifter Work Together on My Hair

I thought I loved each product by itself, but when I used them together I could quickly tell why they are a great duo. While each product gave me some extra lift and volume on its own, combining the Redken volume spray foam and backcombing spray worked in tandem to really achieve that va-va-voom look. They are both designed to work on all hair types, so anyone can use them!

Truthfully, for more of an every day, blow dry and tousle, my best option would be to use the teasing spray on its own—but for a curly, bouncy look for a night out on the town or for a loose updo or low chignon, I would definitely use the two together. Those with similar hair types to mine may feel similar, but I can see those with thicker, fuller hair could benefit from using both products regularly. (I’d just suggest using a good clarifying shampooing after use or double cleansing since any product can build up a bit on the scalp.)

Overall, whether you are looking for a little bit of added volume or some serious height, Redken’s Root Tease and Root Lifter will help you achieve your desired look independently—but they’re even better together.

Interested in more volumizing products? Shop for all our salon-quality stylers and more, so you can make your big hair dreams a reality.

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