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Biolage Essentials: The Products That'll Be The Staples Of Your Hair Routine

biolage essentials review
When it comes to hair care products we simply can’t live without, we always look to the Biolage Essential hair care line. Packed with products formulated to tackle the most common hair concerns, (we’re looking at you frizz, dryness, and color fading), there’s a product range suited for just about everyone.

If you’re searching for the perfect product picks for you, keep scrolling. We tapped Amanda Warren and Corey Hoffman, Matrix artistic educators, to share some of their favorite Biolage Essential hair care products. Whether you have dark brown hair or ash blonde strands, you’re going to want to know about these hair care staples.


biolage essentials review

To Detangle And Soften Dry Hair: Biolage HydraSource Conditioning Balm

If you’re struggling with dry hair, your strands might also be more prone to knots and snarls. Even with a trusty wide-tooth comb in hand, brushing through parched, brittle ends can be a serious struggle—that is, until now. The Biolage Hydrasource Conditioning Balm gives moisture and nourishment to condition and detangle for a natural-looking softness and shine.

The product is great for anyone that struggles to retain moisture in their hair, especially hair textures that are wavy or curly...Because of the shape of the hair strand, these textures usually have a cuticle that is a little more open, resulting in the appearance of dry hair.”

We recommend using the HydraSource Shampoo and Conditioning Balm duo to achieve the best results.

biolage essentials review

To Protect Color-Treated Hair: Biolage ColorLast Shampoo

Calling all salon blondes, brunettes, and redheads: packing your routine with color-protecting hair products is essential to maintaining your color between appointments. Step one? Lathering your mane with a shampoo formulated for color-treated hair. If you’ve been searching for the perfect one to add to your collection, look no further than the Biolage ColorLast Shampoo.

Like nature’s fade-defying orchid, the Biolage ColorLast Shampoo nourishes and protects to help maintain the depth, tone, and shine of color-treated hair—not to mention, the formula is suitable for every hair type! Be sure to use it with the Biolage ColorLast Conditioner to full protect your color.


biolage essentials review

To Pump Up The Volume: Biolage VolumeBloom Shampoo

Those with flat, fine hair often have two choices: pack on a slew of volumizing products or throw in the towel and opt for an updo. What if we told you that the key to a voluminous blowout begins with your shampoo?

“I would recommend the VolumeBloom Shampoo for those that need more of a weightless shampoo because their hair is either heavy or doesn’t have enough body,” Warren says.
The Biolage VolumeBloom Shampoo plumps fine hair with long-lasting bouncy volume. It cleanses as it adds lightweight volume and shine. When used as a system with the Biolage VolumeBloom Conditioner and VolumeBloom Full-Lift Volumizer Spray, you’ll be on your way to the voluminous ‘do of your dreams!


biolage essentials review

To Tame Frizzy Hair: Biolage SmoothProof Shampoo

Whether you spend the day soaking in the sun or cooped up in your office, pesky frizz can pop up at anytime—which is why you need quality hair care products formulated to combat unmanageable strands.

To rid your hair of frizz and flyaways, try the Biolage SmoothProof Shampoo. The product provides humidity control and anti-frizz smoothness even in 97 percent humidity. It cleanses, controls frizz, and results in smoothly polished hair.

To help ensure that your mane is minimal on frizz, be sure to also pick up the Biolage SmoothProof Conditioner, SmoothProof Leave-In Cream, and SmoothProof Hair Serum.

Interested in more expert product recommendations? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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