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13 Turquoise Hair Color Ideas We Can't Stop Staring At

grey to green ombre hair

When it comes to hair color, go bold and blue. Instead of committing to a navy shade or something in the blue-violet family, why not try turquoise hair? The color is extremely versatile, ranging from barely-there pastel aqua to full-on deep teal.

The festival-friendly hue reminds us of summer vacation, mermaids, and the beach. What could be better? If you’re thinking of trying turquoise, check out a few of our favorite varieties.

True Turquoise

Forget blonde, red, or brown hair: Turquoise hair is the ultimate showstopper. In its purest form, this brilliant blue-green should be bright to the point of electric. It’s particularly beautiful on wavy or textured hair because the motion of the hair almost creates the illusion of a body of water.

Feel like getting all dolled up? We love when turquoise ladies pair their gem-like hair with a pop of orange-red lipstick.

Pastel Aqua

If turquoise hair is bold and wild, then pastel aqua is its softer, easy-breezy sibling. The washed-out color is just the thing for summer, when keeping a full-fledged neon brilliant can be annoyingly time-consuming.

Pro tip: Pastel aqua is lovely on pale skin, but it stands out against a tan. The lighter the hair, the starker the contrast it makes against your skin. In other words, you’ll definitely want to try this in time for your next music festival.

Turquoise and Purple Blend

Two is always better than one, particularly when it comes to unexpected hair colors. We’ve seen a serious rise in popularity for duo-tone hair, especially one involving both purple and blue.

If you have naturally dark hair, ask your stylist to place purple near the roots (it’ll be less easy to spot once the color begins growing out). Halfway down the hair, transition into turquoise. Be very careful washing this dynamic color pairing in order to prevent bleeding between the shades.

Half and Half

Here’s another take on the double color trend, one that’s split right down the middle. Instead of dip-dying turquoise into your hair, have your stylist part your hair from crown to the nape of the neck (imagine you’re making pigtails). Then, one side becomes violet and the other luminous blue.

On the upside, this technique makes preserving the integrity of each color simpler. Still, you’ll need to get used to sleeping with pigtail buns in your hair.

Turquoise Highlights

There’s no denying turquoise highlights and brunette hair are a match made in heaven. No matter if you opt for partial highlights or full, the contrast will be striking. This look is particularly made for a girl who loves updos and braids since the strands of color weaving throughout will make quite the style statement.

If you’re feeling bold, ask your stylist to include a few pastel and blonde strands throughout. The resulting gradient effect will give your color extra depth.

Mermaid Hair

Are you one of those girls who’s spent her entire life wondering why she wasn’t born a mermaid? Better yet, are you in possession of some seriously long, luscious hair? Then mermaid hair, a look born from social media, is probably for you.

This particular color gradient melds aqua blue with turquoise and green, creating the illusion that your mane is fresh from the ocean—either that, or you have a little seaweed stuck in your hair.

Aqua Tips

Just dying the tips of the hair is an age-old trick that will save you time, effort, and money. Plus, you won’t have to commit to a full head of turquoise.

We like aqua ends on both brunettes and blondes, although the former must go to the effort of lightening their strands, first. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to mix up your hair look, dip dye is it.

Blond and Blue

Blondes may not have more fun, but they certainly have it easier—at least when it comes to trying on a new color for size. We love the frosty combination of cool blonde locks and turquoise, especially when the blue is applied with a melting technique.

If you’re looking for even more variety, have your stylist add strands of rose pink and violet to your hair.

Mint Ombre

Fact: Everything is better with mint. That includes ice cream, clothing, and (of course) your hair. If true turquoise feels like it’s too much, try the shade’s subtle green cousin. In blonde, silver, and brown hair, mint is a refreshing splash of color.

Start your new accent color at the mid-lengths of your hair, making sure to leave plenty of space for blending.

Peekaboo Turquoise

If you work in a conservative office or don’t feel comfortable taking your whole head blue, try wearing blue as a peekaboo color underneath the top layer of your hair.

Just because your turquoise streaks aren’t visible to the naked eye, don’t feel like you can’t show them off on your own time. A high top knot will display the turquoise streak nicely, as will any kind of braid.

Cotton Candy Hair

Moody colors have you down? Looking for hair that’s ethereal, childlike, and playful? Cotton candy hair is the trending technique you can’t miss. Blending shades of pastel pink, turquoise, and lavender, the hair color is essentially what might happen if you wore a cloud of candy as a wig—lucky for you, it happens without any of the sugary stickiness.

Turquoise Ombre

We love a shocking ombre, and turquoise certainly does just that. The bright, beautiful color looks fantastic against chocolate or black strands. We like the color to begin precisely at the mid-lengths of the hair, transitioning from mint green to true blue.

Here’s a bonus for all you brunettes considering trying out ombre: There’s no way the blue will even come close to running. You’re set with an easy-to-care-for color.

Deep Teal

Deep teal hair is something of a unicorn in the salon world. It’s not quite navy, and definitely not true blue. The shade falls in the middle, and it’s a vampy choice for any woman. We recommend the shade for ladies with extra-pale skin because the resulting contrast is striking and beautiful.

Notably, this green-blue will come with its fair share of work. Prepare to use your old towels, pillowcases, and t-shirts for the first few days after leaving the salon.

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