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How To Make Your Blonde Hair Last Longer Between Salon Visits

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If there’s one metaphor hair professionals love to use, it’s this: Your hair is a delicate fabric. Just the way you have an expensive silk gown dry cleaned and carefully packed away, your hair requires special care. That’s particularly true if you’re a blonde, which is why blonde hair color tips from a professional are crucial.

Blonde is one of our favorite shades because of the beachy, effortless vibe it creates. However, it takes time, money, and the right artist to help you reach the shade of your dreams. That’s why it’s so crucial to treat your hair like an investment once you’re the perfect shade of blonde.

To save you a trip to the salon, we spoke with Cory Hoffman, Matrix brand ambassador, about the best ways to help make your blonde hair last longer between salon visits. Avoiding brass and fading isn’t impossible, after all. You just need to know a few of Hoffman’s tricks and favorite products from the L'Oréal portfolio of products.

Shampoo less frequently.

When you wash delicate fabrics, there’s a good chance you’re scrubbing them in your bathroom sink with the aid of a specialty laundry detergent. Since you’re already that kind to your sweaters, transfer that treatment to your hair care routine.

According to Hoffman, one of the biggest problems with blondes is how quickly they begin to rinse their color away. Hot temperatures, harsh formulas, and frequent scrubbing can all contribute to the untimely demise of your honey blonde balayage.

Although you may have to fight the urge to hop in the shower, the end result will be totally worthwhile.

Use products that protect blonde hair.

There’s a good reason we always recommend salon quality products: They’re specifically formulated to protect your color investment. It takes a precise combination of in-salon treatments and at-home maintenance to stave off brass and fading.

“Using good quality products is also going to help prolong your color and the integrity of the hair,” Hoffman explains. “I always recommend a shampoo and conditioner that are going to add moisture to the hair, as well as a leave-in treatment and a heat protectant.”

Hoffman recommends starting with the Biolage R.A.W Color Care Acidic Milk Rinse before clients ever leave the salon. Formulated with coconut and oat milks, the Rinse is designed for post-color pH rebalancing.

We always advise caring for your mane with one single hair care system at a time, and you’ll find that Hoffman feels the same way. When it comes to at-home care, she sticks with the Color Care line, recommending Biolage R.A.W Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner to her clients. The line is specially formulated with coconut milk and meadowfoam for color-treated hair.

Other products that belong in your blonde arsenal? A leave-in treatment like Matrix’s Total Results Miracle Creator. Once your toner begins to fade, you may also begin to experience unwanted brassiness.

“Depending on how light the hair is, I also recommend, as the toner starts to fade, either Total Results Brass Off Mask or Total Results So Silver Shampoo to fight brass or yellow tones,” he says.


Are you writing this down? Nobody said blonde hair was easy, but all that maintenance pays off.

Take a vacation from heat styling.

When hair stylists talk about damaged ends and stepping away from the blow dryer, it’s tempting to tune them out completely. Resist the urge! Heat is one of the top culprits that can ramp up the pace at which your blonde color deteriorates.

If you must style, use a line of products designed with color in mind. Hoffman relies on Biolage R.A.W Styling Heat Primer, which provides an easy blow dry with touchable, soft, shapely results.

“Heat protectant should always be used whenever using hot tools on the hair and should be kept to a minimum, especially on blonde hair, which tends to be a little more delicate,” he says.

Take this time to embrace air dried styles when possible. Sleeping with your hair in a damp braid or top knot can help create elegant natural waves. When in doubt, a sea salt spray will amplify your natural texture. By the time your once weekly blowout comes around, you maybe shocked at how little you rely on it.

Watch the sun exposure.

When it comes to discussion of prolonged time in the sun, you’re likely to hear the same pointers: Wear long sleeves and apply SPF religiously. If you’re proud of your blonde, you may also want to invest in a hat. According to Hoffman, lengthy exposure may cause your fresh color to fade quickly.

Whether you opt for a baseball hat or something a little more glamorous, it’s a small price to pay for a flawless mane.

Know when to give in.

There are plenty of strategies to prolong hair color between salon visits, but eventually your roots will begin growing in or your shade will fade away. When you start noticing the signs, it’s time to give your trusted stylist a call.

According to Hoffman, the difference between your natural shade and your blonde will determine how frequently you land in her chair.

“For someone that has a platinum or solid-looking blonde, I would suggest [touching it up] every four weeks,” she explains. ”The clients that have a balayage or incorporate a lot of their natural color in with the blonde could get touched up every four to six months—however, I would still want to see them every four to six weeks to refresh their toner.”

Of course, your exact salon schedule will depend on the recommendations of your professional. Hoffman’s estimates can aid your budgeting and scheduling estimates if you’ve yet to make the switch to blonde.

With these tips, you’ll be able to maintain brilliant, healthy-looking blonde hair between appointments. Be prepared to impress your stylist at your next appointment!

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