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Rooted Blonde: 11 Stunning Looks That'll Make You Book An Appointment ASAP

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Salon blondes, it’s time to leave your fear of dark roots in the past. While even the slightest showing of dark brown roots used to send us rushing to the salon for a quick touch-up, we’ve officially entered a new era. Rooted blonde, or smoked out roots, is officially the hottest salon trend. 

Blonde hair with dark roots doesn’t just look beautiful. Tthe look also adds dimension, creates the illusion of a thicker mane, and makes it easier to grow your hair out between appointments. Not to mention: You won’t be heading to the salon every four to six weeks for touch-ups. 

Wondering how to blend dark roots with blonde hair? Keep scrolling for the 11 most stunning ways to wear rooted blonde. 

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The Best Rooted Blonde Looks To Try Now


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Sunkissed Rooted Blonde

As much as we love summer, we can’t exactly hit the beach anytime we want. If you want to maintain your beach babe status all year round, however, stick with sunkissed blonde. Paired with dark roots, this bright lived-in hue grows out like a dream. 


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Butterscotch Blonde

A dark brown base transfers so seamlessly into butterscotch blonde that the combination almost looks like melted butter. If you have a warm complexion, this look is made for you! 


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Platinum Rooted Blonde

As much as we love seeing platinum blonde hair all over our Instagram feeds, maintaining the icy white shade is no easy task. Sticking with your dark roots can ease some of the burden of constant root touch-ups. 

If you’re committed to going platinum, a purple shampoo and conditioner system is essential to keep your hue brass-free. We recommend Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Shampoo and Conditioner. This toning and strengthening system will help keep your blonde brighter and healthier.


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Rooted Bronde

Bronde is equal parts blonde and brunette, making your transition from dark roots that much more natural-looking. 


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Mushroom Rooted Blonde

Who knew a hue named after a fungus would become one of the hottest hair color trends? That’s right, we’re talking about mushroom blonde—the cool-toned, dimensional blonde shade that took over in 2019. A shade as ashy as mushroom blonde is the perfect match for fair skin tones


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Champagne Rooted Blonde

When it comes to dimensional blonde shades, nothing beats champagne. Shadowy roots give this gold-toned shade even more depth. 

Meant to mimic a reflective glass of bubbly, champagne blonde looks best with tons of shine. Be sure to use a shine-enhancing product like Pureology Hydrate Shine Max Weightless Flyaway Serum. Featuring the brand’s exclusive AntiFade Complex, this alcohol-free hair serum adds shine and smooths flyaways. 


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Caramel Rooted Blonde

A warm caramel blonde with chocolate brown roots? Yes, please! If you’re looking for a shade of blonde that’s universally flattering, caramel is the perfect fit for every skin tone. 


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Light Ash Rooted Blonde

The contrast between light ash blonde and dark brown roots is next level! If you’re ready to dive headfirst into rooted blonde, this light ash look is as dramatic as it gets. 


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Dark Ash Rooted Blonde

If you’re easing into the rooted look, opt for a blonde hue that blends effortlessly with your root color. Take your ash blonde shade down a few levels for a final look that’s as natural-looking as can be. 


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Bronze Rooted Blonde

Bronze blonde is like having the perfect tan on your strands (and it also looks stunning on medium or deep skin tones). The best part? It blends effortlessly with dark roots. 


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Honey Rooted Blonde

The hair world has been obsessed with honey recently—and we can understand why! If you’re starting out with dark hair, this sweet shade is the perfect transition into warm-toned blonde (and looks stunning with chocolatey roots). 

Interested in trying a rooted blonde look? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you. 

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