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The 30 Most Over-The-Top Rainbow Hairstyles To Get You Ready For Pride

Want to try rainbow hair color for Pride Month? These 30 rainbow hair dye ideas are perfect whether you’re looking to go bold or stay subtle.

While you may have celebrated Pride month at home or virtually in 2020, we’re looking forward to seeing in-person festivities this year. Pride is all about embracing your true self, and what better way to do that than with a rainbow hair color? Like all Instagram-friendly hair looks, rainbow hair color requires time, money, and patience. Be sure you’re prepared to give all three before committing to getting these colorful locks.

While you may have celebrated Pride month at home or virtually in 2020, we’re looking forward to seeing in-person festivities this year. Pride is all about embracing your true self, and what better way to do that than with a rainbow hair color? Like all Instagram-friendly hair looks, rainbow hair color requires time, money, and patience. Be sure you’re prepared to give all three before committing to getting these colorful locks.

Searching for rainbow hair dye ideas? Keep scrolling for 30 you’re going to love no matter what level of maintenance you’re willing to commit to. 

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What is rainbow hair color? 

Rainbow hair color combines all of your favorite colors into one look. The classic rainbow consists of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, but the possibilities are endless. If you're into pastels, you can try light hues such as pink and purple. If you like blue, green, and purple, you can create a rainbow hair color that is catered to your preferences. As long as the colors are a mix of anything but blonde, black or brown, then you can really consider it a rainbow.

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How do you do rainbow hair color at home?

If you’re looking to achieve the perfect rainbow hair color, we recommend leaving it up to your stylist! Unless your hair is naturally light blonde, your colorist will likely have to use bleach to achieve your rainbow hair color. It’s important to note that bleach will always cause damage, but a professional colorist will be able to work with you to maintain the look and feel of your strands.

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How much does it cost to get rainbow hair? 

The cost of your rainbow hair creation depends on a few factors: The location of your salon, the expertise level of your colorist, your specific color goals, and the current condition of your mane. You can expect to spend anywhere between $150 to $400 to achieve the rainbow hair color of your dreams. 

How long will rainbow hair last? 

Your rainbow hair color can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Asking your colorist to create a rainbow masterpiece, however, is only half the battle. If you want your new hue to last as long as possible, you’ll have to overhaul your hair care routine completely. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make it last longer and keep it healthy.

When it comes to washing your hair, cold water is the key to shiny, colorful hair. Cold water keeps the hair cuticle closed and works to preserve the color for longer. It might be a little uncomfortable at first, but it’s worth it to keep your hair vibrant and healthy.

The shampoo you use has a big impact on the health of your hair and how long the color lasts. Using a shampoo and conditioner system like Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner keeps long-lasting colors looking bold, feeling addictively soft, and radiating with megawatt prismatic shine. 

To give your rainbow hair dye a serious shine boost, use a clear color depositing conditioner formula like Biolage ColorBalm Clear Color Depositing Conditioner. This formula conditions and adds shine in just five minutes. 

Searching for the best rainbow hair color ideas? We’re sharing 30 of our favorites from pastel rainbow hair to hidden rainbow hair. 

The Best Rainbow Hair Dye Ideas To Try Now

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Violet To Rainbow Ombre

Beginning with a violet base color and cascading into neon rainbow lengths, this pick will seriously stand out from the crowd. 

Good hair day by @amelie_hairartist.

Black To Rainbow Balayage

There’s something so striking about rainbow streaks against dark brown or black hair, which is why we’re obsessed with this black to rainbow balayage. The ultra dark base shade provides a gorgeous contrast to rainbow hair. 

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Hidden Rainbow Face Frame

Want rainbow hair you can conceal? Opt for hidden rainbow strands. Your colorist will paint the bottom layer of the strands framing your face rainbow. When pulled back, your multi-colored hue will pop out. When covered, however, your mane will be completely office-appropriate. 

Good hair day by @fabhairbyjosh.

Jeweled Rainbow

Opt for a jeweled rainbow hair if you want your mane to appear as blinged out as your accessories. Apply a few spritzes of Redken Shine Flash Hair Spray for an extra shiny, frizz-free finish. 

Good hair day by @imakeprettyhairx.

Rainbow Face Frame And Dip Dye

A painted face frame and dip dye? When it comes to showing off the best of both your natural hue and rainbow hair color, this look is a clear winner. 

Good hair day by @zunnyhair.

Pop Of Rainbow

This single rainbow streak is a subtle yet beautiful way to show your Pride. 

Good hair day by @tombhair.

Rainbow On Platinum

If you’re starting with a platinum blonde base, you’re in luck! Your colorist already has the perfect canvas to make your rainbow dreams a reality. Plus, we love the way rainbow hair shines against the icy shade. 

Good hair day by @vanity_byrose.

Rainbow Gradient

These rainbow waves are as close as you can get to the look of an actual rainbow. To replicate this creation, ask your colorist to paint cascading colors of the rainbow from the root all the way down to the ends of your mane. 

Good hair day by @allydestouttt.

Warm And Cool-Toned Split

If you’re not into traditional rainbow hair, why not spice things up a bit? Ask your colorist for a half-and-half shade with cool and warm tones separated on each side of your head. 

Good hair day by @liz.colors.

Embellished Rainbow Highlights

No matter where you’re attending a Pride festival, embellishing your hair with jeweled headbands and clips will take your ensemble to the next level. 

Good hair day by @katkolors.

Rainbow Hair Tattoo

Spice up your pixie or buzz cut with a rainbow hair tattoo. Your stylist will shave a design on one side of your head and follow up with color. Feel free to get really creative with this one! 

Good hair day by @hairbymisskellyo.

Peach With Rainbow Highlights

Searching for a rainbow color that’s perfect for summer? Opt for a bright peach base shade with rainbow streaks throughout. 

Good hair day by @doug_theo.

Rainbow Brows

This pick features a rainbow mullet with matching eyebrows, a great option for those who are willing to go all out with their Pride look. 

Good hair day by @samisueluvsyourhair.

Oil Slick

Who says brunettes can’t go rainbow? If you want to try rainbow (without bleaching your entire mane), the oil slick trend is the way to go. 

Good hair day by @jackieinmanhair.

Rainbow Bangs

If you’re looking to make a statement during Pride Month, these rainbow bangs are a fun way to express your true colors. There is a way for you to rock bangs regardless of your face shape or hair texture. Click here to learn about the different types of bangs for every face shape.

Good hair day by @mandaharsche.

Rainbow Buzz Cut

Want to step out of your comfort zone? Try a buzzcut. More and more women have been getting buzz cuts and adding color to make them pop! A rainbow buzzcut is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to be bold and let the confidence shine.

Good hair day by @style.or.dye.

Rainbow Braids

Braids are a simple and fun way to style your hair while also showing off the dimension of those gorgeous rainbow locks. There are a wide variety of braids to try from the three-strand braid shown above to a Dutch braid or fishtail braid.

Good hair day by @lisa_createdtocreate.

Pastel Rainbow Curls 

Pastel rainbow hair is bright, bold, and fun. Add curly hair to the equation, and you have an even more beautiful hairstyle that will have people turning their heads from blocks away just to get a glimpse. Use a hair gel like Mizani True Textures Perfect Coil Oil Gel to define your ringlets while keeping them hydrated. 

Good hair day by @hairbykatierose.

Peacock Hair

This moody, jewel-like look incorporates purple, green, blue, and rose highlights into dark manes. Instead of dunking your whole head in bleach, you’ll only need to damage a few strands.

Good hair day by @katelsmac.

Pastel Rainbow Ombre

If you’re reading this, you're not looking for your basic dark to light ombre hair. This pastel rainbow ombre takes pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple hair dye and combines them together to create a stunning look.

Good hair day by @crystallinecolorss.

Pastel Rainbow Hair

Edge into rainbow hair dye with a pastel look that's basically made for fair or dark complexions. Combine a touch of every color in the rainbow and prove that minimalist rainbow hair is totally possible.

Good hair day by @pati.rodrigz.

Rainbow Peekaboo Highlights

Hair stylists are crafty people and have never met a professional dress code they couldn’t get around. Thus, they’ve invented rainbow peekaboo highlights—basically, the best way to have multi-colored hair without anyone knowing.

Instead of applying rainbow colors throughout your hair, your stylist will part your hair (as if for a half ponytail) and apply the kaleidoscopic hues in a line. With your hair styled and down, no one will notice your added flash of color.

Good hair day by @darthdoll.

Neon Rainbow Dream 

Subtlety isn’t for everyone. When it comes to making a commitment to rainbow hair, there’s a specific group of women who won’t settle for anything less than neon. Sound like you? Make sure you bring photos of the vibrancy you desire to your consultation so that your colorist understands the work ahead of him or her.

Good hair day by @adlydesign.

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy hair hit the social media scene a few years ago, combining two of the most popular trends on social media (things with cute names, soft pastel hairstyles) to create a mega-hit that not even hairstylists saw coming. This color creation begins with a cotton candy base shade and incorporates rainbow pops of color throughout the look. 

Good hair day by @vanity_byrose.

Fairylight Hair

Why get highlights when you could get fairylights? Subtle hints of color have all the fun of rainbow hair without the intense care routine to keep the shades vibrant.

Good hair day by @alexrocksyourlocks.

Striped Rainbow Hair

One of the things we adore about playing with hair is that you can always find a new way to wear color. If you’re not interested in a whole head of pastel hues, you can absolutely go bold. Instead of committing to all over rainbow hair, try dreamy, bright rainbow stripes.

Good hair day by @mslameylynn.

Metallic Rainbow

Instead of bright neon color or pastels, this metallic technique involves hand-painted blues, purples, and pinks applied throughout the hair. Like light coming through a prism, metallic hair looks three-dimensional and vibrant.

Good hair day by @bottleblonde76.

Vintage Rainbow Waves

When it comes to updos and waves, it’s important to consider which looks will show off your hair color to the best effect. If you’ve already spent the time and money it takes to create the perfect rainbow mane, a classic Hollywood glam wave is the way to go.

Good hair day by @bottleblonde76.

Rainbow Rooted Hair

Hooked on rainbow hair? You’re not alone. The whole world is rediscovering how feminine and gorgeous visible roots can be. Lest you worry your regular color is taking away from your style or falling a little flat, try a rainbow of hair colors across your scalp. Instead of seeming like a lost mermaid, your look will read as fashion-forward and chic. Plus, the whole world is a little kinder to a woman who’s bold enough to wear a rainbow on her head. Trust us.

Good hair day by @jessicapowerspaints.

Cool-Toned Rainbow Hair

If you’re obsessed with cool-toned hair colors, skip the warmer shades in rainbow hair and opt for this icy version. 

Interested in trying rainbow hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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