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Double Trouble: 6 Two Bun Hairstyles To Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Face

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For most of us, pulling our manes back into low buns is always the best decision of the day. You get to look work appropriate and chic without hair resting on your neck or getting in your eyes. If one chignon is a lifesaver, imagine how much better two could be.

We know the double buns have gotten a bad rap in the post-girl pop group era, but we’ve started to see them pop up at festivals and on social media in the ongoing wave of ‘90s nostalgia. If you’re working with a lot of thick hair or just interested in trying out something different (but equally easy), keep reading. We’re showing you six different ways to wear a two buns hairstyle.

Bold Buns

There are plenty of ways to inject a punk rock sensibility into your style. When it comes to hair, most of them involve vivid color and studded accessories—both of which appear in this updo.

Create a sharp center part from hairline to nape, then bring up both sides into high buns. Twist and wrap as needed to create a secure style—you can always fluff the buns later. Aim for them to sit close together, using a costume necklace wrapped around both buns as your edgy finishing accessory.

Dutch Half Buns

If you’ve taken the leap and chosen a haircut that falls anywhere above your collarbones, you’ll know the typical messy top knot doesn’t really work anymore. Instead, wear your second-day texture in two half buns, twisted up at the crown of your head.

Feeling ambitious? Start each bun off with a Dutch braid that begins at the hairline, crossing your sections under instead of over to achieve the coveted inside-out effect that sets this braiding style apart. Tie off each braid before beginning your buns, then pancake to create the illusion of added volume. Once your style is in place, spritz the bottom half of your hair with sea salt or texturizing spray for body.

Rainbow Space Buns

Fine, silky hair can be a real pain to style. If you’re ambitious about putting double buns to work in your daily life, it’s important to keep a styling brush and a can of hairspray within arm’s reach in case of an emergency. We love this space bun look for the way it shows off the texture of the hair as well as the standout rainbow color.

To make this look your own, create a crisp part all the way down the back of the head. Tie each side up into a ponytail, making sure there are no lumps—if you’re having trouble getting a clean finish, try tilting your head up while you pull the hair up into a ponytail. Loosely twist the hair on either side into a bun shape, taking care to pin as you go. Finish the look with hairspray to ensure it holds all night.

Messy Half Buns

We all have different talents in life, but some of us are truly incapable of creating a clean finish on a hairstyle. No matter how we tuck or pin, stray bits always seem to poke right back out. Rest assured, there’s a two bun hairstyle for even the least nimble-fingered among us: messy half buns.

To try this style, you’ll divide your hair horizontally just above the ears. From there, create a clean vertical part from hairline to the end of the section. On either side, you’ll loosely pull the hair into bun shapes, adding Dutch braid accents if you’re feeling confident. If you’re still not seeing the kind of artful texture you’d like, try adding volumizing or texturizing spray at your roots before styling.

Festival Buns

Whether or not you actually scored passes to a music festival, you’re totally entitled to try more braided, bohemian styles throughout the spring and early summer. For an amateur hairstyling challenge, try these lavender festival buns on any hair color or texture.

Begin by parting your hair down the center, clipping one half out of the way. Flip your head over and begin Dutch braiding from your nape, stopping to tie off the ponytail once you reach the crown. Remember, we did call this a challenge! Repeat the same steps on the other side, then make each ponytail into a cinnamon roll shape (less twisting, more wrapping around the base) and pin the style in place. Voila! You’re festival ready, no matter what your plans actually happen to be. Pull out a few face-framing pieces for an ethereal vibe.

Twisted Double Buns

There are a limited number of styling options that get your hair out of your face quickly and don’t make you look distinctly unshowered. One of the best is a twisted double bun style. Whether you slept on wet hair and now there’s a weird kink you have to hide or you haven’t had time to shampoo, this chignon-like trick will mask any imperfections.

Start by lightly coating your hair with dry shampoo or texturizing spray for added grip. Using your fingers (no one will see the part), divide your mane into two sections. Working with one at a time, lightly twist it toward your scalp until you start seeing a roll form. Once your hair is totally pulled into the twist, begin to shape a bun with the bottom third of the section. Repeat the style on the other side, pinning and fluffing until you have a mock chignon. Loosen pieces around the hairline and ears for a more naturalistic take on the style.

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