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Bangin’ Babe: 3 Reasons To Cut Fringe Now

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Every woman is looking for a reason to cut bangs, whether or not she knows it. Bangs are the outward signifier that something big is happening in your life, styled and sitting atop your forehead. They have the magical power to make you feel five years younger or even mature your face if that’s what you’re looking for.

Although women have a tendency to joke that bangs are some kind of desperate act, we’d go so far as to say they’re precisely the opposite. A woman with fringe has taken control of her life and knows exactly who she wants to be.

If you’ve been searching for a reason to call up your stylist and tell him to grab his scissors, we’re ready and waiting with three. Deciding to cut bangs is the simplest thing in the world, and we’re here to prove it to you.

You’ll feel like a new woman.

The joke is old, but it’s funny every time: When you have a break up, never cut bangs. You’ll regret it.

Well, friends, we’re here to tell you exactly the same thing we’d share with our girlfriends: Cut those bangs. Hair grows pretty quickly, so why not take a little risk and try a new style? If you’re itching for change, hair length and color are exactly the right place to try it. Take yourself on a hair adventure with the help of your professional stylist and feel refreshed. Let that extra weight (and length) go—you don’t need it.

Bangs are a good way to try a trend without feeling too committed.

Women have a love-hate relationship with fringe. That’s no secret. However, we’re here to shift your perspective a little bit. Think of bangs like trying on a pair of trendy jeans in a store. You’re not sure how long you’ll wear the style for, but it looks good on you.

Whether you’re considering blunt baby bangs or curtain bangs, fringe enables you to try on a new aesthetic without fully committing. Cut short fringe into a lob, and you’re suddenly a modern powerhouse of a woman. In the same way, an elegant side bang can turn basic long hair into a French-inspired look.

They’ll teach you to experiment with your hair.

If there’s one belief we hold very strongly about hair, it’s that your mane is just another fashion accessory. Sure, you could hold onto mermaid waves your whole life, but what’s the fun in that?

Think of your visits to the salon as a chance play a game of adult dress-up. Have you always wanted to feel like a ‘60s bombshell or a double agent? The right bouffant or angled bob can help you incorporate that character into your life. It’s a strategy we turn to in times of stress or change, since it only takes a few snips of the scissors.

Not sure what new fringe vibe you’d like to incorporate? This is the ideal time to talk to your stylist about how you’re feeling and what kind of cut you might want. Let the professional guide you in the right direction and you’ll be pleased at how well your bangs turn out.

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