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Reverse Hair Washing Is Your Key To Shiny, Voluminous Hair

Reverse washing is a hair washing method that promises voluminous strands. Read on to find out if the reverse washing technique is for you.

What if we told you that a simple switcheroo in your wash day routine could be the key between limp and lifeless strands and major volume? It admittedly sounds a bit far-fetched, but the reverse hair washing technique is tried and true! Keep reading to learn whether reverse washing is a good option for your hair type.

What Is Reverse Hair Washing?

Aptly titled, reverse hair washing is simply the technique of conditioning your hair first and shampooing second. It’s the inverse of what you’re used to doing in the shower—and may feel a bit strange at first—but comes with all sorts of potential benefits.

By conditioning your hair first, it’s theorized that your strands will more easily absorb the nourishing and hydrating ingredients. Shampooing after also helps remove some of the heaviness of the conditioner, which coats your hair, can potentially weigh strands down or make your hair and scalp feel greasy. All the above can help your hair appear shinier, softer, and more voluminous.

Reverse washing your hair is as easy as you might imagine. Wet your hair, and then apply your conditioner. Follow up with a shampoo, making sure to lather from your scalp to your ends, and then rinse well.

What Is The Difference Between Reverse Washing And Co-Washing?

Reverse washing and co-washing aren’t the same. In fact, they are near opposites! While reverse hair washing is the method of conditioning your strands first and then shampooing second, co-washing involves using only a conditioner or co-washing product like Matrix A Curl Can Dream Co-Wash For Curly and Coily Hair or Mizani True Textures Cream Cleansing Conditioner. Reverse washing is better for thin, fine, and oily hair, while co-washing is ideal for dry, thick, and coarse hair.

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Is Reverse Washing Good For Oily Hair?

The technique of reverse hair washing is ideal for those with fine hair, thin hair, and oily hair and scalps. This is because it removes some of the weight and moisture of the conditioner before you begin styling. Reverse washing doesn’t really benefit those with dry hair, coarse hair, or curly hair where the conditioning step comes in handy for adding a boost of moisture.

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How Often Should You Reverse Wash?

You can reverse wash your hair as often as you shower. However, an interesting benefit of reverse hair washing is that you may find you actually need to wash less frequently since your hair doesn’t feel or look oily as quickly as it does with regular shampooing and conditioning. That said, feel free to experiment with the frequency of reverse washing until you find a routine that works best for you.

Our Best Products To Reverse Wash With

Feeling amped about the prospects of reverse hair washing? Here are a few of our favorite conditioners and shampoos to help maximize the volume and shine factor.

Matrix Total Results High Amplify Volumizing Conditioner & Shampoo

This silicone-free duo from Matrix is specifically formulated for fine hair or hair that tends to look limp. It’s made with a protein that helps perk up your roots and provides up to 35 percent boosted volume compared to not washing at all.

Biolage VolumeBloom Conditioner & Shampoo

Limp locks don't stand a chance against this haircare team from Biolage. Developed with fine-haired folks in mind, it helps plump up your strands while providing long-lasting, bouncy volume.

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Muroto Volume Conditioner & Shampoo for Fine Hair

This combo from Shu Uemura Art Of Hair will help you forget flat hair days. While the conditioner infuses long-lasting volume and lightweight hydration, the shampoo gently cleanses for hair that looks full, voluminous, and gorgeous.

Kérastase Densifique Fondant Densite Conditioner & Bain Densité Shampoo

Kérastase’s Fondant Densite Conditioner has a unique, gel-like consistency that won't ever weigh your strands down. In addition to creating the look of fuller, thicker hair, it also helps with detangling and smoothing so your hair is more manageable. Follow up with the Bain Densité Shampoo, which contains Power Renewal Complex + Ceramide technology to help restore the strength of your hair fiber with each wash.

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