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Magenta Hair: 50 Best Color Ideas In 2024 Plus Care Guide

Looking to try magenta hair color in 2024? We’re showing off 50 of the most stunning shades of magenta hair plus how to care for it.

Magenta hair color offers the ultimate pop of color—a fashion statement that’ll turn heads just to get a look at yours. What’s more, the showy raspberry pink is truly versatile and can be adjusted according to your complexion or preferences. Magenta can run either hot or cool, brightening up any skin tone with its rich undertones while making an impact wherever you go.

To get a glimpse of all our favorite shades of magenta hair, keep reading. Don’t be afraid to save a few images to bring to your colorist. She’ll be impressed with your specificity. 

What is magenta hair?

Located exactly between red and blue, magenta hair is a purple-meets-pink hue that can range from dark and inky to light and bright. It’s the perfect color for anyone who wants to play in the world of fashion colors and doesn’t mind the upkeep or commitment involved.

Magenta is a fresh and showy spin on bubblegum pink, and not quite as loud as true red, blue, or purple. If you’re interested in just dabbling in magenta hair dye, you could try magenta ombre hair or even a money piece.

How To Care For Magenta Hair

Any fashion color requires some maintenance. This is particularly true of hair color with any hint of red since it’s notorious for washing out quickly. Whether you have dark magenta hair, magenta red hair, magenta pink hair or a variation on the above, you’ll want to incorporate color protecting shampoo and conditioner into your routine. For example, Biolage Colorlast Shampoo and Biolage Colorlast Moisturizing Conditioner boast anti-fade properties to help lock in your color and keep it vibrant.

Since dyed hair is prone to damage, we also recommend using hair care products that help strengthen and repair, such as Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong Intra-Cylane Fortifying Leave-In Cream.This formula repairs fragile strands while helping prevent breakage and split ends


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How To Style Magenta Hair

There are no hard and fast rules for styling your magenta hair. Really, how you style it depends on your preferences, and you’re free to change it up from day to day. From oversized messy buns to tousled waves to waterfall braids, there's no shortage of options for you to try.

When in doubt, hit up your stylist for some recommendations and always make sure to use a heat protectant—such as Redken Extreme Play Safe Heat Protection and Damage Repair Hair Treatment—when heat styling. This is important for all hair, but especially vital in dyed or chemically processed locks. Keep those magenta tresses looking great!

Best Magenta Hair Color Ideas

Eager to try magenta hair? We’ve got 50 picks for you below.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle

True Magenta

True magenta hair color is a truly striking hue that flatters many complexions. Whether your colorist plays up the violet undertones of the shade or tilts it toward a warm red, there’s a way to make the color work with your style. Think of the hue as the best bits of both blue and red shades, conveniently brought together just for you.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle


The hunt for a shade of pink that flatters your cool complexion ends here. Raspberry is a frosty take on magenta hair, boosting the violet undertones into a mouthwatering red-purple shade.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle


Think of plum like raspberry hair that’s had the purple kicked up an extra notch. You’re still looking at a very cool shade, but this one leans a lot more toward grape. Interestingly, plum flatters complexions at two ends of the spectrum. Very light and dark skin tones will find the shade most flattering.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle

Violet Magenta

If you’re not 100 percent into pink, a purple-leaning magenta is the hair color for you.  This violet with hints of raspberry is flattering on all complexions.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle

Dark Magenta Red Hair

A dark magenta red is the perfect solution for those who like the idea of magenta tresses but want to tone down the brightness. On very pale complexions, the striking contrast between hair color and skin tone packs a serious visual punch. This beautiful color can also richen dark complexions.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle


While breaking down the world of dazzling, dramatic color, we’d be remiss to ignore burgundy. This shade is every bit as vampy as dark red but leans more heavily into blue notes. As a result, you’ll be left with a rich purple red hue.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle

Purple And Magenta Hair

There’s never been a better time to try fantastical hair color. Well-trained colorists are everywhere, and social media provides endless inspiration. If wild color piques your interest, ask for lilac and magenta streaks blended into dark brown hair.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle

Black to Magenta Ombre

For a punchy statement shade that sits at the ends of your mane, try a black to magenta ombre. If you already have dark locks, this one’s easier for your stylist to pull off and it’ll be easier for you to upkeep.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle

Teal and Magenta Blend

Eggs and bacon. Chocolate chips and cookies. Like all the classic duos in life, teal and magenta bring out the best in each other. Whether your colorist divides your hair in two before coloring each side or uses teal as an accent color, this combo will make an impact.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle

Chocolate with Magenta Balayage

Magenta balayage is an excellent way to give this hue a try without feeling like it’s wearing you. If you want to keep it subtle, let your colorist know that you’d like to keep the accent shade to a minimum.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle

Purple to Magenta Ombre

Purple to magenta ombre is a gorgeous, vivid gradient of rainbow colors that knocks pastel out of the park. We always respect women who wear art on their heads, which is why we’re so wholeheartedly behind this color. Like all jewel-toned shades, this one will require a little extra maintenance.

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle

Sunset Hair

This vibrant mixture of colors is a nod to the world’s prettiest sunsets. It blends orange, purple, and magenta into a fiery color gradient that is sure to make a statement wherever you go.

 A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle

Magenta to Orange Ombre

Craving a creamsicle? Magenta to orange ombre is a similar color palette, sliding from tangerine to raspberry with ease. Since it’s so vibrant, we like the shade best for summer, but you can make your own rules!

A woman with a beautiful magenta hairstyle

Magenta to Blue Ombre

If you like the idea of a transition between shades but find yourself preferring the way magenta hair color looks next to a cooler hue, try this pinkish hue next to cobalt. While this shade will require regular upkeep, it’s worthwhile to make a statement with your ‘do. If not now, when will you ever try this again?

Good hair day by @dbellx22.

Magenta and Blonde

Give your blonde locks a nice kick by having your stylist incorporate magenta throughout. The contrast is ultra-striking on all blondes whether you’re platinum, dishwater, or sandy.

Good hair day by @hairbymorgankirby.

Hot Pink and Purple

A statement hair color is never a bad decision, at least according to us! This almost neon hair color looks striking with its mix of hot pink, red, and purple. 

Good hair day by @deathbycolour.

Plum and Reddish Magenta

This isn’t a color for wallflowers—it’s bold enough to get you noticed in any crowd. It’s an excellent want to wear bright, red-leaning magenta if you have a dark base since your stylist will only need to lighten your ends. 

Good hair day by @jacobhair.

Magenta Highlights

Another way to wear magenta on already dark locks is to incorporate beautiful streaks of magenta highlights throughout. This stylist first lifted with cream bleach and then painted the magenta on top.

Good hair day by @hairbykatierose.

Cherry-Magenta Peach

Did someone say they had a craving for some juicy fruit? Cherry red magenta makes the perfect complementary color to this pale peach, which almost has a shimmering rose gold quality to it.

Good hair day by @pcoxout.

Magenta Mullet

If you didn’t believe the ‘80s were back before, this hairstyle is definitive proof. Not only does it combine punky hues of magenta and purple, but the rocker mullet is a total giveaway. 

Good hair day by @jessicapowerspaints.

Hot Pink Magenta Balayage

Brunettes who want to play with color without going all-in can try a hot pink magenta balayage, which features embers of cranberry, hot pink, and jam. Don’t be afraid to leave your mane comfort zone!

Good hair day by @biolage.

Magenta Money Piece

Want to make a statement every time you turn around? A magenta money piece ought to do the trick. You can ask your stylist to brighten or darken the color according to your preferences.

Good hair day by @ggstruecolors.

Magenta and Pink Layers

Pink and red are two clashing hues that somehow always look good together. A cranberry red magenta base with pink layered on top is one way to go bold.

Good hair day by

Candy Cane

For a spin on the look above, ask your stylist to incorporate even more shades of pink and magenta. This looks especially great with long hair and gives almost a striped candy effect. 

Good hair day by @blushhairlove.

Blue Roots to Neon Magenta

For a showstopper, ask your stylist to keep your roots a true blue color while taking the rest to a neon magenta hair color. To say this is an unexpected look is an understatement. 

Good hair day by @beautyvoodoo.

Inky Magenta Blend

Pair your dark tresses with a plum-leaning magenta for an inky, moody effect. 

Good hair day by @paintitblonde.

Purple and Magenta Ombre Money Piece

Who says you have to stick to one color when it comes to your money piece? Go full ombre a la this purple and magenta look.

Good hair day by @jessicapowerspaints, @artistry_by_abby, and @meganmade_.

Multi-Ombre Money Piece

Yep, we’re going one step further here. Ask your stylist to give you a truly multidimensional money piece by creating a vibrant ombre of red, purple, pink, and blue.

Good hair day by @mandaharsche and @created_by_cath.

Berry Blast

This magenta hair color conjures particularly girlish feels with its mix of purple, hot pink, and red. It almost looks like it’s been dyed with berries. 

Good hair day by @jessicapowerspaints.

Blue and Magenta Prism

Don’t feel like you have to constrain yourself, now. For a daring magenta hair color, add shades of blue, purple, and hot pink into the mix. 

Good hair day by @stephslayshair.

All Over Hot Magenta

A uniform application of all over hot, neon magenta might seem simple, but this color is certainly a statement-maker. This hue is so bright you might even light up the room, and it’s sure to flatter your complexion. 

Good hair day by @looks_by_lex.

Magenta to Cool Blue

This ombre is almost a visible representation of magenta itself. It starts with red roots and transforms to cool blue at the ends with a gradation of magenta through the middle. 

Good hair day by @hair_princess_steph.

Magenta, Violet, and Copper

You know how sunsets look on cloudy nights just before all the colors let out? That’s what this fusion of magenta, violet, and copper looks like! 

Good hair day by @raeraerizzle.

Raspberry Magenta Curls

Take your curls to the next level with a raspberry magenta hue. We love how perfectly this hue blends raspberry, cranberry, and rose gold. 

Good hair day by and @angelagagne_ifbbpro.

Magenta Buzz Cut

This look is proof that a buzz cut can go bolder than it already is. Whether you go hot magenta as pictured here or go brighter or darker, this is an excellent way to tell others you're not afraid to take chances with your hair.

Good hair day by @jodiatthezoo.

Purple to Magenta to Bubblegum Pink

Why hold back when you could go full-blown magenta unicorn? This showstopping ombre hair color blends starts with an inky purple at the top and then slowly transforms into a bubblegum pink with plenty of magenta along the way.

Good hair day by @stylistbrookelynn.

Raspberry-Cranberry Magenta

This combination of beautiful magentas keeps cool with shades of raspberry and cranberry.

Good hair day by @bottleblonde76salon.

Blue to Rose

Here’s another magenta ombre idea for you. Ask your stylist to start with a deep purple-leaning-blue at the roots and then ombre to a rosy pink at the ends. 

Good hair day by @monarchhairco.

Vampy Magenta

If you’re more into reds than blues and purples, try this vampy magenta color. It pairs brilliantly with brunette and black hair. 

Good hair day by @beautybynebil.

Neon Magenta

This neon magenta hair color is so bright it might just lighten whatever room you walk into. Paired with a dark base, those streaks of hot pink look especially neon-esque.

Good hair day by @emiscreations.

Bright Red and Magenta

Bursts of bright red perfectly complement the deep magenta red hair color here. This look is a great entry point into the world of fashion colors.

Good hair day by @hairbymisskellyo.

Fire and Ice Ombre

We’ve shown you a lot of ombre hair color looks here, but there’s really no limit to the mixtures of colors you can try. This one combines pale icy blue with silvery gray and a mixture of hot pink and magenta. 

Good hair day by @_hexinghair_.

Magenta Halfsies

Another way to try magenta is to wear your preferred shade of magenta on one side and a complementary hue on the other. This half-and-half color combines a frosted-looking black-purple with a magenta ombre on the other.

Good hair day by @goddesslocks_bytay.

Cotton Candy Swirl

This look combines strands of silvery purple mixed with hot magenta and pink. This mixture of hues definitely says “cotton candy!”

Good hair day by @cxrrina.

Jewel Magenta

There’s zero hint of pink in this magenta hair color, which leans far into the deep, brooding red end. It looks like it was inspired by rubies or garnets—maybe both!

Good hair day by @alec_cynova.

Apple Candy Red and Inky Magenta

For those who love red, consider combining this fiery color with a dark and inky version of magenta. The hints of purple make the red stand out even more. 

Good hair day by @hair_by_annie_303.

Magenta Locs

Infuse your locs with a burst of magenta. You can have your stylist go all the way to the roots, or create an ombre effect like this. 

Good hair day by @thevividvillain.

Holographic Magenta

Let true magenta inspire your holographic hair color. This one features perfectly blended layers of neon yellow, green, blue, and purple. 

Good hair day by @hairbykatierose.

Rose Gold Magenta

This look combines a base of cool magenta with hints of rose gold and champagne. Talk about high-end taste!

Good hair day by @hairbydaynalance.

Subtle Hint of Magenta

Not ready to commit to a fashion color just yet? Ask your stylist to add the faintest hint of magenta in one spot and call it a day. 

Interested in trying magenta hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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