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Bottleneck bangs give you the freedom to play around with fringe without committing to a demanding blunt cut. Here’s how to get these trendy bangs.

Bottleneck Bangs Are the Perfect Fringe Style for Commitment-Phobes

Bottleneck bangs give you the freedom to play around with fringe without committing to a demanding blunt cut. Here’s how to get these trendy bangs.
Bottleneck Bangs Are the Perfect Fringe Style for Commitment-Phobes

Low-maintenance bangs might seem like a fantasy, but the trendy bottleneck bangs may be the perfect way to ease into a fringe style. The cut features cascading layers that narrow into a soft face frame, allowing you to experiment without cutting a full bang across your face. Plus, they’re easy to style and add the visual interest you’ve been searching for. Ahead, we break down everything you need to know about getting bottleneck bangs and offer our top styling tips to ensure they make a statement.


What Are Bottleneck Bangs?

Bottleneck bangs are a style of face-framing fringe inspired by the sloping neck of a beer or cola bottle. Typically, the look involves cutting bangs shorter in the center of the forehead and gradually widening them into a curved V-shape around the temples and cheekbones (that’s where the bottleneck reference comes in).

Part of the appeal of bottleneck bangs is their versatility. This layered cut can range from subtle to dramatic and can be easily adapted to suit a variety of haircuts, textures, and lengths. Additionally, bottleneck bangs are a great way to add softness to updos, like high ponytails or sophisticated braided buns, thanks to their delicate face-framing effect.

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Who Looks Good With Bottleneck Bangs?

Bottleneck bangs can flatter just about any face shape—the key is visiting your stylist to help create your desired look. Pros are well-versed in determining the right bang shape based on factors like your facial features, hair type, and styling goals. They can adjust the length and angle of your bottleneck bangs to slim, balance, or widen your features and add or remove volume to complement your hair texture. Sculpting the perfect set of bangs can be a meticulous process, so we advise against DIYing the style at home.

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How Do You Ask for Bottleneck Bangs?

When requesting bottleneck bangs, ask your stylist for bangs that are shorter in the center and gradually get longer towards the temples to create a face-framing effect. We always recommend showing your pro a few inspirational photos so they know exactly what you’re looking for. From there, they can assess whether the style needs any tweaks to suit your facial structure or your hair’s unique needs.

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3 Tips for Styling Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs are relatively low-maintenance, but these three tips can help them look and feel their best.

Keep up with trims

Bangs generally require a bit more maintenance to help them fall just right. You’ll want to commit to a salon trim every 4-6 weeks to maintain the length and shape of your bottleneck bangs. If you need to stretch your time between appointments, have a strengthening leave-in on hand, like Biolage Professional’s Strength Recovery Strength Repairing Spray, to help keep split ends at bay.

Blow dry for volume

Blow-drying your bangs is often the best way to show off their bouncy, layered shape. First, apply a high-hold heat protectant (we like Redken’s Thermal Spray High Hold) to clean, damp hair, and rough-dry your strands until they’re about 80% dry. Then, separate your bangs from your lengths, and use a round brush to dry your bangs up and away from your face to help give them movement. Once dry, tousle them with your fingers for a windswept finish, then unclip the rest of your hair and finish drying.

Reach for dry shampoo

Give your bottleneck bangs extra oomph between washes with a few spritzes of a dry shampoo like Pureology Refresh & Go Dry Shampoo. This texturizing formula helps absorb oil, dirt, and other buildup while giving strands movement. It’s just what you need to revive your bangs’ volume without committing to a full wash.

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