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Should You Cut Or Care For Your Split Ends?

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Once you get split ends, they are a heavy burden to bear. The big debate usually revolves around whether to cut or care for split ends, but is the solution found only in on one or the other? We spoke with Pierrick Beringer and Matthieu Séguier, Kérastase stylists and brand ambassadors, about the best course of action against those pesky split ends.

Should you cut your split ends? You’re about to find out.

Start With The Cut

Let’s face it: Split ends are the likely outcome when handling your hair without a second thought.

“The different procedures women undergo to beautify their hair such as straightening, blow drying, and coloring can exploit the hair until it weakens it. These practices are essentially attacks on the hair, which can make it dry and prone to breakage,” Beringer points out.

Séguier agrees, adding:

“At some point or another, your weak strands may reach a breaking point.”

When split ends form they are problematic, unruly, and truly vexing.

“Once you spot them, have them snipped off as soon as possible,” Séguier advises.

Damage doesn’t only occur at the tips of your strands—it can be found in the middle of the strand, too. Untreated split ends can continue to split even further up the strand. Make sure you pay a visit to your stylist to snip those split ends!

However, experts say that cutting is not enough— it’s only the first step! Next, you must change your care routine and habits to ensure your hair looks and feels beautiful in the future.

Focus On Hair Care

The bulk of the work in the battle against split ends lies in hair care. This is a nonnegotiable step because you must first create a regular routine that nourishes your hair and helps keep it healthy.

“An important step?is to keep your hair sufficiently moisturized and conditioned,” Séguier explains.

Of course, with so many products on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right hair care routine.

From the L'Oréal portfolio of products, we recommend the Résistance Thérapiste range by Kérastase for formulas that are designed for very damaged, over-processed hair.

Battling split ends requires both cutting and caring. Ask your stylist for a personalized diagnosis for your split ends and a product routine that minimizes damage in the future.

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