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Why You Should Be Best Friends With Your Hair Stylist

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Having a core group of best friends is one of life’s greatest gifts. Whether you need a pick-me-up, a partner in crime, or simply a shoulder to cry on every now and then, friends are always there. Aside from your lifelong besties and college roommates, however, you’re probably forgetting about a key person in your life that you might want to add to your friend group: your hair stylist.

Sitting in a stylist’s chair is a lot like having a best friend by your side. Believe it or not, your relationship with your stylist can be one of the most influential you’ll ever have in your life. Here’s why:


They give great advice.

Like any great friend, stylists are fantastic at giving quality advice—and it’s not limited to just hair. Working with multiple clients a day, stylists have pretty much heard it all,. Whether you’re looking for life advice or an opinion on which haircut to try next, you can always count on your stylist to point you in the right direction.


They know your hair better than you do.

Even though you style, primp, and care for your hair everyday, there are probably still things about your mane that are a bit of a mystery. Have a pesky cowlick that makes styling difficult? Dealing with new found hair woes and not sure which treatments to try first? Luckily, there’s one person in the world who knows your hair’s needs better than you do—your stylist. Having your stylist on speed dial for any hair-related concerns can make a world of difference.


They’re honest.

A good friend is always brutally honest—and a trusted stylist is no different. While friends talk you out of buying a hideous sweater or ghosting that guy you met at a bar, a stylist can be your go-to for all of your beauty-related needs. If you’re looking for someone to talk you out of (or into) a drastic chop or a major color change, a stylist will always keep it real.


They lift you up when you’re feeling down.

A stylist definitely can’t help you solve all of your problems, but what they can do is provide a little mane therapy here and there. Let’s be honest—what greater joy is there than leaving the salon with a fresh blowout or newly touched up color? While they’re definitely not licensed therapists, hitting the salon can do wonders for you when you’re feeling down.

Whether you’re fiercely loyal to your current stylist or you’re on the market for a new one, one thing is for sure: No matter where you go in life, you’re going to want a great stylist (and friend) by your side.

For personalized advice straight from a stylist, use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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