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13 Ombre Hair Ideas That Prove Black Hair Doesn't Have To Be Boring

photo of woman with black and turquoise ombre hair

Naturally dark hair doesn’t always get the love it deserves, especially in a world where it seems like everyone fights each other to become the brightest shade of blonde. If you’ve been blessed with black hair, you’ll know the properties that make it so unique: the shine of it, and the way light seems to bounce right off.

While your natural hair color is gorgeous, there’s a time and a place for switching it up. We recommend an ombre with black hair, adding an accent color (or several) for maximum impact. To get a dose of inspiration before your next appointment, scroll through our favorite ombre hair options.

Magenta Ombre

One of the greatest hair color challenges is finding a shade that feels exciting but still meets your office dress code. If you’re facing strict standards but still want to play with a fantasy shade, magenta ombre will fit your black mane beautifully.

Caramel Ombre

Ombre doesn’t always have to be about drama and making a statement. This subtle caramel look makes that point crystal clear! With molten dark roots that melt into sultry golden blonde, you’re very likely to knock ‘em dead.

Muted Strawberry Ombre

As the pastel trend of several years grows and evolves, we’re seeing more professional stylists playing with muted takes on bright favorites. Take, for example, this toned-down strawberry ombre. Rather than becoming the focal point of your look, it harmonizes with a variety of makeup and clothing colors.

Sunset Ombre

If you have the time and budget to spring for a sensational hair color, let sunset ombre be the one you pick. For this look, your stylist will blend ebony roots into orange, red, and yellow tones throughout the mid-lengths and ends. If you’re working with hair that’s naturally black, the grow out process will be painless.

Bubblegum Ombre

Pink is a divisive color that seems to attract either adoration or loathing. If you’re one of those people who would dunk every item they own in pink paint, bubblegum ombre is likely an excellent fit. Black and pink is a classic, dramatic hair combination.

Slate Ombre

Go gray the fashionable way—at the ends, not the roots! This charcoal blend will lessen the impact of a totally black mane and wink at blue tones in the sunlight. Because the overall ombre is so elegant and subtle, we recommend this one for ladies with long hair.

Jewel Ombre

There’s no rule requiring you to choose just one ombre color. If you’re indecisive, try them all! This gorgeous blend of blue and purple brings depth to ebony hair, creating the illusion of jewel tone highlights where the sun hits your hair.

Emerald Ombre

Of all the hair colors available today, green seems to get the least love. We find that the shade is most wearable as a rich emerald hue and, as an ombre, it’s extra punchy on a bob or lob. Just be sure you’re investing in salon quality products to help keep your forest-colored ends looking vibrant.

Watercolor Ombre

Consider this image the official guide to wearing pastels in 2018. The dark roots become a gorgeous medley of pastel and fantasy hues, creating depth and movement all over the head.

Flame Ombre

No color announces “hear me roar” quite the way flame ombre does. This dynamic color combination is moodier than sunset ombre, incorporating deeper shades of red and orange with little to no yellow. Try it on long hair to experience the full effect.

Turquoise Ombre

You may have left behind the spray-on blue highlights of middle and high school, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the color behind altogether. This turquoise ombre veers into punk rock territory with its moody combination of black and bright blue.

Mermaid Ombre

Fighting the urge to trade your legs in for a tail? Show off your love of all things aquatic with a mermaid ombre. After a consultation, your stylist will work to incorporate multiple shades of blue into your new look. You’ll be left with multidimensional ombre color that shimmers like light reflecting off the ocean.

Honey Ombre

Holy ombre! This honey blend looks like sun bleached, natural color, which is exactly why it’s the ideal shade for black haired ladies from June to September. Ask your stylist for natural-looking color that’s bright and rich, then show this shade off to everyone you know.

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