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16 Bohemian Styles That Will Survive Even Festival Season

07 March 2018
photo of woman on the beach with bohemian style braid

Emily Arata

Senior Editor, Hair.com

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Although it’s snowy and cold in many parts of the world, our eyes are already on the prize: festival season. In just a few weeks, we’ll dust off our denim hot pants and flex our braiding muscles.

Yes, these festivals are technically celebrations of being outdoors and hearing the best musicians in the world, but they’re also an ode to all things arty. What’s more creative than ethereal bohemian hairstyles?

If you’re starting to plan your vibe for the next few months, look no further than these artful, gorgeous styles.

photo of knotted braid hairstyle

Knotted Braid

You don’t have to possess rainbow-streaked hair to pull off this deceptively simple look, but it does require length and texturizing spray. Even better, it’s the ideal way to make your second day festival hairstyle seem intentional—the more grit, the better the braid.

Start by dividing you hair into two sections at the nape, then begin knotting them again and again until you run out of hair. Secure the style, inserting hair pins to keep the various loops in place.

photo of jeweled headband braid hairstyle

Jeweled Headband Braid

What’s a crown braid without a little extra panache? For this elaborate look, create a deep side part and begin French braiding along the hairline away from it. Transition into a standard braid, bringing it back and around your head like half ponytail before securing it in place.

If you’re a lady who appreciates a good accessory, pin a feathery embellishment in your hair or play with a reverse jeweled headband.

photo of updo hairstyle with side cornrows

Side Cornrows

More is not always better, as proven by this impactful cornrow look. If you’re working with curls or natural texture, braid two to five thin cornrows above one ear (or both). Then, use a teasing brush to build volume all over your head before pulling your hair up into a loose poof shape and combing it forward with your fingers.

Want added panache? Add a hair accessory just behind your braids.

photo of thousand braid updo hairstyle

Thousand Braid Updo

Don’t panic—there aren’t actually that many braids involved here. Start by giving your hair a healthy blast of texturizing spray before parting it in your favorite position. Create several thin braids on either side of the part, stopping just before your crown.

Once all your braids are in place, bring them back into a half ponytail style. For added volume, twist some strands instead of tightly braiding them. Pancake as much as you can to create maximum visual impact.

photo of grecian braid hairstyle

Grecian Braids

This antiquity-inspired style is the simplest one on the list, requiring only a basic understanding of braiding to do. Pretend like you’re planning on styling a half ponytail, pulling back two sections of hair from just above your ears. Braid and pancake each one, tying or pinning them back at the back of your head.

For an added bohemian touch, braid small strands throughout your hair—the more randomly placed, the better.

photo of twisted half updo hairstyle

Twisted Half Updo

Here’s the ultimate rule of festival season: If it even looks like a braid, it’s on-trend. We love the look of fantasy hair color when it’s paired with a very simple updo style. In this case, two hair twists and one accessory is all it took to create this trendy look.

photo of half up fishtail bohemian hairstyle

Half Up Fishtail

To begin, gather the top half of your hair into two pigtails and secure each one with a clear hair elastic. Working with one side at a time, divide the ponytail into two equal sections. To create the fishtail effect, take a half-inch section of hair from the outside of left ponytail and cross to the right. Repeat the process on the opposite side, taking a section from the outside of the right ponytail over to the left. Continue crossing sections of the hair over until you reach the end of the braid, then secure it with an elastic.

Craft another fishtail braid with the remaining pigtail. Once both braids are complete, bring them both to meet at the back of your head and tie them together. For a final touch, pancake the braids to create a voluminous effect.

photo of half braid bohemian hairstyle

Half Braid

Begin by gathering the hair on the top half of your hair in a loose ponytail. Craft a loose side braid that ends just about at your ear and secure it with a clear hair elastic. Pancake the braid for a undone final touch.

photo of bohemian braided ponytail hairstyle

Bohemian Braided Ponytail

First, craft a basic three-strand braid using a small section of hair from the crown of your head and secure it with a clear elastic. Then, use all of your hair (including the first braid) to create a classic braid. Secure the finished plait with a clear hair elastic and pancake the braid for a tousled final look.

photo of teased ponytail bohemian hairstyle

Teased Ponytail

Begin by backcombing 1-inch sections of hair near your crown, gently combing the hair toward your roots. Once you’ve teased the front section of your hair, gently comb the top layer of hair over the teased hair to cover the backcombed roots. Secure the ponytail in your desired position and set the style with a medium hold hair spray.

photo of bohemian piecey waves hairstyle

Piecey Waves

Start at the back of your head, working with 2-inch sections of clean, dry hair. Spray each one with a heat protectant before clamping the base of the section with your flat iron. Flip the flat iron down and hold it in place for 15 seconds.

Move your flat iron down the section of hair, flip the flat iron up, and hold it in place. Continue twisting the flat iron up and down until you reach the bottom of the section. Once you’ve crimped your whole head, set your look with a flexible hold hair spray.

photo of bohemian hairstyle with flower crown accessory

Flower Crown

A flower crown is the quintessential music festival accessory. Simply pop a flower crown on top of your favorite hairstyle and you’ll go from basic festival goer to a bohemian goddess in no time.

photo of mohawk braid bohemian hairstyle

Mohawk Braid

Begin by sectioning off the hair you’ll use to craft the mohawk, creating two vertical parts from your hairline to the crown of your head. Then, create a Dutch braid with that section of hair. Secure the braid with a clear hair elastic and pancake it for an over-the-top finish.

photo of half up top knot bohemian hairstyle

Half Top Knot

Simply gather the top half of your hair in a ponytail and fasten it with a hair elastic. Then, wrap your ponytail around itself until you form a bun, securing it with several bobby pins. If you want to give your top knot a little extra glamour, swap out your regular pins for bejeweled variety.

photo of space buns hairstyle

Space Buns

Begin by parting your hair down the middle with a comb, securing each section with an elastic. Working with one bun at a time, remove the elastic, apply a medium hold pomade to your edges, (front and back) and brush through.

Gather your hair in the desired location of your bun and secure the pigtail with an elastic. Backcomb or fluff the pigtail before wrapping it into a bun shape. Secure it with bobby pins. Repeat steps on opposite side.

photo of bohemian hairstyle with crimped accent

Crimped Accent

For this look, simply style your hair however you like and use a crimper to crimp a few sections of loose hair. While subtle, the accents add a cool visual and textural element to your style without fully committing to a crimped ‘do.

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