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12 Stunning Short Natural Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Short natural hair doesn’t limit your curly hairstyle options—far from it. Ahead, learn all about the best short natural hairstyles you can explore.

So, you’re in need of short natural hairstyle inspiration. Maybe you’ve already taken the plunge and gotten the big chop, or perhaps you have long hair and are on the lookout for a major change in hairstyle. It could also be that you’re simply blessed with short natural hair. Whatever your reason, there is a range of short hairstyles you can choose from to showcase your curls—and we’re here to help. 

While some people think of short strands as more limiting, there are, in fact, tons of simple yet gorgeous hairstyles for short natural hair. That includes styles to complement each hair type, from pixie cuts and finger waves to short natural hair twist styles. There’s no need to be daunted by a lack of length. Scroll down to discover our favorite easy natural hairstyles for short hair. 

How Do I Style My Short Natural Hair?

As we mentioned, there are lots of ways to rock your short natural hair. Instead of overwhelming you with options right off the bat, however, we’re breaking your options down into five main styling categories you can explore.

Protective updos 

In addition to looking super elegant and keeping your hair out of your face, a protective updo also does just what the name implies. It protects your hair against the harsh effects of the weather and moisture loss so you can maintain healthy-looking hair. 


A hairstyle that can be worn loose or in a variety of updos, twists offer volume while minimizing frizz.


Simple and eye-catching, this is a nice alternative to a tightly wound bun. Hair is still worn tied back but is able to fan out. 

Mohawks and fauxhawks 

One of the most popular short natural haircuts, a mohawk leaves hair intact only at the center of your head, running straight back from your forehead to the nape of your neck. The rest is completely shaved. The faux-hawk, on the other hand, has extra long hair down the center but retains shorter hair at the sides of the head.

Finger coils

This is a chic type of curl achieved by wrapping your hair around your finger. Just wet your strands, apply curl cream or gel, wrap, and hold. 

12 Best Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair 

Now you know the main options for short natural hairstyles, read on to see just how amazing they look with 12 of our favorite style picks. Plus, get styling tips and product recommendations along the way. 

Good hair day by @styledbyreece.


This classic style is perfect for anyone who wants their hair up, but loves to flaunt their texture. Simply gather all of your hair at the crown of your head and secure it with a hair elastic. Allow the length of your hair to fall forward over your forehead and fluff for dramatic effect. 

Good hair day by @kerastase_official and @nimaford.

Chic Buzz Cut 

There’s a short haircut, and then there’s a buzz cut. A style that favors the brave, this hairstyle is undoubtedly low maintenance and looks fashionable when paired with any outfit. 

Good hair day by @itsbauye.

Teeny-Weeny Afro (TWA) 

It’s not about the size of your afro, it’s how you style it! If you’re in the process of growing out a short haircut then, don’t be afraid to rock your natural hair at whatever length it is—just comb it out evenly and use Mizani’s 25 Miracle Leave-In Cream to add moisture and shine. 

Finger Coils 

Tight ringlets could be just the picture-perfect look you’ve been searching for. Simply wet your hair, wind your curls around your finger, hold for 10 seconds and pull your finger out. Done! 

Good hair day by @micheleneauguste.


Rod Set Curls 

If you’re hoping to add more consistency to your natural curls, let rod set curls come to your rescue. Using flexi rods to curl your hair rather than a curling wand also allows you to avoid heat damage. Keep in mind, rods come in different sizes; the thinner the rod, the tighter the curl. 

Good hair day by @thenotoriouskia.

Wash N’ Go 

Sometimes it’s easier to keep it simple. Showcase your short natural curly hair in all its beauty by washing and conditioning your mane as normal, then use a few spritzes of Mizani’s 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Treatment to add definition to your curls.

Good hair day by @karessthestylist.

Pixie Cut 

While many pixie cuts feature straight, flattened hair, you can add some versatility by going short on the sides with a funky crop of curls on the top. As for how to care for your new cut, hair masks like the Kérastase Curl Manifesto Masque Beurre Haute Nutrition Hair Mask make it easy to keep your curls tangle-free.

Good hair day by @mykitsch.

Curly Faux-Hawk 

Try out an edgier look without committing to a full cut. Use butterfly clips or bobby pins to secure your curls in place at the crown of your head. With all the emphasis on the top strip of hair, this funky style puts your curls front and center and gives them the attention they deserve. 

Twist Out 

One of the most popular choices for short natural curly hairstyles is the twist-out. And it’s easy to see why: It’s a great protective style and also quite low maintenance. When it’s time to unravel your twists, use Mizani’s Thermasmooth Smoothguard Serum to minimize frizz.

Good hair day by @lamajbackwards.

Side-Parted Afro 

Put a side part in your afro for a look that is simple, stylish, and classic. This versatile hairstyle works no matter the occasion. 

Finger waves 

Finger waves are a popular hairstyle, particularly amongst those with pixie cuts. This retro look may take a little more time to learn than some other choices on this list, but this sophisticated style frames the face and never fails to look chic. 

Good hair day by @lamajbackwards.

Twisted Protective Style 

Twisted protective looks are recommended by stylists for tucking your hair away and helping avoid breakage. You can experiment with whether you get better results on wet, damp, or dry hair—your final outcome will differ depending on what you begin with. There’s also the option of mixing things up and combining your twists with a variety of different styles like flat twists, braids, and afros. From the intricate and eye-catching to the simple and stylish, there’s a hairstyle to suit whatever look you’re aiming for. 

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