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Color Crush: 3 Ways To Wear Silver And Black Hair

woman with silver and black hair

What’s black and silver and stunning all over? Silver and black hair!

Whether you’re trying to embrace the natural phenomenon that is gray hair or you’re hot for one of the biggest trends as of late, we're delivering three silver and black hair looks you’re sure to lust after. If the hair color world is an ever-growing kitchen of trends, salt and pepper hair are two main ingredients.

We tend to see overwhelming amounts of renditions on any trend, but you're in luck! We talked to a man with a plan: Josh Wood, British Redken global color creative director, showers us with his knowledge when it comes to all things silver and black hair! Scroll through and get ready to whip it real good with a little salt and pepper hair inspo.

What Is Silver And Black Hair: What Is It?

If you thought silver and black hair was the same as gray hair, you’re like most of us.

“When small flecks of white start to appear and give contrast against a darker base, it will often be considered as silver and black hair. It doesn’t differ a huge amount from actual gray hair, it’s all down to how much gray is actually shown in the overall look,” Wood says.

Ready to hop on the silver and black hair trend? We’re taking you there. All aboard!

Silver And Black Hair Looks To Try Now

In the past, if you sought silver and black hair you would have to let Father Time do his work—and at his own pace. With the modern marvels of today’s dye jobs, you can have anything from a neon hue to silver and black hair by just scheduling an appointment with your stylist. Take a peek at three of our fave silvery charcoal looks!

All-Over Gray-Silver Hair Like You Just Don’t Care 

An all-over gray-silver hair color may be on the cooler end of the spectrum but it is just so hot right now. If you’re going gray, you know what they say: if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!


Silver Highlights On Black Hair—A Winning Pair

This look is one of the best low-maintenance silver and black hair choices if you don’t want to worry about an awkward grow-out process. Ask your stylist for silver highlights on black hair for a cooler, edgier you!

Radiant Silver Gradient

Everyone loves a seamless gradient on hair and this choice takes the style cake! Ask your colorist about a silver and black balayage for the most alluring look you’ve had yet.

How To Keep Your Silver And Black Hair Stronger

The biggest threat to your silver and black hair is a brass attack. To help keep this pesky problem at bay, you need to invest in the right products—that’s where the pro comes in.

Wood explains:

“When rocking the salt and pepper look, maintenance is key. If not maintained this look can easily end up looking more mature than it has to be. The Redken Color Extend Graydient Shampoo and Conditioner gives the ultimate care and protection for this look. The shampoo contains violet hues and will help diminish the warmth that sometimes will appear in blonde or gray hair, while the conditioner will leave a deposit of direct tones to leave a silver finish to the hair.”

Craving silver and black? We’ve got your back!

Interested in trying out silver and black hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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